Eve – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

Blistering Pace

Episode 14 of Eve starts with Yoon-Kyum contemplating how long Ra-El has been planning all this. She refuses to speak and after pushing Yoon-kyum, and telling him Eun-Pyeong doesn’t know about her secret room, Ra-El runs away.

Yoon-Kyum gives chase but he falls over and bashes his head. Ra-El doesn’t leave right away, instead staying by his side, ringing the hired help and asking them to come and pick him up.

Meanwhile, Chairman Han and Jung-Cheol appear and  demand answers from a beaten and bloodied Moon-hee. They want to know who planted the bugs in their house. She refuses to speak.

So-Ra breaks in and tries to take Moon-hee away that night, but her father notices and demands she explain herself. When Moon-hee stands up and tries to walk away, Chairman Han kills her, leaving the woman in a pool of her own blood. So-Ra is shocked, given blood is spattered over her.

Police show up alongside Eun-Pyeong though, throwing a spanner in the works. Han organizes traffic, covering up Moon-hee’s death as Eun-Pyeong tries to find Moon-hee. Although she’s dead, Han turns his rage against his own daughter instead, locking So-Ra inside the cell Moon-hee was in.

Moon-Hee’s body is found down by the shore, with nasty injuries all over. Ra-El appears at the coroner’s and comments how cold her “mother’s” hands are.

Overcome with shock and grief, she heads back to her hideout with Eun-Pyeong. It turns out that So-Ra had a bug on her and as a result, Ra-El hears everything that transpired leading up to Moon-Hee’s death. She also hears Chairman Han mention how they imprisoned Ra-El’s mother and had her killed. Just like Moon-Hee, they also dumped her body, which was never found thanks to a typhoon that covered everything up.

Ra-El sees off Moon-hee at her funeral, and doubles down on her revenge as a result. Yoon-Kyum shows up but this time, Ra-El is bitterly angry and tells him about the Gediks contract and how she’s going to make sure he and the others involved will pay for their actions.

As we soon learn, it turns out So-Ra was the one behind everything and Yoon-Kyum was just a pawn in this game, kept in the dark about everything. When Yoon-kyum confronts So-Ra about this, she drops to her knees and pleads for forgiveness.

Meanwhile, the law suit Moon-hee was preparing ends up falling to Ra-El. She decides to step up personally and take down Han and the others. She gives press conferences and even charges her car right at Jung-Cheol. She is not in a sane mind and Moon-hee’s death has been the last straw.

Given what she went through in the past, Ra-El runs over Jung-Cheol’s leg and stamps down on him, throwing her business card and encouraging him to meet in private.

If that wasn’t enough, Eun-Pyeong gives a press statement about the horrors of LY group to the public, and even offers a favorable deal to anyone who acts as a whistleblower.

When he returns to Ra-El, she leaves the room after speaking to Yoon-Kyum, promising to make him ad the others pay. She drops their relationship ring and then snatches up a piece of broken vase, intending to kill So-Ra.

When she heads downstairs, noticing So-Ra and Yoon-kyum together, she overhears the latter admit that he just wants to be a good person for Ra-El. It shakes her and as she contemplates what to do, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

So Ra-El goes completely off the rails this episode, as she doubles down on taking out Chairman Han and the others. It’s almost like the writers decided to blast through everything at record time this episode. After how slow and methodical this whole revenge plan has been, we see everything conclude into chaos as Ra-El goes on the warpath and the plan to take down LY Group is sped up.

This sudden change in pacing whiplashes us through angry Ra-El’s mission to take down Han’s group as quickly as possible, although Yoon-Kyum’s involvement here is still a point of contention going forward.

Either way though, Eve leaves the door wide open for next week, with plenty of drama still to come.

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