Everybody Loves Diamonds – Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Everybody loves diamonds

Episode 8 of Everybody Loves Diamonds begins this finale with Leo back in his cell, contemplating his next move and all the steps that have led up to this big heist. He pays off one of the inmates to get a phone, and he rings Alberto, who overhears Sandra and Ghigo en-route to Antwerp with Anna and the diamonds.

Alberto is in trouble with his partner Massimo, who obviously doesn’t know about the heist. He believes that Alberto is having an affair, but the hacker does his best to quell his concerns as he packs up and prepares to leave.

What happens to Inspector Mertens?

Meanwhile, Inspector Mertens is in hot water after a recording of him badmouthing the Jains gets out. The Jain community is threatening to leave Antwerp completely, which would be a disaster for the town. The Judge demands he resign from his position and leave. If Mertens doesn’t do this voluntarily, they’ll kick him out in the worst possible way. To add salt to the wound, Simon abandons him as well, claiming that he’s not part of this life anymore.

Does Simon manage to get Leo out of prison?

Back in prison, Lovegrove returns with a warrant for Leo’s release. As he heads out, Lovegrove reminds Leo that he’s their property until they get the diamonds back. A bunch of inmates hold up Leo at the front door though, demanding 60k. Lovegrove is forced to hand over the funds, given their deal.

Outside the prison, Lovegrove brings Leo to Simon Van Der Velde, who’s now on their side. He’s Lovegrove’s client and they’ve been working together for a while now. Leo realizes he’s been playing Simon’s game all this time, putting the latter’s plan into action to get the diamonds.

When Leo tries to play Lovegrove back, the latter shows off a pen that happens to have been recording all their meetings. He threatens to go to the police with this, which forces Leo to concede and play ball. Apparently, the diamonds are in a place “he wouldn’t even imagine.”

Where are the diamonds?

We then cut back 10 days before the robbery. The group contemplate their next move and what to do with the diamonds. They eventually agree to put the diamonds back in the WDC, inside safety deposit box number 103 to be precise. That way, with a key to the box, they can bust in after time has passed and leave, with the authorities none the wiser over what’s happening.

Unopened safety boxes can’t be opened by anyone inside the center, and the disguise is put in place to sneak in undetected. Ghigo and Sandra decide to go ahead with this plan, with the former disguised as a man named Ezra Cohen. Anna tags along with them too.

Lovegrove, Leo and Simon find themselves cornered by “bigger fishes” who take off with Leo to McDowell’s big mansion. They’re the real owners of the diamonds and the self-confessed bad guys of this piece. Leo is tied up to an electric chair and tortured.

McDowell’s character (we don’t get a name here) even promises to make sure Anna remains unharmed in the transaction of getting the diamonds back. And he plays ball too, with Sandra, Ghigo and Anna brought in to McDowell’s mansion.

Where are the diamonds, really?

Just before Sandra opens the lockbox, Alberto shows up at the mansion. Hoever, the lockbox is opened and the diamonds are missing. The night of the job they left the diamonds in the box but Leo believes Sandra and Ghigo are the ones responsible. They’re the only ones who have access to it, and Leo manages to convince the big boss as much.

With Anna, Alberto and Leo allowed to go, Leo tries to talk to Anna in the street. She’s still torn up over his affair with Judith Dewitt… but there’s another twist in the tale. It turns out Leo actually took the diamonds for himself before they put the box in the center. He added an empty case to 103 and he put the diamonds in another box. Now all they need to do is break in and get it back.

Anna is convinced that Leo has done all of this with them in mind, and after paying off their debts they’ll have enough to live a life of luxury. Alberto was simply part of this tale of believability, hence why he was sent to Antwerp.

How does Everybody Loves Diamonds end?

Anna heads in to get the diamonds but Levi leaves alone. So where is Anna? It turns out she’s left her phone inside the vault and double-crossed Leo. She takes off with the gear, as Leo is left wide-eyed and shocked in the street.

Anna drives off to parts unknown, but her driver, in a lovely touch, happens to be the real-life Leonardo Notarbartolo playing a cameo role. As the credits roll, we learn that Leo lives near Turin and has never been back to Antwerp. 20 years later, and that loot is still missing.

The Episode Review

So Everybody Loves Diamonds comes to a conclusive ending, with a nice little twist with Anna and Leo. The heist has been played out for a while, and at times dragged on unnecessarily during the middle chapters, but in the end this show manages to pull it together for an enjoyable and exciting finale.

The fact that this loot is still missing, and unaccounted for, adds to the mystery of the story, while the individual characters all have decent arcs in the end. It’s hard not to feel bad for Mertens, who finds himself played from start to finish and eventually ends up disgraced and out of a job.

As for the other heist members, there’s a good conclusion for them all, and we’re led to believe that Ghigo and Sandra are still alive in parts unknown.

Ultimately, it’s Anna who has the last laugh in all this, and quite where the gear is now, remains a mystery that we will perhaps never solve.


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