Evillive – K-drama Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

When You Gaze Into the Abyss, The Abyss Also Gazes Into You

Episode 10 of Evillive starts with Beom-jae in the interrogation room, and Dong-soo comes in as his lawyer. Beom-jae realises that Dong-soo might be involved with Chairman Moon’s death. He asks Dong-soo not to bail him out, and he will take the fall for the murder. Do-young wants one of them to take the blame. Dong-soo asks him not to say anything and he will get him out. Beom-jae feels guilty for introducing Dong-soo to Do-young.

What happens to Do-young?

Do-young asks his right-hand man to get rid of Family Gang and Dong-soo. Do-young arrives home and tries calling his right-hand man, whom he sent to take care of the Family Gang. He calls, but there is no answer because the Family Gang are ready for them. They ambush and kill all of Do-young’s men. Soon after, men enter his house, and a knife fight ensues. Do-young kills as many times as he is stabbed. Do-young figures that everything is Dong-soo’s plan.

Police arrive at Do-young’s residence, but he manages to escape into the forest. The Police Chief calls Park Chung-ho and tells him about the bodies at Do-young’s residence. Assemblyman Park tells him that they should abandon Do-young.

Later, Do-young kidnaps Beom-jae and calls Dong-soo using Beom-jae’s phone and gives him an address. Dong-soo arrives at the address, and Do-young jumps on him when he tries to get to Beom-jae.

Do-young blames Dong-soo for destroying everything between them when he betrayed him. He tells him that he should have remained quiet below him and done what he was told to do. Do-young goes to kill Beom-jae, but Do-young shoots him. Do-young does not die, though, and they fight fiercely for survival. In the end, Do-young shoots him four times, and he lays on the floor dead.

What happens to Dong-soo?

Dong-soo goes to Detective Chul-jin and confesses all the crimes he has committed at Do-young’s behest. Dong-soo asks for his help to get Do-young, after which he will turn himself in for the murder of Chairman Moon. Later, he asks programmer Park Si-dek to deactivate the cameras in Do-young’s house. 

In a flashback, Dong-soo and the Family Gang leader discuss how to get rid of Do-young. The plan that Dong-soo comes up with involves killing Chul-jin. In addition, Dong-soo meets with Park Chung-ho and asks him to choose between supporting Do-young or Dong-soo since things are changing. 

Therefore, Park Chung-ho tells the Police Chief to ditch Do-young even after his arrest. They need to find a more capable replacement with a strong backstory of fighting against gangsters and Moon Law Firm. Meanwhile, the police continue their search for Do-young.

While in his office, he receives a call from Do-young. He gives him an address and asks him to go if he wants his brother alive. Dong-soo arrives at the location, and Do-young jumps him. Dong-soo maintains that it was Do-young’s fault that they had a falling out. If not for his help, Do-young would still be a low-life gangster, but he intended to use him. 

After a fierce fight, Dong-soo is the first to get to the gun on the stairs, and he shoots Do-young four times. Dong-soo tells him that he ruined everything and runs to his brother. After his brother’s death, Dong-soo puts the gun to his head, and a gunshot is heard before the screen goes dark and jumps three years later. 

What happens to Beom-jae?

Beom-jae tries to take the blame for the murder of Chairman Moon, but Chul-jin does not accept his confession. Later, Beom-jae is released from prison and realises that Dong-soo killed Chul-jin to get him out. He’s furious and tells Dong-soo he never wants to see him again. Beom-jae believes that Do-young changed Dong-soo, but he did not.

Beom-jae arrives home from the emigration office to find Do-young waiting. He kidnaps him and tells the guy it is what he gets from having the wrong brother. Beom-jae is severely hurt, and he dies in Dong-soo’s arms. Before passing away, he asks Dong-soo to let it all go and live comfortably.

What happens to Hye-Young?

While watching television, Min-hee notices the news about Do-young and says he is his uncle’s friend. Hye-young remembers seeing him at the funeral. Later, Dong-soo arrives home, and Hye-young tells him that Beom-jae is leaving the country and is taking his daughter with him. Hye-young leaves soon after. 

What happens to Detective Chul-jin?

Beom-jae and Dong-soo tell Chul-jin that he will find Yang-ho’s body in the pool outside Do-young’s house. Chul-jin calls Dong-soo and tells him he cannot get a warrant to search Do-young’s house. Dong-soo tells him that he knows Do-young will try to move the body that night. In addition, he knows how to deactivate the cameras in the house.

Detective Chul-jin sneaks into the house following Dong-soo’s directions. Inside, he finds Do-young surrounded by dead bodies. Chul-jin calls for backup and reports Do-young as a murderer, and there are several bodies around.

Chul-jin tells Do-young that he finally got him, and once they find Yang-ho’s body in the water outside, he will put him in prison for good. Do-young remembers that Dong-soo knows that he moved the body and figures that Dong-soo set up Chul-jin. Before they can understand what is happening, a man stabs Detective Chul-jin. Chul-jin shootshim, but before he dies, he tells Do-young that someone paid him to kill the cop.

How does Evillive end? 

Three years later, Dong-soo is a defense attorney. He defends a worker accused of assaulting an employer. Journalists run to Dong-soo after the trial, and they ask him about receiving a proportional representative proposal and if he has intentions of running for office. They also ask about him representing victims of illegal gambling sites and the threats he receives. He says he will lead in establishing regulations to monitor gangsters hidden within the internet. 

Dong-soo makes a stop at Yuseong Gang offices, where they are running an illegal online gambling money exchange. Dong-soo is the head of the gang, with the leader of the Family Gang as his right-hand man. In addition, Dong-soo’s residence is the house previously owned by Do-young.

At the end of the episode, he arrives home and pours himself a drink. He thinks against calling his wife while Do-young’s hallucination tells him, “A person fighting a monster should be careful not to become one. When you gaze into the monster’s heart, the monster also gazes into you.”

The Episode Review

The episode describes the lack of loyalty and trust in the gang business. Gang members have no conscience and are driven by their desire to be at the top. Do-young started pushing out Dong-soo when he realised his desire for more control over the new ventures. No matter how much money they made, Do-young wanted Dong-soo to be his minion instead of a partner.

On the other hand, Dong-soo did not like being treated like a lackey since people have been stepping on him all his life. When Do-young refuses to let him have control, he chooses to take it, and it ends badly for both of them. Even though Do-young wins, he loses all the people he fights for. The episode does not forego the principle of crime and punishment. Do-young dies, and Dong-soo lives a lonely life.

The questions answered at the end of the episode include: what happened to Attorney Moon? Dong-soo had vowed to care for him after he was done with Do-young. In addition, how did Dong-soo cover up Beom-jae’s death? He mentions during an interview that he is going after illegal online gambling to make sure they do not end up like his brother. Consequently, what has happened within three years? How did Dong-soo rise to the top of the Yuseong Gang?

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