Everything I Know About Love – Season 1 Episode 4 “Other Half ”Recap & Review

Other Half

Episode 4 of Everything I Know About Love begins with Maggie at work, where they’re shooting a new episode of the reality show. The lead asks her to get together to brainstorm about his role. Maggie points out that as she has told him before, a reality show doesn’t work like that. He ignores her opinion and says he will be in touch. 

Her day at work is not going well though. One of her workmates questions how she got the job given her age and insinuates that she got it through back-end methods. Her boss on the other hand is impressed by her work and advises her to get to know her co-workers but not to waste time trying to get everyone to like her. 

After her breakup with Street, Maggie is working on reinventing herself. Birdy got a job at her favorite company and Amara is going to dance workshops, trying to reconnect with her love for dancing. She confides to her dance instructor that she stopped dancing because she kept being discriminated against for her body as a Black woman. Her instructor understands as he is Black and she encourages her not to give up.

Birdy comes back from Nathan’s place and tells Maggie that she can still spy on Street for her but Maggie declines. She announces that she is going to practice celibacy and no longer cares about Street. Moving forward she plans to be making better choices in her life. She invites the girls to the launch party of season 3 of the show she is working on. She asks them to be on their best behavior as she wants to be taken seriously at work.

Later, Maggie and Birdy talk, where Birdy suggests that they should allocate time for each other and sync their diaries every week. Maggie thinks that is a good idea and assures Birdy that they will figure it out.

At the launch party, everyone is having a great time but Maggie is worried and is working to make everything run smoothly. Nell is frustrated with Neil and vents to Maggie that he can’t seem to engage in a normal conversation. Amara is hitting it off with Kylie (the lead of Heirs & Graces, the show Maggie works on). Maggie is forced to take Amara home, she feels Amara has embarrassed her in front of her work colleagues. Amara is unfazed and says she fancies him and Maggie knows this.

Maggie goes to the gynecologist for a check-up. Her conversation with the doctor makes her rethink her decision to practice celibacy and she puts her profile on a dating app. Amara is also on the dating app and she shares her frustration with Maggie about having to deal with men who fetishize Black women.

Maggie gets her results from the gynecologist and she is clear of any STI. She’s in a good mood and the girls decide to go out. Maggie is excited that Birdy will be free and can party with them. They get ready and leave for a club. Nell texts her boss asking what he is up to. They have been getting along well and she is feeling frustrated with Neil. He, however, texts back that he is with his wife, and Nell is disappointed. Birdy receives a message from Nathan to come over and she leaves the girls. Nell also decides to leave claiming she is not feeling well.

Amara and Maggie continue to have a good time. Amara worries if Maggie is okay with the situation with Birdy. Maggie assures her that they are cool and that they will always come back to each other. They decide to leave the club and meet their respective matches on the dating app. This becomes their tool to meet and hook up with the people they fancy with no attachments.

The Episode Review

This episode gave us more insights into Amara and delved more into Nell and Neil’s relationship struggles. We are yet to see more of the intricacies of Nathan and Birdy’s relationship. 

I like that Amara and Birdy are liberated and are not afraid to go after their happiness. They are both not interested in finding love and that is okay. I hope Nell would open up to Neil about what is bothering her, and figure out whether she wants to be in the relationship or not. 

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