Extracurricular – Netflix K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Deep Trouble

Episode 6 of Extracurricular begins with Gyuri trying to convince the Detective to leave but when that fails, the duo instead listen to the meeting from outside the room. Lee brings up the CCTV footage from the motel and asks who she was there with. As she mentions the March 28th date, Ji-Soo realizes what date this was, coinciding with when he saved her by calling the police. Ironically this may well come back to haunt him in the future.

Just as Min-Hee looks like she’s about to spill the truth about what she’s doing, Ji-Soo suddenly bursts in the room and causes a scene. Although this doesn’t work to stop the interview from going ahead, Gyuri manages to issue a civil complaint and is forced to leave.

In the aftermath of this, Gyuri warns Ji-Soo about the minor sex trafficking that he could be accused of and this is why Min-Hee is being pursued so aggressively by the police. Uncle phones Min-Hee and decides to cut her loose from operations, with Mr Lee resetting her phone and taking her bracelet.

At school, Detective Lee phones Min-Hee and checks up on her. While she does, Ki-Tae takes Ji-Soo to a quiet spot and starts beating him down, believing he’s trying to steal Min-Hee from him. Thankfully Gyuri and Min-Hee arrive, prompting the former to immediately confront Min-Hee about stealing from Swarovski for Ki-Tae.

Soon after, Min-Hee invites Ji-Soo along to join her, lading him to phone Gyuri and cancel on her for now. Min-Hee brings him to Mr Lee who looks at Ji-Soo suspiciously. When Mr Lee rings Uncle, Ji-Soo feels his phone vibrate and quickly turns it off to avoid suspicions. Min-Hee however demands her severance pay.

Taerim finds himself in a spot of trouble as he’s gagged and bound by Dae-Yeol, believing he’s the one who’s been messaging his partner under the Blue Flavor alias. Realizing it’s not him when phoning his number, they set to work trying to find the real culprit behind this.

After their meeting, Mr Lee and the others head outside where Taerim immediately notices Mr Lee from outside the motel. Unfortunately Dae-Yeol and his men surround them and start beating Mr Lee down. Although he manages to stab a few of them, there’s just too many and he’s injected with something toxic, leading to him hacked in the back with an axe by Dae-Yeol.

Ji-Soo jumps in and sacrifices himself to save Mr Lee and Min-Hee but the result sees Ji-Soo surrounded. Even worse, they figure out that he’s the one responsible for the messages sent to his partner.

Closing things out with an intense fight at the end, Extracurricular looks set to really dive into darker territory from here on out. With Dae-Yeol now aware of who he is and plenty of scope for some dramatic scenes to follow, so far this Korean drama has really delivered the goods. The dysfunctional triangle between Min-Hee, Ji-Soo and Gyuri continues and I’d imagine we’ll see these two forced to team up in order to save Ji-Soo from his fate. Only time will tell of course but for now, this latest drama bows out with another strong episode.


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