Everything I Know About Love – Season 1 Episode 3 “I Love You ” Recap & Review

I Love You 

Episode 3 of Everything I Know About Love begins with the girls hanging out with their respective men. It is while they are in bed that Nathan and Birdy confess their love for each other. The next night the girls are eating and Birdy reveals what happened during the special moment between her and Nathan. Maggie congratulates her and it is clear that she is not particularly excited to hear this.

Maggie’s new job is going well and she is getting the hang of it. Nell is feeling troubled about the intimate issues she is having with her boyfriend though. In the middle of this, Maggie realizes that Street doesn’t know much about her. After telling him that she loves him, he bursts out laughing and asks her why she would even say that.

She runs off to the bathroom and calls Nell. Nell tells her that she doesn’t love Street, she’s just romanticizing the idea of their perfect relationship. She advises her to get over the embarrassment and stop making the same mistake in her relationships.

Maggie and Birdy meet up and she sees the charm bracelet Nathan got for Birdy. Maggie is surprised that Birdy didn’t show it to her and Birdy inquires if she has to tell or show her a gift from her boyfriend. There is an awkward air around them and they fall silent. 

Birdy’s mom picks them up and she congratulates Maggie on her job. Maggie also tells her about Birdy’s new boyfriend and her mom is disappointed that she didn’t mention him before. Maggie is dropped at her parent’s home and they head to a charity event.

Whilst there, she meets one of her parents’ friends, Mike. He is a recovering addict and they decide to head to the bathroom and get high together. Mike is happy to share her drugs and nonchalantly says “ I love you,’’ leading to them kissing. Maggie is frustrated by her parents introducing her to people as a successful show producer. She flips out in the middle of the party but her parents couldn’t care less about her tantrum and they rush off to the dance floor.

Maggie is ignoring Street’s calls, she is disappointed that he didn’t say I love you back. The next morning Maggie has to face her parents after they learn that she gave Mike drugs knowing he is a recovering addict. Her mother tells her that she should stop blaming them for her life choices and take responsibility, she is no longer a kid.

In her childhood room, Maggie reminisces about her memories with Birdy while they were younger. She decides to call and apologize for telling Birdy’s mom about Nathan. She tells Birdy about Mike and the telling-off she got from her mom. Birdy agrees that Maggie’s mom did the right thing and asks what is going on with Maggie.

Maggie opens up that she is jealous of Birdy and she feels things have changed because they no longer do everything together. Birdy assures her that nothing will change and Maggie says she will try to be a better grown-up. Birdy has a heart-to-heart conversation with her mom about Nathan and her mom is hoping to meet him. 

After coming back from her parent’s house, Maggie visits Street and breaks up with him.  She points out that Street doesn’t care about her taste, thoughts, work, or friends. He has never even visited her house. Street doesn’t want to stop seeing her but Maggie simply nods and gets her stuff from his room and leaves.

The Episode Review

It is a good thing that the girls are reflecting on themselves and Maggie is learning there are consequences to her actions. The trip home was good for her, she realized that Street was not the man for her. It will be great to get more backstory on Amara and Nell but as we are only in episode 3, there is still time for that to be fleshed out more.

I liked that Maggie admitted she is struggling with Birdy finding love and being happy with Nathan. It is hard to share someone close to you with a new person. Nathan and Birdy’s relationship looks too picture-perfect right now, and I hope the series can explore the facets of their relationship as well. Let us see what the next chapter holds for Maggie after Street.

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