Evillive – K-drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Do-young and Dong-soo’s Fall Out

Episode 9 of Evillive starts with Do-young taking over Shinnam Ferry. His right-hand man worries about Dong-soo and wonders if he will be okay. Beom-jae sees the news about Chairman Moon’s disappearance and tries to call Dong-soo, but there is no answer. Meanwhile, Dong-soo has nightmares about Chairman Moon and Do-young betraying him. He wakes up startled, but soon after, composes himself. He cleans his office and throws out books about the Theory of Justice.

Dong-soo visits Do-young and asks what he is to do next. Do-young asks him to set up a law firm and hire lawyers. Dong-soo asks for a share of the company profits since they are partners. Do-young agrees, and Dong-soo tells him he will start working the next day. Afterwards, Dong-soo sees Beom-jae and asks him not to come to work creating the next day. Beom-jae suggests moving, but Dong-soo tells him he has some things to take care of first. Beom-jae apologises for connecting Dong-soo to Do-young.

Elsewhere, police get a report that Yang-ho’s car was found with Park Je-yi’s DNA. Chul-jin is asked to close the case since Do-young and clear Do-young. Given the time frame, Chul-jin disagrees with the report and insists on investigating the case. Meanwhile, Attorney Moon storms into Dong-soo’s house to ask about his father’s disappearance.

Dong-soo asks Attorney Moon to follow him outside. Attorney Moon tries to intimidate and insult Dong-soo, but Dong-soo changes to a ruthless person as he chokes him against the wall. He tells him that he can easily kill him since there are no cameras around. Dong-soo asks him to wait for his turn. He will come after him once he is done dealing with someone else first. Hye-young, who followed them outside, witnesses the incident and runs back to the house. 

Dong-soo set up Han Law Firm and starts working on monopolising the online gaming business. He uses the law firm to get complaints from gambling victims and uses the information to report the competing companies to the police. Dong-soo then starts preparing to get close to the important people to secure the Marine Casino deal. 

Do-young invites Dong-soo out for a drink at his house after a meeting. Dong-soo asks about the vegetative Kim Yu-seong, and Do-young says he made him that way since he did not like that he was becoming Jae-yeol’s lackey. He made Jae-yeol disrespect Do-young, and he threw away his medicine. He keeps him alive because he might need him some time. When Dong-soo leaves, he calls someone and tells them to meet. 

Elsewhere, Detective Chul-jin tries to get information from Beom-jae. He tells him he is not after Dong-soo but wants to stop Do-young. He hesitates when he asks Beom-jae to tell him about the relationship between Dong-soo and Do-young. Chul-jin wants him to call.

Dong-soo meets up with the Family Gang leader. Dong-soo is here to make a deal with him, and specifically that he’ll hand over the gambling house business if he agrees to work together. Dong-soo asks him to get rid of Do-young. The gang member thinks there is no way to kill Do-young since all the people he sent to kill him have come back dead. Dong-soo tells him there might be a way that piques his interest.

Hye-young confides in Beom-jae about the changes she has seen in Dong-soo. Beom-jae visits the Han Law Office and asks about the free legal services advertised. Seon-kyo tells him that the firm is representing the victims of illegal online gambling. Meanwhile, Dong-soo is meeting with the victims in preparation for a class action lawsuit. 

Beom-jae tries to understand what Dong-soo is up to and notices his changes. Dong-soo says that the online casino is his idea, and Do-young took it from him. Beom-jae asks him to report the blackmail to the police, but Dong-soo does not want to live like a fool working diligently when there are ways to make money quickly. 

Later, Do-young invites Dong-soo for a meal, and inside, he finds the Family Gang member he met. Do-young’s right-hand man had initially told Do-young about their secret meeting. Dong-soo tells him they met because he needed legal counsel about the gambling houses. Meanwhile, Beom-jae goes to the police station but drives away when he sees Chul-jin. 

The gang member texts Dong-soo and asks that they forget about the plan to take care of Do-young. He calls back, but it does not go through. He heads back inside, and a stare-down starts between Do-young and Dong-soon. When he leaves, Do-young asks his right-hand man to get ready.

Dong-soo arrives home and runs into Chul-jin. The detective tells him about Beom-jae’s distress. He warns him to take care of the people close to him. Dong-soo goes to meet with Beom-jae, but the latter is disgusted by what he is doing, so he goes to the police station to come clean about everything. Beom-jae tells him about straying from the right path and that he needs to get back. 

Dong-soo returns to the car and leaves a message for the Family Gang member. He tells him that Do-young will go after him whether or not he accepts his offer. It is his choice to decide whether or not to get rid of Do-young. 

Beom-jae thinks back to how he became part of Dong-soo’s family. He takes the money Do-young paid them and storms into Yuseong while Do-young gets ready to attend the celebration of the opening for Marine Casino. Beom-jae returns the money and promises to pay back everything else as long as Do-young lets Dong-soo go. Beom-jae thinks that Do-young killed Chairman Moon to blackmail Dong-soo and begs Do-young to let him go. Do-young agrees to let him go. 

Dong-soo arrives at the celebration of the opening of the Marine Casino event, and he is told he cannot go in because he is not on the guest list. Meanwhile, the police head to Beom-jae’s house since they got a tip about a body. One police officer finds something in the backroom. Beom-jae calls Dong-soo to tell him about the police. 

Chairman Moon’s corpse is found in his house, and Beom-jae is arrested. At the end of the episode, Do-young calls Dong-soo as he arrives at the police station and tells him it is time to part ways. 

The Episode Review

The episode was entirely predictable. Even though they have been through a lot together, they distrust each other and are selfish. When cornered, each will try to save their skin by betraying the other. In this episode, Do-young made his move against Dong-soo. What will Dong-soo’s counter move be? Who will win in the end? With only one chapter left, we look forward to the final showdown between these two!

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