Eve – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Igniting The Flames of Revenge

Episode 6 of Eve starts with So-Ra shocked that Yoon-Kyum hasn’t contacted her all night. It’s 5am and she lashes out at the hired help for their inability to get through to him. In fact, she begins slapping them around too.

In the morning, Yoon-Kyum is awoken by Ra-El, who encourages him to get him. Before he goes, Kang hands over an expensive necklace and a burner for them to contact one another. When he leaves, Yoon-kyum heads home and faces the wrath of So-Ra. He tells all the hired help to go home and confronts his partner. He’s sick and tired of her and calls out the GPS on his car too.

Having had enough, Yoon-kyum decides they should sleep in separate rooms. Ra-El happens to be listening to all of this outside, given she put a bug on the chairman’s phone that night while he was asleep. Of course, she also has a bug planted under Han’s coffee table too, as they discuss members joining the Zeus Project. They’re very meticulous over who they choose to join them, and given Ra-El knows about the slush fund, it’s all coming together nicely.

Ra-El agrees to take So-Ra’s child home but in doing so, finds So-Ra angry, battering the walls as she refuses to let her husband sleep in a different room. She even forces Da-Bi to ring Yoon-Kyum. As the little girl begins crying, Ra-El shepherds her out the room.

Meanwhile, Kang’s closest chairman and driver decides to hand in his letter of resignation. Yoon-Kyum though has an alternate idea and decides he can use him. However, this is interrupted by Ra-El ringing – as Bo-Ram’s mum – and tells him to head home. Once there, So-Ra smashes a plate on the floor and almost hits their daughter. Spontaneously, Yoon-kyum tries to protect Ra-El first but she shakes her head and he stops. Ra-El ends up with a cut across her cheek.

Ra-El helps put So-Ra to sleep, spiking her drink to make sure she drifts off quickly. As for Ra-El, she doubles down on incriminating Han Pan-Ro for all the awful things he’s done. Ra-El approaches Moon-Hee that night with a whole stack of written evidence (transcribed from the audio recordings) of illegal mergers and acquisitions from Chairman Kang’s cellphone and the bug back at their house. She hastily wants the law firm to press charges, given how difficult it is to get in bed with her enemy.

Back home, Ra-El confronts her husband about what he may be hiding. It turns out his company, specializing in semiconductors, has been acting in a shady manner. When she finds out, Ra-El demands he get out.

After the birthday humiliation, Ra-E organizes for a belated birthday celebrations at the dance studio. They even have a cake and presents too. However, the humiliation continues. So-Ra has her associate blow out the candles and their present…happens to be a sex toy.

So-Ra shows her ruthlessness that night, as she brings in two guys and has them compete over sleeping with Eun Dam-Ri. Ra-El is shocked but here he learns that So-Ra has “always caused trouble but her father cleans up the aftermath.” This gives Ra-El more incentive than before to get revenge, and even learns that So-Ra could have had a hand in her mother’s disappearance too. (Okay, ignore what I said at the end of the last episode review, So-Ra absolutely deserves this!)

Eun-Pyeong meets with Ra-El that night and the pair discuss So-Ra’s claims. She’s worried that So-Ra could be more involved than she thought. When Eun-Pyeong admits that before Ra-El’s mother went missing, she left and claimed she was going to meet relatives, it only compounds her worries. It would seem that LY Group are responsible for what happened to her.

At work, Eun-Pyeong agrees to meet Han. Before he does, Yoon-kyum is brought in before the same guy. Han is livid and after the events involving the shopping mall acquisition, and as a result Yoon-Kyum is forced to sign a document giving up his inheritance rights. Ji-Gyeon is going to be the true successor and even worse, they intend to tell So-Ra all about his past, including his “lowly status.”

At the Liyan Kindergarten Autumn Recital, Han meets Ra-El for the first time before her big performance. While he laughs alongside Jang-Cheol and So-Ra, Ra-El struggles to hold it together given the hurt that LY Group have inflicted.

Still, the big dance number goes ahead with So-Ra and Ra-El dancing together. However, there are clear tensions between the two as we see from a montage. When the dance ends, Ra-El leaves and runs into Yoon-Kyum who happens to sport a nasty red mark on his cheek. He’s livid and he talks to Ra-El about bypassing the chain of command and ruling LY Group as the King himself. It’s quite the scoop, and Ra-El promises to walk alongside him and stay by Yoon-kyum’s side while he tries to do this.

In private, Ra-El speaks to So-Ra and broaches the idea, using her “fifth sense”, and claiming her husband may be seeing someone else.

The Episode Review

Okay so ignore what I said before about So-Ra, she’s just as much a crook as the rest of LY Group. There’s certainly more incentive now than ever before to topple this house of cards and it’s clear that Ra-El is just starting to see how rotten this group are to the very core.

This episode essentially turns the tables against So-Ra, who seemed a bit like the victim last episode. Not so much now! It’s clear that So-Ra is involved just as much as Han and Jung-Cheol, giving Ra-El extra fire to take them all down in a blaze of glory.

After a rather slow chapter, this one fires on all cylinders again, delivering a well written and enthralling revenge thriller that’s just starting to heat up. Quite what will happen next is anyone’s guess but one thing’s for sure – this conflict is far from over.

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