Everybody Loves Diamonds Season 1 Review – A stylish and enjoyable heist thriller

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A near-perfect plan
The Trojan horse
The dark side of the diamond
Thief of hearts
The appointment
Couples therapy
The long night
Everybody loves diamonds


Everybody loves a good heist. From the classic movie The Italian Job, over to the Netflix juggernaut La Casa De Papel (Money Heist), there’s an undeniably insatiable thirst for these sort of stories. And they certainly stand the test of time. The premise is relatively straightforward and each of these projects live or die based on their characters and style. Thankfully, Amazon Prime’s latest series has both in abundance.

The story is inspired by true events that occurred back in 2003. The World Diamond Center was broken into, becoming the world’s biggest heist, aptly titled the Antwerp diamond heist. This international project takes inspiration from that incident, breaking up the story across 8 episodes that retell the heist and what happened after.

Of course, creative liberties have been taken here, and the style is likely to be hit or miss for some people. The first episode jumps right into introducing the crew for the heist and basic bits of planning. There’s alarm specialist Ghigo, lockpicking queen Sandra, hacker Alberto and Leo himself fronting this operation. Together, this group take off with more than a billion dollars’ worth of diamonds. But how did they do it? And why?

Enter: Inspector Mertens. This grizzled detective is on the case to figure this out, and as the episodes progress, he slowly gets closer to figuring out the truth. In doing so, he soon learns that there’s more to this heist than first meets the eye.

From episode 2 onwards, the format of the show changes, with emphasis on the days and months leading up to the heist. There are a lot of flashbacks here and the middle portion of the show does sag a little under the weight of all these recaps. However, the present day drama is helped considerably by a new character, John Lovegrove, who serves as a deliciously camp lawyer who tries to broker a deal with Leo.

To give much more about the story away would be a disservice to this drama but there’s enough here to keep you watching, even during the slower chapters. There’s a pretty stylish hand given to this one too, with fourth-wall breaking, plenty of sharp edits and some slick split-screen shots during the first episode.

It is worth noting that the show uses less of these stylish tricks as it goes on, with a more simple method of jumping back and forth between the past and present. 

The characters themselves are well developed though, and the series takes its time to introduce each of these guys and girls, following their lives and motivations for being part of the heist. When it’s hinted that one among them may have betrayed the group, there’s a lovely current of distrust and paranoia that helps to heighten the tension.

Having said that though, it’s hard not to think this show would have worked better with a few episodes less. There’s a fair amount of filler here, and the detail of showing what happened before the heist (given we already know it’s a success given episode 1) does slow the pace down considerably.

However, the characters are fleshed out nicely, there’s lots of drama and the final episode throws a few lovely twists in that help elevate this one. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely a fun watch.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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