The Exorcist: Believer (2023) Ending Explained – Do Angela and Katherine recover from their possession?

The Exorcist: Believer Plot Summary

Victor (Leslie Odom Jr.) is terrified and desperate when his daughter (Lidya Jewett) goes missing in the woods with her friend and returns three days later possessed by a demon. He enlists the help of Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn), who is the only person alive to have witnessed such a thing. 

What happens to Chris MacNeil? 

Chris MacNeil is tracked down by Victor as he desperately looks for a solution to his daughter’s possession. Chris has written a book about her daughter Regan’s experience with the devil, and this has led her to no longer speak to her mother. Regan has disappeared, and nobody knows if she is alive or dead.

Chris agrees to help and goes along to meet Katherine at her home. This meeting doesn’t last long, as the possessed child jumps onto Chris’s face and stabs both of her eyes out with a crucifix. This leaves her blind and confined to the hospital for the rest of the movie. 

At the end of the movie, we see Chris MacNeil recuperating at the hospital, where she is visited by her daughter, Regan (Linda Blair), and they both cry and embrace each other. 

How does The Exorcist: Believer end? 

The families of both possessed girls and the neighbour, Ann, gather around to take part in the exorcism. Father Maddox initially chooses to sit out the exorcism for fear of being excommunicated from the church. He chooses to sit in his car outside, until Victor knocks on his window and tells him the fight is inside. He then joins the exorcism, and is killed when his head is turned fully around, breaking his neck. 

When it seems like none of the rituals are working, Victor and Tony and Miranda start to get desperate. Victor finds the scarf that Angela wanted to take to school, which belonged to her dead mother. The girls’ heartbeats start to get out of sync with each other, and Katherine begins to cry and begs not to be left to die. 

In an act of desperation, Tony accepts the demon Lamashtu’s offer of allowing one girl to live and the other to die, shouting, ”I choose Katherine.”

The lights in the room flicker, and Victor goes flying across the room as Angela screams. She levitates and vomits horrible black liquid before flat lining and appearing to lose strength. Katherine is looking like she’s getting back to normal, but this is temporary as the monitors flash and she no longer has a heartbeat. She dies, and Angela wakes up in Victor’s arms. 

The police arrive and take control of the scene. We see the aftermath of the exorcism, as Tony and Miranda meet at a restaurant alone, and Victor visits the grave of his wife. Angela goes to school and can’t help but look at Katherine’s empty chair in the classroom. 


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