Eve – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

So-Ra’s Wrath

Episode 8 of Eve starts with the police showing up to find So-Ra after the hit and run out in the street. She’s in big trouble, and when Yoon-Kyum finds out he’s shocked too.

In fact, he immediately sets to work blocking this story and doing everything he can to bury this. However, the news have already got hold of this. “Ra-El, I underestimated you.” Moon-hee says to herself. As for Eun-Pyeong, he too realizes that Ra-El is responsible for setting this up.

In private, So-Ra and Yoon-kyum meet, with the former claiming she was drinking. Yoon-Kyum lies through his teeth, claiming he doesn’t have another woman. His eyes let him down though, which is something So-Ra immediately picks up on.

So-Ra is dead-set on finding out just who he’s sleeping with. In order to do that, she plays Ra-El at her own game, allowing the police to investigate the hit and run… but only if So-Ra’s name is kept out of this and her pictures are obscured.

So-Ra shows up at the station and claims that her car was stolen, hence why she chased after the bodyguard. She decides to oust the bodyguard too, which Yoon-Kyum learns about and decides to try and get ahead of the game. He wants to send her abroad.

Unfortunately, things don’t go to plan as So-Ra gets to her first. She’s beaten down to the ground and eventually, when her phone is taken, she rings “VIP”, which happens to be Ra-El.

Ra-El organizes a meet when she finds out So-Ra is in control, obscuring her identity and deciding they should meet at 12pm the following day. However, this comes right in the middle of Da-Bi’s birthday, which is a deliberate act from Ra-El to leave her conflicted.

Ra-El arrives at Da-Bi’s birthday celebrations, wearing Yoon-Kym’s necklace and and wearing expensive clothes. She immediately approaches So-Ra and proudly proclaims that the “VIP” has arrived bang on 12pm… outing herself. She immediately tells So-Ra to let the bodyguard go, proudly proclaiming that the first day of their affair was on her birthday.

“I’m gunna kill you and make you beg for death,” So-Ra promises after the party. As for Ra-El, she plays So-Ra at her own game and taunts the woman.

Ra-El does eventually leave, while Yoon-Kyum drives Ra-El back home. In fact, Yoon-Kyum takes the blame for everything and tells So-Ra to take her anger out on him rather than her. Despite apologizing, So-Ra has had enough and decides to go stay with her father.

Just before dropping her off, Yoon-Kyum promises retribution if she tells Han everything, and demands So-Ra return home after one night.

Ra-El speaks to Jin-Wook about the secret he’s keeping. Specifically, about work. It turns out Vice President Kim Yi-Sak is the real villain, and he sold LY off to Jpex. Jin-Wook was just an entry-level worker back then and not directly involved in this transaction. However, Ra-El actually records the whole incident.

She also saves the bodyguard too, getting Eun-Pyeong involved and managing to raid the warehouse and save their life. She’s currently recovering in hosptal. Thankfully it’s not as serious as it could have been, which Ra-El is thankful to Eun-Pyeong for.

When the bodyguard regains consciousness, Ra-El quizzes where the party is being located. As a result, she sends over Piazzolla’s Bandoneon, all wrapped up for him.

She also shows up in person too, where Yoon-kyum pleads with her not to say their affair is over. Yoon-Kyum wants to fight for her and stay together, deciding that she and Jin-Wook should get a divorce.

At the same time, Han stops So-Ra by the side of the road and begins pounding on her window.

The Episode Review

So the truth about Ra-El and Yoon-Kyum’s affair is finally out and it looks set to cause chaos across the entire spectrum of our characters.

It also seems like Ra-El and Yoon-Kyum are starting to grow genuinely close together, especially if Ra-El’s little moments of jealousy are anything to go by.

It’s clear that So-Ra is going to get her revenge and the preview for next week looks to be quite the juicy endeavour indeed.

The only part of this show that doesn’t quite add up is the whole dance studio drama with the men trying to sleep with Dam-Ri and Ji-Hee. This story just doesn’t gel with the rest of the show, although we haven’t seen the end result yet, so I guess that could change.

Eve has been an enjoyable thriller all the same and ending definitely hints that next week’s follow-up is going to be quite the dramatic endeavour.

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