Extracurricular – Netflix K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

A Rock & A Hard Place

Episode 7 of Extracurricular begins with Min-Hee and Mr Lee hiding in a car nearby trying to evade Dae-Yeol’s gang. Out of options, Min-Hee phones Detective Lee to come and rescue them. As Gyuri arrives at the hospital not long after, she realizes what’s happened and keeps her distance while worrying about Ji-Soo’s well-being.

At the karaoke bar, Dae-Yeol prepares to deal with Ji-Soo until Mijung arrives and questions just who Ji-Soo is, given she’s never seen him before. Realizing there’s something more going on here, the pimp sits with Ji-Soo and asks just who he is. Eventually Ji-Soo admits the truth surrounding him being a middle man and acting as security for different clients.

On the back of this, Dugi and Dae-Yeol deliberate over the best way of dealing with Ji-Soo and whether to kill him. Eventually Ji-Soo phones Uncle and with Gyuri taking on the role, she tells the men that she’s with the Samun Gang. After revealing more details about where he is, Uncle allows Ji-Soo to work with these criminals for the time being in a mutual partnership.

Back home, Min-Hee phones Ki-Tae and invites him to meet her where she admits to doing compensated dating while they were together. He sighs and asks just why she told him and it turns out he already knew. As she walks away, he promises to tell everyone.

Back home Ji-Soo and Gyuri get into a fight surrounding her outburst about partnering up with these criminals. Gyuri reveals that all of their clients have left the chatroom and all out of options, Ji-Soo realizes they have no choice but to partner up with them.

At the hospital, Min-Hee sits with Mr Lee while he recovers. Ji-Soo arrives and tells her not to say anything to the police surrounding the operation. In the morning, Min-Hee awakens to find Mr Lee conscious. While Detective Lee waits outside, Mr Lee asks for his phone and this leads Min-Hee outside to roots around in his van for it.

A flustered Min-Hee phones Uncle when she can’t find it, who in turn rings Mr Lee’s phone. Only, the Detective happens to have it and and she asks whether he’s Uncle or not. A flustered Ji-Soo hangs up and drops the phone, leading the Detective to wonder just what connection Min-Hee and Mr Lee have. While Gyuri tries to convince Ji-Soo that they’ll be okay, Detective Lee stumbles upon her theory of this being a sex trafficking scheme.

Deciding to tackle the “psychos” herself, Gyuri walks away purposefully, which is where the episode ends.

As the police start to close in on Ji-Soo and Gyuri, the door is left wide open for the final act of this series to play out. There’s a lot of danger for our two protagonists to try and navigate and caught between a rock and a hard place, it’ll be interesting to see how our duo escape from this going forward. With Gyuri determined to stop the thugs, quite what lies in store for her remains to be seen.

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