Evillive – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Dong-Soo and Beom-Jae Plan to Get Do-Young Arrested

Episode 3 of Evillive starts with someone calling Heo Yang-ho to tell him that Seo Do-young has been taken care of. He is happy about the news. He says he is heading to the Philippines to lie low and asks the caller to take care of things. 

Heo Yang-ho heads to Park Je-yi’s house and enters through the front gate. He says he feels nice to not be embarrassed finally. He comes carrying gifts, but his welcome is Je-yi’s dead body. Dong-soo and Beom-jae are sitting on the sofa, and he confronts them about Je-yi’s death. Seo Do-young suddenly walks in, and the backstory to how he survived the attack plays out. Seo Do-young points a gun at Heo Yang-ho and remembers how they drugged him using liquid meth, leading to his arrest. 

Heo Yang-ho gets on his knees, begging Do-young not to kill him. Do-young cocks the gun, ready to shoot Heo Yang-ho. Dong-soo tries to stop him by telling him about the penalty if he is arrested. He listens but still shoots Yang-ho. Han Dong-soo and Han Beom-jae are terrified. Next, Do-young wants to kill Beom-jae, forcing Dong-soo to agree to create an alibi and get him out of the current situation. Beom-jae and Dong-hee take care of the bodies, and Do-young establishes exactly that. He is to create an unforgettable situation, making as many people remember him. 

Dong-soo cannot forget the events of the night before and wakes up hoping it is a nightmare. He keeps getting flashes of the dead bodies and is anxious. He goes to Beom-jae’s house, planning to take the spy cameras they took from the house to the police. He is fearful that Do-young will never leave them alone. He thinks that the only way out is to get him arrested. 

Beom-jae gives Dong-soo the footage from the spy camera, and he drives to the police station. He sits outside in his car, conflicted about what to do next when he gets a call from Do-young. He finds him playing with some kids in his neighbourhood.

Dong-soo thinks Do-young came because he knew he went to the police station. However, Do-young came to offer him a job. Even though Dong-soo wants Do-young to let him be, Do-young says he likes him and is unwilling to let him go. He gives Dong-soo a phone and asks him to pick it up whenever it rings. Do-young tells Dong-soo he met his niece Min-hee. 

Afterwards, Do-young goes to the gang’s company at Yuseong Mirae Consulting. He sees one man who used to work for Du-sik and promotes him to take over Du-sik’s position. Heo Yang-ho’s right-hand man is against it, and Do-young asks him to beat up the guy if he does not like it. The minion knocks him out. 

Dong-soo goes to pick up Min-hee from Taekwondo School, and the driver tells him that someone else picked her up. He sees Min-hee following a strange man, so he runs after them. The man is Dong-soo’s new neighbour, Detective Chul-jin. They had previously bumped into each other at the police station. Chul-jin asks Dong-soo if he was at the police station to report something. He tells him that many people change their minds because they are threatened and asks if Dong-soo is in a difficult position. 

Dong-soo learns that Do-young visited Min-hee and even bought her a doll. He tells Beom-jae, who is furious and worries they might become Do-young’s toys for life. Dong-soo plans to report the underground casino and get Do-young arrested. He will then arrange to tie him to the murders and blackmail him to keep him imprisoned longer. However, the locations of the underground casinos change constantly, and their only connection is lost. Dong-soo plans to ask Do-young about the location. 

Dong-soo calls Do-young to tell him that he will accept to be his legal adviser on condition that he allows him to inspect all of Do-young’s businesses. He knows that Do-young wants to hire him, not just as a lawyer. Do-young agrees and asks to meet the next day. Dong-soo dares to ask Do-young to take him to the Casino, “The House.” Do-young tells him that his people will be in contact. 

Do-young sends Dong-soo to the location and asks to meet the next day at 1 pm. Beom-jae gets Dong-soo a faux phone since the Casino confiscates all phones at the entrance. A black van arrives outside the supermarket to pick up Dong-soo. Beom-jae also installs a tracking device and follows Dong-soo to Haejong Port. The tracking device does not work when it is above water. 

The Casino is on an isolated island. After looking around, Dong-soo pretends to go to the bathroom and runs into the woods. He gets the walkie-talkie hidden in his belt and tries to contact Beom-jae. He tells him the location of the Casino. Beom-jae calls the police and takes a boat to the Island to pick up Dong-soo. 

A siren sounds at the isolated Island, indicating the start of a crackdown. Do-young observes Dong-soo from a distance before his man comes to take him away. Dong-soo runs into the woods, heading to Beom-jae. He successfully gets to the boat and off the island. 

Dong-soo has no news about the crackdown on Do-young’s casino the following morning, and he starts to panic. The episode ends when the phone given by Do-young starts ringing. The caller is Do-young. 

The Episode Review

Dong-soo and Beom-jae realize that they got involved with a ruthless lunatic who does not care about values and start to panic. Their actions in this episode perfectly embody what a normal person would try to do in their position. They realize they may be in danger and try to save themselves and their families. Their naivety is shown when they devise the plan and their faces after Beom-jae keeps Dong-soo. They think they can easily get a gang boss arrested, and Dong-soo sleeps soundly afterwards.

The episode is like a prologue of the things to come. Do-young gave Dong-soo a chance, but he betrays it. The next episodes will probably be more terrifying for both Dong-soo and Beom-jae. Does Do-young know what Dong-soo did? How will he deal with him?

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