Everything I Know About Love – Season 1 Episode 5 “Unknown Jungles ” Recap & Review

Unknown Jungles

The opening scene in Episode 5 of Everything I Know About Love is set in the girl’s bathroom as they get ready in the morning. They are making plans for their first house party and everyone is excited about it.

Birdy is telling the girls about a party she went to with Nathan and the girls tease her for bringing up the new friends she has made in her relationship. Maggie wants to spend some time with Birdy, but she also wants to spend time with Nathan. This makes Maggie feel left out but chooses to keep it to herself.

Maggie’s work life is going well too. She’s hitting it off with her boss, and she even invites her to the house party, which she accepts. 

At home, Nell tells the girls that she is nervous as she plans on ending her six-year relationship with Neil. They are also happy about the fact that Amara got a callback and Maggie assumes that she will be quitting her job. Amara clarifies that she has no plans to quit though, and says that Maggie doesn’t understand. She is angry that Maggie doesn’t get or see the struggles she goes through

Nell and Neil’s breakup doesn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped. Neil doesn’t want to break up and feels ambushed by the decision. Meanwhile, Birdy gets employee of the month and uses the reward points to buy a platter. She plans to keep it to herself and Maggie doesn’t understand why they can’t use it in their first home.

At the house party, things are going great. People are having a good time except for Birdy who is stressing out about the mess. She is not happy that Maggie is using her platter and is anxious about people being in her room. Amara and Maggie ask her to calm down and have fun. 

Birdy says she doesn’t want to have fun at the party and feels like it is a waste. This prompts Amara to point out she doesn’t feel the same when she is spending time with Nathan and his friends. Birdy says that it is different and they will understand once they are in a proper relationship. Her remarks hurt Maggie, and she asks her to go and be with Nathan because it is clear she prefers to be with him. Birdy leaves the party.

Maggie goes out to buy more drinks but runs into some random boys in the street who she invites over. It turns out they are thieves and steal some of the girls’ stuff.

In the morning, Nell is livid that her work laptop is stolen and Maggie promises to fix it. He visits his landlord, who asks him to let them off the rent this month but he refuses. He gives them a week but they accidentally get high together.

While high, she calls an old hook-up partner and goes to Liverpool to hang out with him. After being sober the reality of her financial situation hits her. Her bank account is drained and she calls Birdy to borrow money for a train ticket. Birdy agrees to send her the funds but asks her to think about the consequences of her decisions.

The next scene cuts to a flashback of them being in school and Birdy is sad that her dad missed her concert and failed to pick her up for the weekend. Maggie dresses up as her dad to cheer her up and watches her performance. Birdy says she is the only person in the world who makes her feel better. 

Maggie finally arrives home and she walks in on Birdy and Nathan’s small dinner party with another couple. She meets Danny and Fran and they are curious about where she has been and why she is carrying a big inflatable dildo balloon. Maggie explains she is getting back from Liverpool and the balloon is a trinket for the living room. 

Birdy chooses to ignore her but Nathan calls her out for loving drama. He points out that although he wishes not to get involved with their business, Birdy was worried about her when she didn’t pick up her calls. Maggie doesn’t know how to respond so she goes to take a bath.

Afterwards, she heads downstairs and overhears Nathan talking about her. He doesn’t understand how Birdy has put up with her for 13 years.  Birdy responds, “Yeah, she is pretty exhausting.” 

The Episode Review

Understandably, the dynamics between Maggie and Birdy’s relationship have shifted with Nathan coming into the picture. However, I feel that Birdy is diving into the relationship with Nathan and neglecting her friendship with Maggie and the other girls.

Maggie keeps making the wrong decisions; she not only inconveniences herself but also her friends. She is impulsive and doesn’t learn from her previous mistakes. Yes, she can be exhausting but that was not the right time and place to discuss it. If Birdy felt that way she should have spoken directly to Maggie. What do you think, did Nathan have a right to bat in? Was it right for Birdy to discuss Maggie in such a manner?

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