Eve – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Twin Flames

Episode 4 of Eve starts with La-El liaising with her “mother” Jang Moon-Hee once more. They discuss the hierarchical way LY Group operate, with specific emphasis on how Yoon-Kyum’s future is still very tenuous. We also learn that Yoon-Kyum’s mother has been hospitalized for the last seven years following a stroke.

La-El continues to work with So-Ra, and part of that comes from recruiting Congressman Eun-Pyeong to her cause. As for So-Ra, she attends a memorial service with the rest of the family. There, she’s called out for not having a child yet, with her in-laws berating her and taking digs at her age (45 in Korean years apparently!)

This helps give La-El an edge, especially when she learns how insecure So-Ra actually is. So-Ra confides in La-El, pointing out how deeply unhappy she is with Yoon-Kyum not bothering to touch her, despite their relationship “getting better” recently.

So-Ra’s visit to the OB/GYN clinic, the numerous facials and everything else she’s doing appear to be a direct result of trying to win over Yo-Han’s interest. La-El suggests that she try dancing with him – the tango no less!

La-El uses this to her advantage and manages to get an “in” to the chairman’s house. Whilst there, La-El sneaks some alone time with Yoon-Kyum where the pair kiss. He soon pulls away, uttering “this is crazy, we’re at my house.” When he walks away, Yoon-Kyum promises La-El that he’ll find out exactly what her game is and what she wants from him.

For now, So-Ra sings La-El’s praises to her family when Assemblyman Seo agrees to come and speak at school the next day. Given we know he has an investment in La-El’s story, this gives him an excuse to get close to her.

Outside, we learn that Eun-Pyeong was an orphan, and was able to take the bar exam thanks to his guardian. That guardian? None other than La-El’s father. This explains why he’s so adamant in working with La-El, and his personal stake in this revenge mission. He even hands over a file full of details on Yoon-Kyum too. The juiciest of which confirms that Yoon-Kyum was born out of wedlock.

La-El continues with her mission though, playing games with Da-Mi at the house while they’re alone together. She frantically searches through Kang’s office, where she surprisingly finds a book on tango dancing. Inside happen to be numerous newspaper clippings of the past too.

However, the actual button and code to get in happens to be on an adjacent bookshelf. Da-Bi excitedly comes bouncing in and opens up the room, boasting that she has the code. Inside the room happen to be numerous slush fund ledgers, as well as stacks and stacks of cash.

When Yoon-Kyum returns home, it’s touch and go as La-El scrambles to shut the doors and remain undetected. The doors shut just as Yoon-Kyum enters the room. Unfortunately, poor Da-Bi ends up wetting herself in fear and as a result, La-El is told to leave the house.

La-El immediately heads off to see Eun-Pyeong, who urges her to let him in. He wants to help in her endeavour and encourages La-El to lean on him when the time comes. La-El is in deep, and for now she’s playing with fire. Can she handle the heat?

When Yoon-Kyum shows up at La Boca, the tango club she’s performing at that night, Yoon-Kyum warns that if she follows through with this, she could end up just like the housekeeper who was run over by Han. “I won’t run,” La-El says, as the pair start kissing.

One of the recurring parts of this episode stems from the story of Piazzolla’s bandoneoun. We saw some of this at the end of the last episode in the store but here, during the epilogue, it’s given more context.

Phoning her contact Maria and speaking in Spanish, she confirms that there’s another Korean who knows about this story. After she went home, a man came that reminded Maria of La-El and he too has shut off his wounded heart from the world.

Yoon-Kyum’s biological mother actually died too and he’s been burdened by this ever since. It turns out they crossed paths with one another 8 years back in Buenos Aires, which would seem to hint that all of this is fate. “Twin flames will find a way to meet again.”

The Episode Review

La-El is in deep now and it’s clear from the end that things are going to heat up in the coming weeks. Not only that but it would appear that Yoon-Kyum and La-El have more history than we initially thought, too.

Interestingly, this could actually reframe what we saw at the start of the first episode. Maybe it wasn’t La-El who leaked the affair after all? I mean if the pair start growing closer and get invested in a romance, it could well be that there’s someone else pulling the strings and intending to take them down. That’s just speculation at this point though.

We do learn more of Eun-Pyeong and how he slots into this conflict though. He could well prove to be a valuable asset going forward, as we also see La-El make it into Chairman Kang’s office, with the numerous ledgers and all those stacks of cash to boot. This could be enough to take him down but again, I think we’re going to see La-El conflicted in what she’s going to do, especially as she starts to learn more about Yoon-Kyum’s trauma in the past.

The ending leaves everything wide open for next week’s follow-up though, which promises to be quite the intriguing double-bill.

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