Everything I Know About Love – Season 1 Episode 1 “Destiny ” Recap & Review


In episode 1 of Everything I Know about Love, we are introduced to Maggie. She is a 24-year-old romantic at heart and a believer in fate and destiny. The year is 2012 and she is in a rush to board a train.

She manages to get on board and orders a few drinks to enjoy her journey. To her utter surprise, her card is declined. This is when Street, a musician, steps up to rescue the damsel in distress and offers to pay her bill. They hit it off as they talk about their dreams, Maggie is aspiring to be a writer.

They drink and smoke while exchanging small talk until they arrive at their destination and get off. As they say their goodbyes, they kiss and agree not to exchange numbers and leave it to the hands of destiny. Sigh!

Two weeks later, Maggie is in her home that she shares with her best friends Birdy, Nell, and Amara. They are getting ready for their first ladies night in their London home. Nell inquires if she has heard from the guy on the train. Maggie still has hopes that they will run into each other with the help of fate.

They head to a club and are having a great time and Maggie runs into Street. This time they exchange numbers and he leaves for a prior engagement with his band. Maggie is convinced that it was destiny and they are fated to be. The next morning, Maggie receives a message from Street inviting her to his place to listen to some albums. 

At Street’s house, things are getting steamy between the two until they are interrupted by Nathan, who is Street’s roommate. Street is on a mission to find a girlfriend for Nathan, and Maggie is happy to introduce him to Birdy. She then leaves immediately after Street invites her to a party he is planning on the coming Friday. Her abrupt decision to call it a day leaves Street confused.

Back at home, Birdy, Nell and Amara are having a karaoke session as they wait for Maggie to come back from her date. Soon, Maggie arrives and happily shares the details of her date and says she is playing hard to get.

The next day, while Birdy and Maggie are at their work, Nathan messages Birdy inviting her for dinner. Maggie had forgotten to tell Birdy about Nathan. As Birdy prepares for her date she starts panicking, fortunately, Maggie manages to calm her down and help her. 

Maggie is left alone and at home and she decides to get ready and make an appearance at Street’s party. Before leaving she calls him up and he says she should worry about coming and that he is a bit tied up. He asks if she can stop by after everyone is gone. This is not what Maggie had in mind and she gets angry. She goes off at him and says she has no desire to be that kind of girl.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Birdy are having a great time on their date. A frustrated Maggie, calls Birdy and leaves a voicemail asking how her date is going and notifying her she is going out for drinks.

She comes back home and heads to check on Birdy, accidentally walking in on her and Nathan having sex. She hurriedly decides to run over to Street’s house and as he opens the door, she kisses him. 

The Episode Review

This is the first episode and we are getting to learn more about each character. So far, Maggie and Birdy seem to have a co-dependent relationship. The four girls are enjoying their youth and are living it up in London. 

For someone like Maggie, who seems to be a die-hard romantic, she seems to be confused about what she wants. Hopefully, we will get to see her live her fairytale as the show progresses. It is too early to say if this is just another show where young people are making bad decisions in the name of being young and independent. 

Next Episode

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