Everything I Know About Love – Season 1 Episode 2 “Love at First Sight” Recap & Review

Love at First Sight

Episode 2 of Everything I Know About Love starts with the girls learning a dance routine in their house when Nathan pays Birdy. Maggie seems to be having a hard time with the fact that Birdy is in a relationship. She chooses to stay in her room and fill out some job applications. Amara comes to check up on her and asks her to join them in the living room for dinner. Maggie declines and Amara hints that Nathan has been spending a lot of time in their home.

Maggie takes this chance to vent about how Birdy has been spending less time with them. Amara agrees and points out that Nathan is not vibing well with the other girls in the house. Maggie shows Amara her notepad where she has been keeping track of the things he keeps using. Amara retorts that although she doesn’t understand why they have been spending too much time together, ultimately it is none of their business.

Later on, Maggie joins them in the living room where they are talking about the three motivations for a career. Birdy informs Nathan that Maggie has a blog and asks him to check it out, which he promises to do.

The next morning, Amara is scared when she finds James (the landlord they didn’t know) in the middle of their sitting room. He is trying to pawn off a sofa to them and Nell is adamant they don’t want it. Their landlord is also a famous presenter of a show. 

Birdy has an interview and Maggie prepares her a sandwich and the girls wish her the best. With everyone gone to work, Maggie uses the time to fill out more job applications.  She gets a text from Street asking her where she is, she immediately gets ready and goes to meet him.

Maggie asks Street if it annoys him that Birdy spends a lot of time with Nathan in their house. Street says he hadn’t noticed and that it is not an issue to him as they stay in Nathan’s room. Street gives Maggie a mixtape because he wants her to listen to “real music.” This brings Maggie to ask him why he keeps sleeping with her if he thinks she is dumb. He answers that he fancies her in spite of her personality. 

On the other hand, Birdy’s interview didn’t go well and she is feeling bummed. Maggie offers to make her dinner and take her to the pub. Birdy turns down the offer and informs her that Nathan has plans to cook her dinner. Maggie is caught off guard by this and simply says okay. Birdy then invites her and Street to a double date with them. Maggie agrees and offers to help.

On the dinner date, Maggie discovers that Birdy showed her interview presentation to Nathan but not to her. Maggie suggests they open the “vault”, which is code for them to share their darkest thoughts. They are not allowed to mention what is in the “vault “ until it is opened again. 

Birdy doesn’t want to open the “vault” and explains it should only be opened among friends who have been together for a long time. Nathan disagrees and Maggie officially opens the “vault” and asks Nathan to go first. He confesses that he hates all art, while Birdy turns down her chance. Maggie takes her chance and reveals the thoughts Birdy had shared earlier in the “vault”  and Birdy refuses to own up to them.

After dinner, both couples head to their rooms where Street ruins the mood with his demeaning words toward Maggie. His demeanour reminds Maggie of the time they were in high school and her crush embarrassed her at a party in front of everyone.

The next day, Maggie and Birdy are sharing their thoughts on how they felt the dinner went. Maggie wants them to leave and meet up with Nell and Amara but she says she can’t make it; she has plans with Nathan. Maggie leaves and heads off to meet the other girls. Their landlord sent someone to check the damp wall in their house, which turns out to be an executive producer for a show the girls were watching. She asks Maggie to stop by her office for a chat.

The talk with the executive producer goes well and Maggie is asked to story produce an episode of her favorite show. Maggie is excited that she got a job and runs home to tell the girls. She finds Nell and Amara, who show her a present that arrived for Birdy from Nathan. It is a huge teddy bear and on it is a card that says,” Birdy, my best friend.”

Maggie has a flashback of her crying after her high school crush embarrassed her  Birdy comforting her. Birdy arrives and is excited to see the one-month anniversary present from Nathan. Maggie shares her good news and they decide to go out and celebrate.

The Episode Review

In this episode, we see more of the dynamic to Maggie and Birdy’s relationship. The flashbacks help us understand the reason they became co-dependent on each other. Maggie is not happy about Nathan and Birdy spending too much time together. She seems threatened that Nathan will take her place in Birdy’s life. On the other hand, Birdy is becoming more liberated and the relationship is giving her confidence. 

Maggie’s relationship with Street has some glaring issues that she refuses to acknowledge. Street is too comfortable in the way he talks to her and it is demeaning. At this point, it’s unclear why she chooses to continue seeing him.

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