Extraordinary – Season 1 Episode 2 “Magic Bullets” Recap & Review

Magic Bullets

To unlock her powers, Kash suggests putting Jen in a state of stress as Extraordinary episode 2 starts. She orders the spiciest dish at a restaurant but regrets doing so when she cannot take it. She rushes to the nearest convenience store and drinks milk from a bottle, when she sees a familiar face. Luke is at the store, buying stuff for his date with Olivia. Jen is embarrassingly caught out drinking the milk uncontrollably by the owner. Angela tells the three friends that her power was unveiled when she was in a state of big stress. Carrie decides to take Jen to the dentist to induce stress but it does not work.

Although, the dentist’s power was people hearing different kinds of music tracks around her depending on how they see her. At home, as Kash talks to an ad agency to put up a billboard, we see that the cat is actually a man, Jizzlord. Carrie takes back a drugged Jen, who cannot stop enjoying her high. Carrie asks Kash to initiate “Plan B” and his version of it is dressing up as an IRA terrorist and kidnapping Jen to induce her powers. The couple goes on for lunch, while a high Jen leaves a voicemail to Luke, that she will be embarrassed to hear later.

She admits she is in love with him and upset that he does not introduce her to his friends, among “other things”. As Kash and Carrie are discussing what to have and if a sandwich is essentially a burger, the car is towed. No one notices it, including Jen. Carrie calls her and gets the location where it is being towed to. She makes it a point to Kash not to mention Jen in the boot.

That is when Kash comes up with the truth that the car is his mother’s and that he does not have a license to drive it. They stealthily get into the impound park and get to the car. Carrie realizes it has been four hours and the effects of Valium must be waning. Jen’s ferocious rant confirms the same. But Kash does not have the key. They need “someone really strong” to open it; meaning Jen will have to call Andy. She does come, all smug and opens the boot. Ian and Mary are called to bring them back home. Jen realizes in the car that she sent a voicemail to Luke.

Since May has the power to delete electronically stored stuff, she tries to do it with the voicemail but ends up casting it to the bluetooth in the car in a hilarious sequence. As Jen rushes to her room to send a dirty picture to Luke, she notices Jizzlord becoming a man. She screams at first but later, rushes out in the disillusion that her power is magical breasts that turn animals into men/women. Jizzlord interrupts her and concedes that he is a shapeshifter.

They ask him questions about what he remembers but his last memory is that he went to school, then got a jab, and then interchanged between being a cat and a man. “When did Spurs beat Arsenal 4-2?” answers the trio’s question about Jizzlord: three years. Arteta-ball, innit! Jizzlord has a sad reaction to this revelation but Jen decides to keep him in the house until they know who he is. Luke responds by liking the pics but calling the voice mail “weird”.

The Episode Review

Extraordinary is just beaming with fresh ideas. Its unique twist on identity crisis veers so far away from traditional norms that it is almost impossible to spot those themes at the first go. Yet, when the realization dawns upon you in the final moments of episode 2, you feel that dread eating you up inside.

Well, Jizzlord was certainly a surprising entry into the roster of characters. Somehow, one can feel he will be pivotal to Jen coming of age. The humour must once again be praised. Episode 2 had punchy one-liners and hilarious narrative tools owing to its setting. This very well might be the new “cool kid on the block”, as far as sitcoms go.

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