Ex Machina – Metrik | Album Review

Track Listing

We Are The Energy
Time To Let Go
Ex Machina
Dying Light


Flirting the line between electronica and drum & bass, Metrik’s latest album Ex Machina is a bouncy, head-bopping mix of dance-floor filling tunes. With a good mix of vocal and instrumental efforts, Metrik’s album offers up a great selection of tracks that’s made the 4 year hiatus since LIFE/THRILLS worth the wait.

There’s a distinct sci-fi, otherworldly feel to the album that’s typified by the self-titled track “Ex-Machina” which is a definite highlight here. Before we get there though, the album opens with “Automata”, a track that eases into the vibes of the album before dropping the familiar bass drops that become a staple motif of this 55 minute LP.

From here, Ex Machnia twists and turns its way through a variety of different electronica styles that feel very reminisce of Pendulum’s In Silico. Unlike Pendulum’s polarizing effort of old though, Metrik is consistent in his sonic. Tracks like “We Are The Energy” and “Gravity” rely a lot more heavily on a catchy synth and vocals whereas by comparison, “Ex Machina” is a tune that lives and dies by its thumping bass to drive the record forward.

Although a lot of the tracks are quite minimalistic and rely on the same techniques throughout, this variety in range between vocal and instrumental songs is ultimately why the album works as well as it does. 

It helps too that Ex Machnia gives off a lot of sci-fi and futuristic cyberpunk themes that help to give this album a distinct feel and story.

As a big fan of electronica music, Metrik’s Ex Machina certainly scratches that itch and delivers some really compelling tracks that are worth investing some time into. With a run-time of a little under an hour, this otherworldly mix makes it well worth investing some time into. 

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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