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Evillive – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Power Struggles and Betrayal

Episode 2 of Evillive starts with a flashback of Seo Do-young drunk driving with police chasing him. He crashes the car through a shop, comes out, and starts attacking the police officer before losing consciousness.

Dong-soo and Beom-jae visit the waiter who gave the case to ask about Park Je-yi. The waiter tells him that it will be difficult to meet with her. She is a famous hostess, and one needs to have money, power, and connections to meet her. He, however, tells them about her schedule and her secluded house. Dong-soo and Beom-jae start to tail Park Je-yi 14 days before the release of Seo Do-young. 

Ten days later, Dong-soo reports to Do-young that he thinks the woman does not have a boyfriend. Do-young is furious and thinks Dong-soo wants to take his money and lie to him. Instead of being happy that nothing suspicious is happening, Do-young attacks Dong-soo and tells him to think about his family.

Dong-soo is terrified as he leaves the prison and meets with Beom-jae. They discuss Do-young’s issue, and Beom-jae reports something strange. He says that after looking into the drunk driving incidence, it seems that Do-young did not drink much that day. He only took a few glasses, but he got drunk quickly. 

Some members of Do-young’s gang visit him at the prison. He asks them about looking into an issue, and one of them reports that it is related to the Family Gang. Do-young’s interaction with the men is with a hint of annoyance and aggression. Do-young asks about Tae-ho and Du-sik, and the man reports they are still looking for them.

The man with tattoos talks about them running away with money. Do-young doubts that the Family Gang is involved in the incident. The tattooed man asks that they look into whether anyone is helping Seo Do-young.

Dong-soo meets with a friend to ask about Seo Do-young. His friend thinks that Do-young’s sentence is too heavy and feels something fishy is going on. Do-young should have been sentenced to three months, but he got an eight-month sentence instead. Also, gangs would do anything to bail their bosses out, including paying huge amounts of money, but Do-young served his sentence.

He thinks that someone is fighting against Do-young for power within the gang and takes the chance to get him when he is arrested. He feels that bloodshed will follow after he is released from prison. The friend also reveals that Do-young’s boss has troubles with women, and he lives with a bar hostess. 

Dong-soo runs into his former superior and confronts him about the issue that led to his suspension. In a quick flashback, a car is pulled out of the water with a dead woman. Dong-soo updates Beom-jae on the case. He thinks that Do-young is looking for a betrayer, not a cheater. They plan how to put the spy cameras inside Park Je-yi’s house. The following day, Beom-jae hacks the CCTV cameras, and they break in to set up the cameras. Beom-jae looks around the house and finds Do-young’s boss on life support. 

Later, a man enters Dong-soo’s car and asks about his meetings with Do-young. He says that Do-young needed a favour from him, but he declined the offer. He looks through Dong-soo’s notebook and asks about the days marked, and he says these are the days he collects instalments from his clients.

The man leaves, and Beom-jae calls him outside the house. He waits for the cleaning lady to leave and asks Beom-jae to follow Park Je-yi. Dong-soo gets frustrated since the lady is not leaving, and he wants to get in. He calls Beom-jae to turn off the cameras, but Park Je-yi leaves work earlier than expected. Dong-soo wants to stop, and he leaves. Beom-jae, who is left outside the house, sees her leave again. He chases after Dong-soo to tell him about being hired to be Je-yi’s part-time driver. 

Dong-soo takes a part-time driver job, and when he drops Je-yi home, he asks to go to the bathroom. He takes the chance to take back some of the spy cameras and tells Beom-jae to find time and take the rest. At home, Dong-soo and his wife talk about his wife talk about the IVF they have been trying for years. Elsewhere, the man with tattoos anxiously talks to another about putting an end to something since Do-young is getting out in two days. He says his men have infiltrated the prison and await his orders. He also asks about how much they will get after the construction starts. 

Dong-soo is on his way to the prison when the waiter calls to tell him about some members of the Yuseong Gang asking questions about him. He notices that the gang members are following him, and he stops at a fish market to distract them, then takes a taxi to prison. He meets with Do-young and tells him about people following him. He gives him the information he is looking for in two flash drives and heads out to wait outside. He sees 11 missed calls from Beom-jae, and the call does not get through when he calls back.

Dong-soo does not find his brother after leaving the prison and remembers telling him to remove the spy cameras from Je-yi’s house. Meanwhile, Do-young watches the clips and sees Je-yi discussing drugging him and getting him imprisoned with the tattooed man. Later, some men attack him in prison, but Do-young is ready for them.

At the same time, Dong-soo arrives at Je-yi’s house to look for Beom-jae. However, Je-yi arrived before they could leave. They overhear her talking on the phone about Do-young being dead. 

They try to sneak after Je-yi enters a room, but they notice a shadowy figure entering the house, forcing them to go back and hide. Do-young shoots Je-yi and calls him sis. He walks over to the bed and aims at the man on the bed but does not shoot. He senses someone is under the bed and crouches to check. The episode ends with Do-young and Dong-soo staring into each other’s eyes. 

The Episode Review

The case that Do-young hired Dong-soo to work on is finally over, but complications arise. Will Do-young let them go now that they have witnessed him kill someone in cold blood? We have to take into account that Do-young is in a position where he cannot trust the people in his gang. Therefore, he might want Dong-soo and Beom-jae to help him investigate the betrayers in his gang and their hidden agendas. Why is Do-young reluctant to shoot the man on the bed?

So far, this series has delivered heart-pounding tension, and we hope it will maintain the pace. We still have eight chapters left, and we are looking forward to seeing the relationship between Do-young and Dong-soo blossom. Isn’t it interesting how quickly Dong-soo found himself wrapped up in all these? He still has a chance to redeem himself, but we can’t help but wonder, what is the cost of his redemption?

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