‘Evil Dead Rise’ Movie Release Date, Trailer & Where To Watch

Evil Dead Rise

The next installment of the Evil Dead franchise is almost here but don’t expect the action to take place in a cabin in the woods. This time around, the setting is an apartment building which is the home to single mother Ellie and her three children.

The building sits atop an old bank that contains something sinister within one of its vaults. Any guesses as to what that might be? There are no prizes for guessing the item in question is the Necronomicon, also known as The Book Of The Dead, the ancient text that allows mystical zombies known as the Deadites into our world.

This demonic book appeared in the previous Evil Dead movies and in Evil Dead Rise, it gives birth to bloodthirsty demons that run amok in the apartment building where Ellie and her kids are staying.

If you’re looking forward to Evil Dead Rise, keep reading for further details about the movie.

When will Evil Dead Rise be released?

Evil Dead Rise will be released into theatres on April 21st 2023, in the UK, US, and most other countries. Residents in Belgium and France will get to see the movie a little earlier, on April 19th, and horror buffs in Australia, Italy, and Taiwan, will have the opportunity to see it on April 20th.

Who stars in Evil Dead Rise?

Alyssa Sutherland (Timeless) stars as Ellie, the woman who unwittingly lives in an apartment that is sat on top of a book of an ancient evil, and Lily Sullivan (Picnic At Hanging Rock) stars as her estranged sister Beth who will surely regret her decision to visit her sibling.

The cast also includes…

Gabrielle Echols as Bridget
Morgan Davies as Danny
Nell Fisher as Kassie
Mia Challis as Jessica
Tai Wano as Scott
Jayden Daniels as Gabriel
Billy Reynolds-McCarthy as Jake

One actor missing from the cast list is Bruce Campbell who famously played Ash in the original movie trilogy. He won’t be in the new movie but you might want to keep your eyes peeled for an Easter Egg that relates to his legendary movie character.

Who is the director of Evil Dead Rise?

The movie’s director is Lee Cronin, who is no stranger to the world of horror as he previously gave us The Hole In The Ground, a movie about a woman whose son undergoes some disturbing changes after coming into contact with a mysterious sinkhole, and Ghost Train, a short film that was featured in the horror anthology Minutes Past Midnight.

Evil Dead Rise trailer

Are you looking forward to Evil Dead Rise? Are you a fan of the franchise? Do you have an ancient book of evil locked away in your basement? Let us know in the comments below. 

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