Extraordinary Attorney Woo – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Mr Salt, Ms Pepper and Attorney Soy Sauce

Episode 11 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo starts at a gambling den with a crazy revelation. One of the men wins first prize on the lottery. It’s a joyous occasion, and that same feeling of winning is shared by Young-Woo, who awaits Jun-Ho’s arrival at Hanbada after their beautiful kiss.

After meeting and agreeing to share lunch, Young-Woo composes herself as she’s brought up to the conference room by Myeong-Seok. There’s a brand new case she needs to deal with. The client happens to be one of the men from the gambling den, Shin Il-Su, and he carries his wife lovingly into the room. She hasn’t hurt herself though, but it seems like one of her heels broke off on the way. They were so worn they just broke right off.

It’s clear the couple are pretty poverty stricken and we soon get down to brass tacks. Il-Su brings up the lottery win, including how he pooled his money with two other people (who we saw at the start of the chapter) to buy tickets. They promised to split the money evenly but unfortunately, Mr Han – the guy whose ticket won – fled, refusing to share the money.

Myeong-Seok admits it’ll be difficult to prove they actually made this deal, and doubly so when it turns out the trio frequented illegal gambling dens. The court may consider the promise invalid, especially given it took place in a shady establishment. Il-Su is desperate though, and after pointing out that the winnings were 1.4 billion won, even suggests bringing in the other man part of this trio to back up his claims.

Meanwhile, Su-Yeon pulls a late night at the law-firm but she receives a call from Jong-Gwon, her current flame. He’s pretty suave and offers up a special cocktail to help her out and a bouquet of flowers too. Unfortunately, it turns out this is all a big ruse. Later in the episode we learn that Jong-Gwon is actually a swindler and only goes after women with esteemed jobs. Su-Yeon is understandably upset and after buying the most expensive drink in the bar (so he can pay for it of course), she takes off.

The next day, Young-Woo is brought into the gambling den. She’s a little flustered, especially when she learns the nicknames for various patrons. Coffee Shop is the name for the lady selling hot drinks while Ashtray is not for cigarettes but actually someone who runs small errands. He overheard their promise but Ashtray isn’t comfortable with testifying in court. When he offers money, Young-Woo interjects and points out that would be a conflict of interest.

Still, we begin our court case, with Mr Han against Jae-Won and Il-Su. Il-Su’s lawyer claims there’s no written statement, and given there’s nothing legally binding either, then the whole agreement is invalid. Myeong-Seok hits back and attempts to bring Ashtray in to testify… but it turns out he’s fled given he’s an immigrant and could get deported.

With this a bust, Il-Su decides to turn his attention toward another witness that maybe able to testify. While he shuffles off with Jae-Won, Young-Woo is tasked with looking into the Juristic Acts Contrary to Social Order, the Performance for Illegal Cause and other acts related to a potentially legally binding contract regarding this gambling deal.

Young-Woo ends up distracted that night though, and video calls Jun-Ho late. The pair decide to talk. Young-Woo admits that he’s been popping into her head a lot, just like whales, and it’s the first time anything like that has happened to her. It’s a really sweet moment, and something that we see across the episode, as Young-Woo even watches him through her office and the pair touch hands between the glass.

In court the next day, after Young-Woo pulls a late night, the prosecution bring forth Choi Da-Hye (Coffee House) to testify. Myeong-Seok steps up to question her first, but as she mentions the deal, Mr Han stands up and claims that Il-Su was actually having an affair with her… so they’re in collusion together! Il-Su even gives her the “heart” sign with his fingers, meaning Il-Su is lying.

Young-Woo heads home, where she finds her father contemplating what to do regarding Tae-Su’s scathing retorts during the previous episode. Gwang-Ho asks his daughter about her experiences, including whether to find a doctor that specializes in autism. She admits that it would have been nice to have someone to speak to, pointing out that in the past she’s felt alone with her fears and worries. Gwang-Ho feels bad and encourages Young-Woo to head up and wash up, heartbroken that his daughter was going through this.

In court, Il-Su wins and the money is to be split between the trio. After, Il-Su speaks to Young-Woo in her office about divorce, with our brilliant attorney casually retorting that getting divorced means you don’t necessarily have to split your assets with that individual. And of course, this could well mean that Il-Su is going to break up with his wife. But then, as he promised her that he’d help pay for her medical bills, it puts her in a tricky situation.

Young-Woo and Jun-Ho eventually head off together, and there’s big drama involving Shin Il-Su. He ends up in a massive argument with his wife, wanting to leave. He throws things around, pointing out that he’s sick of her complaining and decides to divorce her. As he walks round the corner, he ends up with Choi Da-Hye. Young-Woo is not happy.

Young-Woo and Jun-Ho help out Il-Su’s wife, and enter into a very similar agreement but this time with her. She wants a proper division of assets – including the lottery winnings – given how awful Il-Su has treated her. Hanbada agree to help but when they show up, there’s a shocking turn of events.

Il-Su drives out and away… but he’s hit by truck. Yep, it’s the white truck of doom! It slams straight into him and the car, leaving him dead on impact. The thing is, with Il-Su deceased then the next of kin inherits his wealth – his remaining 1.1 billion won – which naturally falls to his wife. Silver linings and all that!

Attorney Woo Young-Woo sees all of this first-hand and begins to have a panic attack, breathing rapidly. Jun-Ho holds her tight and manages to calm her down.

Off the back of this, Jun-Ho promises to be her personal hug chair, wanting to help her through tough moments. As the pair meet outside Young-Woo’s that night, they kiss and Gwang-Ho happens to see them together, shocked.

During the epilogue, the meddling Min-Woo arrives to see Tae Su-Mi and brings up her ties to Young-Woo. With this as leverage, he wants to switch across to Taesan law firm. To show his ruthlessness, Su-Mi agrees to his proposal… but only if he can get Young-Woo to quit working at Hanbada.

The Episode Review

Well, it looks like a redemption arc for Min-Woo is out the question! It’s immediately apparent here that this guy will do anything to get ahead, even if it means throwing Young-Woo under the bus. The way he sees it, Hanbada has a structure of favoritism but then I’m not sure what he aims to achieve by trampling Hanbada on his way up the ladder. If you step over people on the way up, be prepared to face them on the way back down, buddy!

The case itself today largely plays second fiddle to Young-Woo and Jun-Ho who are the real stars of the show. They have great chemistry and some really memorable moments together. The “hug me tighter” at the end was a heartbreaking moment, especially coming out the white truck of doom cliché that always seems to pop up in these dramas!

There’s a nice bit of character growth in here though, harking back to that bank safe episode where Young-Woo felt powerless to help in the wake of the shady client getting away scot free. This time, Young-Woo has the confidence to help Il-Su’s wife and doing so as the “honorable attorney” she’s striving to be. It’s a really subtle but lovely bit of growth that elevates this episode.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo has been a thoroughly enjoyable watch and although this case isn’t as strong as previous weeks, the romantic endeavours between our leads more than makes up for that. Roll on the next episode!

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