Everything I Know About Love – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 7 of Everything I Know About Love starts with Maggie crying in the shower. It’s understandable though, given she had a huge falling out with Birdy. The situation at work is not helping the situation as she has to manage tantrums of the reality stars in her show. They are currently shooting in New York and Maggie decides to stay back for a while after they wrapped up.

She calls Birdy and tells her about the extension of her trip and that she won’t be seeing her off as she moves out. Birdy says it is okay but the phone call turns awkward due to the silent tension between them. 

Later, she gets a phone call from Nell and Amara who catch her up on the latest happenings in the house. They also feel frustrated by Birdy spending less time with them and always talking about Nathan. They are curious about what Maggie is doing in New York and who she is hanging out with. Amara suggests she tries a dating app to make new friends.

Maggie’s stay in New York is not what she hoped it would be. She’s lost her passport, broke her phone and her date has gone horribly wrong. She meets Patrick on the subway who helps her as she is having trouble paying for a Metrocard. They hit it off and he takes her to visit some of New York’s tourist attractions. They later head to his place where they have dinner and seem to enjoy each other’s company.

The next morning, he offers to host her as she sorts her passport issue. They get closer and open up to each other. Maggie tells him about Birdy and the heartache of their fallout. Maggie considered Birdy more than just a friend. She was her haven and her close confidant; someone who saw the beauty in her compared to the world who only saw her as a problem.

Patrick listens to her and seems to understand how she feels. He later confesses that he is falling for her. Well, that was fast! 

The next morning, Maggie is getting ready to leave and Patrick tries to convince her to stay. Maggie politely declines the offer but says she will call him when she gets home.

How does Everything I Know About Love season 1 end?

At the airport, her mom picks her up and she is excited to hear about the adventures Maggie got up to in New York. She tells her mom about Patrick and her mom is a bit shocked by the fact that Patrick confessed so quickly. On the way home, her mom tells her she thinks that Maggie might be looking for an extraordinary love but she wants to be loved in a plain, quiet way like the way Birdie loves her.

After getting home, Maggie goes to Birdy’s empty room and silently sits in the corner fighting tears.

The Episode Review

Maggie’s trip to New York came at the right time as she needed to be away to think about her fall out with Birdy. It also allowed her to come to terms with everything that was said in their argument. I think it would have been more painful for her to see Birdy move out. 

Her sudden whirlwind romance with Patrick popped out of the blue but it gave her a distraction and helped her deal with the loneliness of being in a new country with no friends or family. 

The finale does feel rushed though and it’s a shame that the fall out was not addressed. It seems like the girls swept it under the rug and act like it is all fine between them. It’ a rather bland way to end things and lacks a gripping twist that will intrigue viewers to watch the next season.

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