EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Award-winning R&B singer Rinni Wulandari

TheReviewGeek Interviews: Award-winning R&B Singer Rinni Wulandari

Award-winning R&B singer, Rinni Wulandari, talks to TheReviewGeek about her evolution in the music world and how she continues to find inspiration.

This month Indonesian R&B singer, Rinni Wulandari, releases clubland single, switch, a light-hearted EDM-style house tune bursting with nostalgia and a message about cherishing carefree moments. With four albums and globally chart-topping singles like the 2014 hit Oh baby and the sensual Lemme get that (2016) in her arsenal, Wulandari returns having recently become a mother for the second time.


The story of switch is a personal one. Wulandari illuminates on summers past, reveling in bygone days of freedom. Now, at a different stage in her life, she’s cherishing memories whilst at the same time encouraging today’s youth to savour those jovial times. Maybe she’s reminding herself too: appreciate everything. “After being a mother for some years, being out with my girls made me miss those carefree days when I had way fewer obligations and responsibilities. It’s probably one of the best feelings – when you’re young, you have energy and time is abundant. It makes you hungrier to live your best life. As you grow older, these things change and while there are fresher and more precious memories to be made, you should still remember to have fun.”

Recalling such nimbler days helped her find the thread for switch. During her second pregnancy, she experienced periods of insomnia. Encouraged by her husband (artist and producer Jevin Julian), she managed to flip the switch and twist typically unproductive batches of time into an opportunity for creativity. “I’m an overthinker. When I can’t sleep, I always think about the future, my career and my music. But sometimes I just watch movies too. switch was one of the songs that I made during a night of insomnia.”


Equally comfortable in her own skin or shedding it, Wulandari speaks openly about her 16+ years in the music industry, where she was able to transition from pop to R&B, resulting in her greatest professional achievement. “I rebranded as an R&B singer and 6 years after that won the AMI Awards [Indonesian music award] under the category of best R&B singer. I think that’s my greatest professional achievement so far. It took a lot of work to get there and I did it! I am so very grateful.”

But being comfortable as a person now doesn’t mean that she doesn’t appreciate hard work nor that she’ll sit back in the future. She describes winning Indonesian Idol and becoming a pop star at a young age as having ‘been through the mill.’

With her mix of positive energy and humility, one can image a teenage Wulandari launching head first into a career without a pause. “I’ve worked to become independent as an artist, which has given me a lot more autonomy in my creative decisions. All these things took time, but it pushes me to do even more with so much support from my family, friends and fans. The beauty in all this is there is no limit to what I can or want to do. I have the freedom to do whatever I want and explore or discover new music. I have so much more to tell, so best believe that it is just the beginning of my story.”

Continuing to find revelations in each stage of her life, Wulandari transitions her experiences into lyrics that resonate with her fans, like the lessons learned in the confident Snake on Apple Trees or soulful and encouraging Born Ready, both from the 2021 LP skins. “Motherhood gave me so much inspiration, especially in my music. For my last album skins, almost all the songs I made were during the time I was breastfeeding my firstborn. Being a mother, has taught me how to be a better person.”

As a final note, Wulandari shares a reminder with fans around the world. “Love yourself, live your life to the fullest and don’t forget to have fun!” Will She call it a night? Hell, no! Hit it…

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