Everything I Know About Love – Season 1 Episode 6 “Makeovers ”Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Everything I Know About Love begins with a 5-year flashback to when the girls are in university. Maggie and Birdy are getting ready to go to the pub. They are interrupted by Amara and Nell who inform her of a rumor circulating about Maggie. She is being slut-shamed in the student chat room.

Maggie is overwhelmed by the posts and says she feels like a mess. Birdy comforts her and says: “ You are a hurricane and a rainbow, you blow through a place living the most spectacular thing as you go.’’ Maggie feels glad that Birdy sees her differently from other people.

The next morning, after hearing Birdy describe her as exhausting, Maggie lies despondently in bed, doing personality quizzes on the internet and characters of a friend. Birdy comes to check up on her, she doesn’t realize that Maggie overheard her conversation. Birdy suggests they hang out later and Maggie agrees.

Meanwhile, Amara is visiting her family to celebrate her father’s birthday. Her mom is worried about her giving up her passion for dancing and being unhappy. Her mother asks her to think about what she will regret between choosing a job she hates because of its financial security or living her dream.

Maggie and Birdy enjoy their time together baking cookies and having makeovers. They are interrupted by Nell who rushes to her room to have phone sex with her boss. Seriously, what is she thinking? 

The next day at work, Maggie and her team are shooting the series finale and she makes a mistake that may get her fired. She is despaired and has a heated conversation with Kyle. They come down and go for a drink. Kyle opens up about why he decided to be on the Heirs & Grace show.

Amara finally decides on her future and quits her job to pursue dancing. She also decides to go on a date with Rege, a guy she had been casually having sex with. She is still waiting for a call about the results of her last callback and she is hopeful she will get it.

Back at the house, Amara informs the girls that she quit her job and they cheer her on. To celebrate, Amara’s good news: they drink and decide to play a drinking game called evil friends. This was certainly not a good idea. 

The game starts well and the girls are having fun, eating, and dancing around the house. As it continues, feelings get hurt and Nell loses her cool. In the heat of the moment, she confesses her phone sex with her married boss much to the shock of her friends. Birdy immediately calls her out for having an affair with her boss, and Amara asks her to chill out. She calls Birdy boring and judgmental.

Birdy says that she is not comfortable with Nell’s decision so she will move out and move in with Nathan. This is huge news to her friends and Amara expresses her disappointment. Birdy says this was a hard decision for her and Maggie says it was hard on her too.

Birdy, however, tells Maggie they can’t continue as they have before, they need to grow up and be their person. Maggie accuses her of becoming a version of Nathan and losing herself to be in the relationship.

This hurts Birdy and she says she doesn’t care, it is better than being a version of Maggie. She is tired of living under Maggie’s shadow. She asks Birdy whether she is moving out or ending their friendship.

The Episode Review

The culmination of the strain in the girls’ relationship was inevitable. I am more disappointed with Nell’s decision to be her boss’ mistress and Amara supporting her than anything else. I understand being a free spirit but at what cost? It is pitiable that their friendship has come to this. Let us see if they can still salvage it in the finale.

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