Everything’s Trash – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

United Fronts Are Trash

Phoebe and Hamilton get back together in episode 9 of Everything’s Trash Season 1, but agree to take things slow this time around. But Phoebe quickly disregards this agreement, deciding it’s time to integrate Hamilton more fully into her life–despite Jayden’s hatred of the man.

Malika, meanwhile, meets with Murder Gals and Brooklyn Dads so they can negotiate better salaries with Parakeet.

Unfortunately, the other podcasters go behind her back and tell their boss about what Malika tried. Her boss then warns her to not rock the boat.

Phoebe invites Hamilton to dinner with her friends and family, which goes better than expected at first. Hamilton and Jayden make efforts to be civil.

But eventually, Jayden can’t hold back his frustration that Hamilton has been running attack ads against him. Hamilton insists it’s nothing personal. He says Jayden is losing because he’s not being offensive enough.

The two fight, and Malika joins in as well. She can’t get behind Hamilton, as he kept a secret from Phoebe about having a kid.

Phoebe yells at everyone to get out, except for Hamilton. She apologizes for the way things went, but both agree that tonight made them realize they want to do hard things with each other.

Jayden’s hate for Hamilton hasn’t improved at all, but Hamilton helped him decide one thing: It’s time to run an attack ad on Tom Weaver.

Malika later apologizes to Phoebe. As long as this is what Phoebe wants, she’s happy. Phoebe insists Hamilton is what she wants, but she looks doubtful.

When Malika asks her what they should do about Parakeet, Phoebe suggests they get a meeting with another company: Limelight Media.

The Episode Review

Everything’s Trash has consistently offered a style some may call “cringe-comedy,” but lacks the self awareness and nuanced delivery and writing to be able to hit the right notes. Everything’s too-phony, too-exaggerated–conveying a style that’s all “cringe” and no “comedy.”

This episode offers the resolution in Phoebe and Hamilton’s relationship that we’ve been waiting for. It’s been built up to be a significant storyline… and yet, every moment they share together is devoid of chemistry and authenticity. If the show is trying to sell us on the complexity and romance of their relationship, it’s utterly failing.

There’s still the season finale to redeem the show. The episode is titled “Election Night is Trash,” which means Jayden and Tom Weaver (and Hamilton!) will be facing off. Who will win, and how will that affect Phoebe’s and Hamilton’s relationship?

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