Everything’s Trash – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Choosing Between Peen and Politics is Trash

Episode 1 of Everything’s Trash Season 1 begins with Phoebe Hill heading to the pharmacy with her casual hook-up to buy some Plan B.

The next morning, Phoebe has her brother Jayden on her podcast, Everything’s Trash. The podcast is generally pretty risqué, including a lot of details about Phoebe’s sex life. Today, Phoebe and her producer Malika only slightly clean it up for their guest. Jayden is on the show to talk about his candidacy for Brooklyn’s District 52 State Representative.

While celebrating Jayden’s guest appearance that night, Phoebe flirts with a man named Hamilton at the bar. She goes home with him and wakes up with him the next morning to find out that he works for Tom Weaver, Jayden’s opponent.

The scenario is complicated further when Phoebe realizes a reporter followed her to Hamilton’s place. It soon becomes public knowledge that Jayden’s sister was fraternizing with the enemy.

Phoebe releases a video, explaining to her fans what happened, but ultimately defending her right to sleep with whomever she wants. She mostly receives backlash, however.

Jayden and Phoebe get into a fight. Jayden thinks she’s ruining his campaign, and Phoebe thinks he won’t stand up for her against slut-shamers. He then tells her not to come to his campaign kickoff.

Malika has Phoebe’s back, but she encourages her to realize how she’s hurt Jayden. Phoebe comes up with a plan to make it up to him.

At his party, Phoebe plays over his terrible campaign video with one that she and her roommate Michael made for him. Everyone loves it, and Jayden and Phoebe apologize to each other.

The Episode Review

Everything’s Trash is obviously still finding its footing in its premiere, but some stilted dialogue and shaky character introductions can’t quash Phoebe Hill’s charm.

Phoebe Robinson stars in and executive produces this new Freeform series, which is elevated by her relatable voice and devil-may-care attitude. At this point in the series, her sheer charisma and wit should be enough to persuade most to keep watching.

It looks like Phoebe is going to continue getting herself (and others) into trouble. Hamilton will likely make a reappearance later in the show. I’m wondering–will that have a negative effect on Jayden’s campaign, or will Jayden’s campaign have a negative effect on a potential relationship?

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