Evillive – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Dong-soo Embraces The Darkness

Episode 8 of Evillive starts with the Prosecution storming Moon Law Firm with a search warrant. Meanwhile, Park Ji-eum’s family talk to journalists and tell them about Dong-soo’s involvement in the case. He was the only one who stood up for Park Ji-eum, so he faced disciplinary action led by Chairman Moon, and his license was revoked. Hye-young is proud of her husband for clearing his name. Consequently, Beom-jae and Do-young read about the interview, beaming with satisfaction at the outcome.

The following day, Dong-soo takes his wife to a jewellery store and buys her an expensive ring. He also buys a watch as he remembers how Beom-jae liked the watches they found in Paek Je-yi’s house while installing spy cameras. Elsewhere, Do-young visits Jae-yeol in prison. Do-young tells him about his plans to take over the marine casino and Shinnam Ferry. Jae-yeol warns that Dong-soo is not an average person he can use and toss away. If he is not careful, Dong-soo will become his superior one day. 

Dong-soo attends the Bar Association meeting that brings together all the industry’s best lawyers and law firms. He meets up with his friend from Moon Law Firm, Seon-kyo, and learns that Chairman Moon has not been seen in public for a while. Seon-kyo says he has no idea what he is up to. During the meeting, President Song Hee-kyung of Daeguk Law Firm approaches Dong-soo and invites him for a meal. 

Seon-kyo tells Dong-soo that he is a famous lawyer now and capable. Therefore, he can start a law firm instead of working for others. Dong-soo laughs at the idea since starting a law form alone is impossible. Seon-kyo tells him that many lawyers admire him and would jump to work with him. Seon-kyo volunteers to help convince them to join Dong-soo.  

Do-young visits the manager in charge of the Shinnam Ferry acquisition and offers the manager a promotion to the Director of Licensing. He asks him to take care of the Shinnam Ferry acquisition on his behalf. As he leaves, the manager puzzles over Do-young’s words. 

Dong-soo arrives at the Internet café and finds it closed temporarily since they are working on creating twice as many dummy rooms. Dong-soo asks them to wrap it up and open the internet café as usual. He gets angry that the changes are happening without his authorisation. Dong-soo confronts Do-young about closing down the internet café. Do-young remembers Jae-yeol’s warning about Dong-soo. 

Dong-soo arrives home later that night and runs into Detective Chul-jin. He asks whether he knows Do-young, and Dong-soo admits he was his attorney. Chul-jin is investigating a case and asks if they could talk sometime. Dong-soo agrees but doubts he would be of any help to the detective.

Meanwhile, the other detective meets with Attorney Moon and informs him that the police chief is no longer on their side. He works with Park Chung-ho and Do-young. Attorney Moon asks him to make an individual move since he is working on police reform, and the detective might get his chance. 

Chairman Moon meets up with the Attorney General, who apologises for not helping in time. The Attorney General tells him he will appoint one of their people as the Shinnam District attorney. Dong-soo gets the news about the new District Attorney from Seon-kyo. They know that Chairman Moon is involved in the appointment, and Dong-soo asks Seon-kyo to look into the relationship between Chairman Moon and the new District Attorney. 

Dong-soo gets a call from Do-young’s right-hand man and goes to Do-young’s house. He meets Detectives Chul-jin and Sun-kyung, questioning Do-young about the death of Park Je-yi and the disappearance of Heo Yang-ho. Dong-soo arrives in time to get them out of the house without finding evidence to connect Do-young to the crimes. Dong-soo’s appearance surprises Chul-jin, and he becomes curious about their relationship. 

Park Chunh-ho tries to intimidate Do-young, but he reminds him he is a gangster and should pick up his money anytime Do-young calls. Meanwhile, Chul-jin questions Beom-jae regarding Dong-soo’s relationship with Do-young. He asks him about Dong-soo driving for Park Je-yi the day she died. 

Beom-jae tells Dong-soo about the detective talking to him. He asks Dong-soo about Yang-ho’s body, hidden in the pond outside Park Je-yi’s house. Dong-soo tells him that he has already told Do-young about it, and he says he will take care of the body. Dong-soo confronts Do-young about the body again. He thinks that Do-young already moved the body and wants to know where he took it. Do-young gets a text from Chairman Moon and leaves without answering Dong-soo’s questions. 

Dong-soo arrives home to damming news. Chairman Moon filed a complaint against Dong-soo, implying that his relationship with Park Ji-eum might have been closer. Meanwhile, Do-young meets up with Chairman Moon, and he suggests an alliance. He tells him he is getting Park Chung-ho investigated for illegal election funding and will lose his parliamentary position.

Chairman Moon knows that Do-young will continue beyond just acquiring the Marine Casino and Shinnam Ferry. Since the prosecution investigation ends in a month, Chairman Moon will become the minister of Justice. If Do-young joins him, he will stand above the law, and no one will be able to touch him no matter what he does. All he has to do is give up Dong-soo. 

Dong-soo visits Park Ji-eum’s family, and they tell him that they are giving up the lawsuit. Dong-soo realises that Chairman Moon got to them and visits Do-young. They meet at the gate after Do-young returns from meeting with Chairman Moon. Dong-soo tells Do-young that they need to kill Chairman Moon. They can get a clean man who will take the fall for the murder, and they pay him as much as he wants. Do-young says he will think about it.

After Do-young leaves, Dong-soo contemplates both Dong-soo’s and Chairman Moon’s proposals. Do-young brings both Dong-soo and Chairman Moon to a harbour and pits them against each other. He leaves them to kill each other and says he will side with whoever wins.

Before Dong-soo kills Chairman Moon, he asks if he thinks Do-young will keep him alive afterwards. Dong-soon tells him to wait and see who will survive before stabbing him harder. Outside, Do-young offers Dong-soo his hand to shake, saying they have become true partners. 

The Episode Review

Do-young might have made a wrong move pitting Dong-soo against Chairman Moon. He said he cannot choose who to kill between them, which means he does not value them. Dong-soon’s expression after stabbing Chairman Moon and the soundtrack suggests that Dong-soon might have finally fallen into the dark.

Do-young might not have the upper-hand anymore since Dong-soo might have no more inhibitions. In addition, he is much more intelligent than Do-young, who is just a thug. Even though we hoped they could stay good partners, it seems the next episodes will be a wild ride. What will Dong-soo do to command respect and recognition within the Yuseong Gang?

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