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The Open Door

Episode 13 of Eve picks up with So-Ra dropping that bombshell about Ra-El. Despite Yoon-Kyum and Ra-El telling her to leave, So-Ra drops some ink into a cup of water and tells her husband that his new relationship will end like this; a drop of inky black suspicion that contaminates everything.

When So-Ra leaves, she confidently tells her father-in-law that she and Yoon-Kyum won’t be divorcing after all. As So-Ra continues to scheme, Ra-El tries to explain herself to Yoon-Kyum. Whether he actually believes her additional lies or not though, remains to be seen.

Ra-El sets to work grabbing then original Gediks contract, whilst simultaneously deciding to rally the audit team to sweep across LY Group, systemically taking down those involved in corruption.

Eun-Pyeong discharges himself from hospital, leaving in just enough time to notice Yoon-Kyum, who has been following Ra-El all day.

Eun-Pyeong rings him and decides to meet, partly to save Ra-El but also to tell him what’s happening behind the scenes. He brings up the attack and furthermore, the schemers around Chairman Han that intend to strike when the iron is hot. But are they intending to use Yoon-Kyum as a scapegoat? Eun-Pyeong certainly thinks so.

Ra-El arrives to see So-Ra, demanding to know where Moon-Hee is. She also brings up Dr Jeong – the guy So-Ra has been sleeping with behind Yoon-kyum’s back – and uses that as leverage. She wants Moon-Hee retuned without her being hurt and So-Ra reluctantly concedes to her will.

Yoon-Kyum entrusts Ra-El with entering the vault and bringing him a box bedecked with a ribbon. He’s changed the secret code, hence why Ra-El has been unable to break in just prior to this. However, what Ra-El doesn’t realize is that Yoon-Kyum has been watching all of this unfold on his computer.

Naturally, Ra-El takes the bloodied files she tried to take before, and what Yoon-kyum has been asking for, and prepares t0 visit him.

With the box in hand, Ra-El is tasked with fronting Yoon-kyum at his office. Yoon-Kyum wants to explain to the kids about his divorce and, in the process, both of them living together freely.

To show how much he believes in this, Yoon-Kyum even offers to transfer shares to her as well. Given Ra-El has plans to leave him that very night, this kindness just causes her to break down into tears.

When Ra-El heads back to see Eun-Pyeong that night, the pair look over the Gediks Project and realize they have enough to take the chairman down. However, with Jeong-Cheol keeping Moon-Hee captive elsewhere and Chairman Han uncovering the recording devices, things don’t look good for Ra-El right now.

Yoon-Kyum continues to follow Ra-El though, determined to find out what she may be hiding. Unfortunately, he ends up finding her secret room, thanks to some bad writing (see: a door Ra-El carelessly leaves open) complete with all the cameras, documents and pictures up over the wall.

Yoon-Kyum is shocked and realizes exactly who Ra-El is and how long she’s been planning all this. As a result, he deduces that everything that’s led up to this point has been a premeditated attack from Ra-El – she’s been planning this all along and he’s fallen for it, hook, line and sinker.

Ra-El returns and Yoon-Kyum demands the truth, wanting to know exactly what she’s been up to. Instead, she’s silent as Yoon-kyum throws her into the shelves and hurts her. Instead of opening up and telling him the truth, she simply shuffles away to the other side of the room.

The Episode Review

Eve has been one of those shows that probably should have been 10 episodes at maximum. There is some good content in here but beyond the rivalry between Ra-El and So-Ra, the story has been dragged out. Even worse, given the show was supposed to be about Ra-El systemically working her way through LY Group to take out Chairman Han, there’s been very little development with him or his cronies.

Instead, we get this weird game where Ra-El can’t quite bring herself to be completely honest with Yoon-Kyum, despite promising him that she will, and teasing a forbidden romance angle.

The pair don’t really have a whole lot of chemistry together either, so you end up with these stilted and awkward scenes between the duo.

The “romance” with Eun-Pyeong is another point of contention that needed to be scrapped, seemingly coming out of nowhere with very little development.

Eve has been a mixed bag and although there are glimmers of brilliance here, they’ve been stamped out by an overwhelming amount of mediocrity. Hopefully the final few episodes can pick things back up, especially after how good episode 12 was.

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