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Episode 2 of Everything Now starts with Mia in bed nursing a hungover. She tries to remember what transpired at the party. She later has breakfast with her family, where her father asks about the movie night and the film she watched.

Mia cunningly lies that she saw Shawshank Redemption and excuses herself after receiving a message from Becca to meet her in the garden. In the backyard, she meets her friends who vow to help her tick off her “Fuck It” list. They assure her by Monday, no one will remember what she did at the party.

After the weekend, Mia’s behaviour at the party is still the talk of the school, necessitating Ms Lambert (her teacher and counsellor) to give her a pep talk. It reminds Mia of one of her past conversations with Dr Nell when she thought she was doing well and could return home.

However, Dr Nell asked her to experiment and proved she was not there yet. This caused Mia to have a meltdown, denying the reality of her process. Back to the conversation with Ms Lambert, it doesn’t help Mia overcome the embarrassment at the party, but Theo’s request to hang out helps. Mia thinks Theo is asking for a date and is ecstatic at the prospect of dating him.

Elsewhere, Becca and Cam continue to hook up and hide their relationship from Mia. Mia disrupts them when she texts Cam and Becca to meet her. She wants their thoughts on the upcoming date with Theo. They think this is a good idea and will help her complete the things on her list, which include kissing, dating and sex.

With that in her mind, Mia struggles to choose how to dress and what to say. Her clothes merely fit, or she hates them. So, she goes to the mall and stumbles upon Alison, who helps her pick a perfect dress for the occasion.

Mia’s pessimistic nature, fear of mirrors, and lack of confidence make her anxious and leave the store. In her kind nature, Alison follows Mia and hands her a bag with a new dress. Mia also learns that Alison knows about her anorexia journey and encourages her to stay positive. To express gratitude, Mia proposes to take Alison on a coffee date, which she politely declines. 

In the meantime, Becca and Will meet to discuss their respective relationships. Becca is hesitant about her feelings for Cam. She thinks he is not ready for more. Will advises her to try and live a little, take risks or at least separate sex and love like he does. Will seems content with his boss and raves about the great sex they are having.

Vivian learns about the date after overhearing Will’s call to Mia. She curiously asks who the lucky man is and is pleased to hear it is Theo. She later gives Mia a sex talk, which makes our teen girl feel awkward. Undeniably, Mia doesn’t have  a tight bond with her mother. Mia’s father encourages her to try new things without fear, which boosts her confidence. Mia meets Theo at the pub and exchanges small talk that makes Mia feel disquiet. 

Mia had high hopes that Theo would feel the same way towards her. But it seems it’s another thing she’ll have to overcome. When Theo visits the restroom, Mia requests the bartender to give her a Diet Coke instead of the alcoholic drink on the table.

Just then, Theo’s friends join, bursting Mia’s delusion about Theo feeling attracted to her. Seeing Alison among the gang, Mia leaves instantly. However, Alison follows where she vents about Theo making her feel foolish. 

After the embarrassment, Mia decides to join her friends at a Karaoke club, where she meets Carli. Carli’s ability to jumble into Mia’s ineptness makes our girl’s heart beat. They start talking, and Mia notes she feels comfortable around Carli but hesitates to say more about herself.

Carli says Mia is funny and not what she expected. Mia wonders if that is a good thing, but the others arrive, and their conversation is interrupted. Surprisingly, Carli is Will’s friend and colleague.

At the end of episode 2, Will and Carli perform at Karaoke while Mia watches the duo, and she can’t help falling in love with Carli. Talk about a girl crush hitting you hard; Carli has the voice of an angel, and we couldn’t help but crush her, too!

The Episode Review

This episode shed more light on what Mia went through at rehab. She struggled and wanted to be discharged even when she was not ready. The scene of her going shopping and narrating what anorexia is like was thought-provoking. This series steps away from the cliche that it is all about beauty and trying to fit into a dress size when it comes to anorexia. This is quite honestly a refreshing take with no glamorization about the illness.

It will be interesting to see how Carli and Mia’s relationship progresses. There seems to be potential, and after that Theo misunderstanding, Mia can use a new love interest. Alison has also been so caring towards Mia; does she like her? 

We also have Cam and Becca. it is too early to see if we can root for them, and we are more concerned about when they will tell Mia about them. It sucks that Mia is the only one who doesn’t know about them. She might feel betrayed.

On the other hand, Viv is trying her best to be a good mom, but there is still some awkwardness between her and Mia.  Let us see if they can resolve their issue in the next chapter.

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