EXmas (2023) Ending Explained – Do Graham and Ali get back together?

EXmas Plot Summary

n its simplest form, the story blends elements of The Holiday and Christmas With The Cranks together. Our protagonist is workaholic Graham, who’s in a slump after being dumped by his ex fiancee Ali. He’s given a big work project to get done by Christmas, and so he prepares to work over the holidays.

However, he has a change of heart and decides to fly out to Minnesota and see his family. Only… there’s a problem. It turns out his mum has invited Ali over for the Christmas season. Ali and Graham butt heads, and eventually make a bet to try and oust the other for being evil and not part of the family, all before Christmas morning.

It’s a simple enough premise but there’s added complications thrown in with the introduction of new love partners for our protagonists, in Jess and Brady respectively. This is easily the weakest part of the whole film and it feels like the writers know it too.

What happens on Christmas eve night?

After all their issues, Graham and Ali end up hooking up. In the morning, Graham and Ali actually hash out their differences.

Graham’s mum shows up and there’s an amusing scene as she tells her son: “It’s not just about achieving your goals, it’s about how you get there together.” This resonates with her, and it echoes Graham’s dependency on his work and job.

Does Graham realize the error of his ways?

Graham believes that Ali has “humped some sense” into him but Ali is incredulous to the whole thing. She tells Graham that he owes her an apology. However, when Graham’s suitcase is found, it turns out his “gifts” for all the family all are last minute neck pillows from LAX.

During the ice hockey game afterwards, Dennis collapses on the ice. A paramedic is called and he’s taken to hospital. Graham saves his life by doing CPR.

It turns out Dennis had a cardiac arrest. He’s awake and doing okay. Having come close to seeing death, Graham heads outside and rings his boss. He decides to quit his job outright. Dennis’ health scare is enough for him to think about his life and do right by his family.

Who wins the bet?

Graham blames himself and Ali decides they need to stop playing their game. Ali knows that it’s his family not hers, and she apologizes for not being forthright with him. She thought that if she spoke the truth when they were together, he’d simply walk away. So she took the first step to prevent the heartbreak coming later on.

They both agree to that’ve screwed up and decide to forgive one another. They shake hands and Graham tells her she deserves someone amazing.

After this, Ali decides to hit the road and leave. This time, they both hug and Graham tells her he loves her too.

Do Graham and Ali get back together?

Game time is just not the same without Ali. Graham decides that he needs to go and see her at the airport. The whole family decide to join in and of course, we get the usual airport dash! Or, well, we would if the gang could get their shoes on in time.

As they rush to the front door, Ali happens to be there waiting. Graham decides he needs to figure things out with her and wants to be there for her through thick and thin.

Not only that, but Graham admits that he’s crazy in love with her and his family also love her too. The pair admit they love one another and kiss, much to the delight of the whole family.

How does EXmas end?

So what happened to the baby Jesus that kept going missing? Well, it turns out the dog was the one who had been taking the Jesus all this time!

One year later and the whole family show up at Ali’s place instead. Graham is working for himself now and he surprises the fam with a starter truck for Ali’s Christmas present. They’re also engaged now… properly this time. Everything’s turned out for the best, while Dennis’ health is on the up to.

Two years later, Graham decides to invite Jeannie’s ex, Heather, to their Christmas dinner. It’s now his turn to get some sweet, delicious revenge!


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