Everything I Know About Love Season 1 Review- Friendship, love and all things in between

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Episode 1 -| Review Score – 2/5
Episode 2 -| Review Score – 3/5
Episode 3 -| Review Score – 3/5
Episode 4 -| Review Score – 3.5/5
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Episode 6 -| Review Score – 3/5
Episode 7 -| Review Score – 2.5/5


Everything I Know About Love is a chaotic ode to friendship and the lessons we learn in our 20’s. Oh, to be young, wild, and free and have the justification of youth for every bad decision made! It is a tad bit predictable at times but this is still a good watch. Most young people can certainly relate to the characters. The messy and frivolous storyline is ultimately the charm of this show.

Everything I Know About Love is an adaptation of Dolly Alderton’s best-selling memoir, loosely based on her 20’s, and centers on four friends who are living together for the first time in London. They are young women ready for everything London has to offer. Two of the girls – Maggie and Birdy – are childhood friends and have a close bond. They meet Amara and Nell at University and became close-knit friends

Maggie is a 24 year old and aspires to be a writer. She is romantic at heart and especially close to Birdy.  She is impulsive and has trouble reflecting on the consequences of her actions. She is the life of the party and always up for a good time. 

Birdy is sensible, reliable, and Maggie’s best friend. She is reserved, and at the start of the show living vicariously through Maggie. This is until she meets Nathan, who helps her gain more confidence in herself. However, her new relationship brews trouble with her friendship to Maggie.

Meanwhile, Amara is a fun, intelligent young woman who has no desire to find love until she is in her 30’s. She plans to use these roaring 20’s to pursue her dreams and build her career. She majored in dance but currently has a corporate job that she doesn’t like. Of course, she has no choice if she wants to pay the bills!

Finally we come to Nell, a young teacher and the only one in a serious long-term relationship. She has been dating Neil for six years but is currently having doubts about their relationship. Out of the four girls, she is more grounded. 

The show is rather slow-paced with a few comedic scenes sprinkled in here and there. The lives of these four friends make for numerous cliched scenes filled with booze, parties, lousy men, and heartbreak. Maggie seems to be getting the brunt of it and having the hardest time with the reality check that is adulting. Her continuous inability to think before acting makes her incredibly self-centered. 

Everything I Know About Love is not exactly centered on the girls’ relationship with their romantic partners though. The real love story in this show stems from the long-standing friendship between Maggie and Birdy. These two have practically grown-up together and have shared most life-changing moments. 

This is until Maggie introduces Birdy to Nathan and he begins dating her. As the relationship between Nathan and Birdy deepens, Maggie feels neglected by her best friend. It is certainly relatable; we have all been swept away by the sweetness of a relationship in its early days. I am not sure why Birdy is into Nathan though, as he comes off as boring and pretty much a stickler for schedules. He is not the kind of guy who you would associate with fun but hey, to each their own!

On the other hand, Maggie is having a casual relationship with Street. He is the epitome of a walking red flag and it is a wonder how Maggie manages to overlook this. He is not only pretentious but he barely listens to any of Maggie’s opinions. He is the kind of man mothers warn their children about. I mean the things we overlook just because a man is sexy!

The show’s main focus is on Maggie and in many ways, the writers missed a trick by not building up the other 3 main characters. These guys had way more potential and their depth should have been explored further without necessarily overshadowing Maggie.

I love that the show is sex-positive and unapologetically broaches subject of sexual liberation for young women in their 20’s. Characters like Amara and Maggie are not afraid to say what they need in bed. It is great to see they are not shunned by their partners either. This is a breath of fresh air and it is about time female characters on TV freely explore their sexuality!

All in all, this show is good enough to binge-watch if you are looking for a light drama that is based on friendship and youthful experiences. It is not something that will leave you at the edge of your seat, but certainly something to enjoy on a lazy day as you sip wine with the girls!

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  • Verdict - 4/10

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