Everything Now – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Sorry, The Old Mia Can’t Come to The Phone!

Episode 3 of Everything Now season 1 starts with Mia rediscovering herself. She feels that life has endless chances to surprise you. The teenage girl is smitten and slowly falling in love with Carli, whom she notices doesn’t care/ know about her past. 

According to Mia, falling in love for the first time comes with repercussions. You tend to play your day based on your new lover’s schedule. You can go to extreme lengths to catch a glimpse of your loved ones. This is what Mia has resorted to doing with Carli, and Will has noticed.

 She’s trying everything to allow people to see her differently and not as a sick girl. She decides to try and join the Netball team to spend more time with Carli but is disappointed when the coach won’t let her join the netball team, even though she doesn’t like sports. She feels like the adults are trying to control her life, thinking they know best.

This takes her back to when Dr Nell wouldn’t let her exercise immediately after eating. Mia always feels compelled to work out after eating so as not to allow the meal to settle. She recalls Dr. Nell telling her to learn to sit with anxiety.

Cam notices she is acting antsy and encourages her to reinvent herself, adding it to her “Fuck It” list. From debater class to feminist society and chess, nothing seems to interest Mia. She, however, takes an interest in the drama club after hearing Carli is a part of it.

Mia joins the club along with Will and Alison, who, of course, loves the theater. Will  Mia like her new hobby? Mia is excited and believes love changes everything. We can see her decluttering the room and getting rid of old stuff. Even Viv is surprised by the sudden change in Mia. At the same time, it feels like Mia is running away from her problems.

She gets to the theatre and finds Carli. Her eyes light up, but Alison’s presence dims her happiness. Mrs. Von Shildegard, the drama coach, pairs Mia and Alison on stage for an impromptu scene. Seeing Mia performing scruffily, Carli jumps on stage to boost Mia’s confidence. Later, Mia confesses her love for Carli to Will.  

In this episode, we can see Becca struggling to complete her projects. She’s also battling with doubts about her relationship with Cameron. All these fogs her mind, and Becca misses hanging out with her friend Mia. However, Mia is too busy reinventing herself to care. Becca brings this up and tells Mia there is no need to reinvent herself, and they get into a fight.  

On the other hand, Mia is even lying about sticking to her diet just to run into Carli. This forces her brother, Alex, to cover up for her. Her dad reminds her about her session with Dr Nell, and she promises to attend after school.

Later that day, Mia chooses to spend time with Carli to rehearse her monologue and skips her session with Dr Nell.  Afterwards, she visits Will at the store he works at and realises he has been lying about having a hot affair with his manager. The manager confronts Will about his lies and offers to make his fantasies a reality, but Will turns him down.

She then gets home to find her dad angry about the missed session and lying about eating her breakfast. Viv thinks Rick is overreacting, and Mia is tired of not having a say in her treatment. Her parents start tearing into each other, and Mia interrupts them, saying treatment is making her miserable.

She says she will take control of her treatment and give her parents a say. She thinks this is how it should work, and goes to her room, remembering Dr Nell warning her about exercising. She still didn’t listen even after her roommate at the rehab begged her to.

On the other hand, Cam and Becca call off their relationship. Becca is angry with Cam for flirting on social media with other girls. She argues it will be better to break up and never telling Mia or anyone about them.

The end of episode 3 is quite intriguing; Mia delivers a profound monologue expressing her feelings towards Carli. Sadly, Mia learns that Carli knows about her past and feels rejected despite her efforts to change. She runs to Becca, thinking she is the only friend she can trust.

However, things take a different turn when Mia discovers that Cam and Becca have been seeing each other. She sees a photo that seems to have been taken after Becca lost her virginity and a sweet message from Cam on Becca’s phone. Will this jeopardise Becca and Mia’s friendship?

The Episode Review

Mia is tripping, and her feelings for Carli might be a distraction. She wants to reinvent herself but is slacking on her treatment. In this episode, we start to realise how self-centred she is, too. Becca was going through something, and Mia couldn’t care less. She expects everyone to tune in to the Mia show and wants everything her way. She only sees her struggle and pain. It is all about her, and it can be exhausting for her friends and family.

It is weird that Will lied about his manager; why did he do it? It is a really strange thing to lie about. Is he scared of intimacy and lies to act cool and pretend he is not a virgin? 

Lastly, why did Carli rush after Mia? What did she want to tell her? Hopefully, we will find out about this and the fallout between Becca, Cam and Mia in the next episode.

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