Extracurricular – Netflix K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

The School Prank Part 2

The tension inside the classroom reaches boiling point in episode 5 of Extracurricular, forcing Gyuri to slip outside and ring the fire alarm to save Ji-Soo. After this commotion, the teachers watch the CCTV and see Gyuri press the fire alarm and they question her motives. She puts on the water works though, telling them she just wanted attention and feigning being at breaking point.

Managing to save both herself and Ji-Soo, Gyuri finds a new place to stash the money; under the sofa in Mr Cho’s office. As they leave school for the day, Ji-Soo finds the sex toy hidden inside the bag. Gyuri teases him until she realizes her Mother is waiting for her. She quizzes Ji-Soo over how he knows her daughter and goes on to bluntly ask if they’ve had sex yet.

As she turns her attention to Gyuri and starts scolding her daughter, Ji-Soo notices her pick at her fingernail just like before. At the same time, Ki-Tae’s party goes ahead where Min-Hee learns Ki-Tae is the reason the class got searched. On her way out the karaoke bar, Sungmi bumps into her and seemingly realizes who she is.

After a failed audition at the entertainment club with Mr Choi, Gyuri has an idea and messages Ji-Soo, telling him she’s found a replacement for the Judo boys. After speaking to the rejected boy in the band, she encourages Ji-Soo to resend the spam text. At the same time, the duo give Mr Lee a new iPad and instructions to freshen up his operation.

With Taerim in place and Mr Lee watching from afar, Uncle manages to convince him to proceed with meeting his client. A client that Ji-Soo has planted there. As Gyuri and Ji-Soo celebrate their win, the two dance around their feelings for one another. At school it’s made even more awkward when Min-Hee runs into Ji-Soo and gives her the hat she originally was going to give Ki-Tae. Does she have feelings for him?

Gyuri certainly thinks so and she acts coldly toward Ji-Soo. He agrees to join her club and carries her things down the hallway. As they talk about Min-Hee and the possible romantic implications of the hat, he shrugs it off and tells her she’s not his type. Only, when she presses him on who he actually likes, they arrive at Mr Cho’s office to find Detective Lee sitting with Min-Hee and interviewing her, which is where the episode ends.

With Detective Lee closing in on the operation and Min-Hee looking like she’s going to spill the truth about what she’s been up to, things don’t look good for Ji-Soo and Gyuri right now. The possible implications of a love triangle is a nice touch though and the continued depth given to each of the different characters is partly why this show works as well as it does.

Mr Lee is an interesting character too and the commentary surrounding old people and technology is a charming inclusion to his persona that really helps flesh him out into a real person rather than a “puppet boss” as Gyuri would say. With Gyuri and Ji-Soo starting to grow closer together and the former’s emotional issues starting to surface, the future certainly looks to be clouded in doubt for our characters.

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