Eve – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

So-Ra Learns The Truth

Episode 12 of Eve starts with Ra-El reflecting on her recurring nightmare she’s been suffering from for years. Within this, she faces her younger self, complete with bloody hands.

When Ra-El awakens, she finds herself in the church, asleep in Yoon-Kyum’s arms. Moon-Hee is watching over her. Yoon-Kyum gives them some space as Moon-hee admits she had no idea Ra-El was wrestling with her inner-feelings, trying hard not to fall in love with Yoon-Kyum. “You have to live your life.” She eventually says and walks away.

Meanwhile, So-Ra goes back on the offensive, spreading the news about Ra-El’s affair. She refuses to get divorced and instead, she’s going to stir things up. She rings Dam-Ri and offers for her to reveal all in an exclusive article. Not only that, but So-Ra also learns where Yoon-Kyum and Ra-El are located, given they’re just wandering up the beach together outside Seoul.

Yoon-Kyum speaks to Ra-El and suggests they just run away and leave everything behind. Ra-El laughs it off but Yoon-kyum knows there’s something she’s hiding from him. When he sees the cut across Ra-El’s arm, that only compounds his worries further.

Moon-Hee rings Eun-Pyeong and asks for his help in dealing with Ra-El. It turns out she actually attempted to commit suicide in the past after her parents’ death. She’s worried that Ra-El is unstable, and the cut up her arm could be indicative of her mental state deteriorating again.

So as a result, Moon-Hee suggests that he tell Ra-El to not return. Eun-Pyeong approaches Ra-El and suggests she give up her feelings for the chairman and go with him instead. Ra-El refuses.

Only, she and Eun-Pyeong are attacked by masked thugs. As one rushes at Ra-El with a knife, Eun-Pyeong steps in the way and takes the knife blow himself. As he lies on the floor bleeding out, So-Ra’s goons rush away. When So-Ra finds out, she’s concerned that his face could have been seen.

As a result of this attack, Ra-El is livid and decides that she needs to go on the offensive and fight. This is all-out war now.

A focused Ra-El shows up in Seoul alongside Yoon-Kyum. Ra-El is now going to be part of LY Group’s business, (the Strategic Planning department to be precise), taking her father’s semiconductor ideas to the next level, giving a big press conference before everyone.

In retaliation, lawyers confirm that So-Ra is going to file a lawsuit for 10 trillion won off the back of the divorce. Only… this isn’t her doing. It turns out her father has stepped up and decided to take matters into his own hands.

While they talk, Ra-El visits Eun-Pyeong in hospital, who’s healing up after the attack. Not only that, but he also tells Ra-El that he hopes she’s happy and finds peace.

Ra-El confirms to Dam-Ri and Ji-Hee about So-Ra’s game to make those two men sleep with them in order to gain leverage. This news also spreads online, as it seems that every move So-Ra makes, Ra-El is another step ahead. So much so that she eventually comes face to face with So-Ra over at her house.

As a result of this, So-Ra tries to fight for her relationship but Yoon-Kyum cannot be swayed. He decides to give her his assets too, but he won’t budge on the divorce given he’s now in love. In fact, a ring on his finger only solidifies that further. When So-Ra notices, she’s shocked.

So-Ra isn’t done yet though. After learning that Ra-El addressed Eun-Pyeong as “attorney”, she looks through Eun-Pyeong’s old case files and figures out how all of this connects together.  She learns about Moon-Hee and understands her connection to this whole ordeal.

Meanwhile, over at So-Ra’s place, Ra-El entertains the kids and decides to play a game of hide and seek with them. After opening up the secret room, she breaks in and starts snapping pictures of all the files.

Among those though is a bloodied file for her father’s Semiconductor business. This is the merger contract he was forced to sign and it’s completely covered in blood. Unfortunately, Yoon-kyum returns and notices her in the room, wondering just what she’s doing.

Ra-El tries to explain herself, claiming she was playing with the kids, but it’s clear Yoon-Kyum doesn’t trust her as much as he once did. Ra-El is startled and heads off to visit Eun-Pyeong, informing him that she was caught. Although she also messages Moon-hee, she doesn’t reply. Ra-El’s teacher is a little predisposed. It soon becomes clear why.

So-Ra has kidnaped Moon-hee and holds her up in the exact same room her family destroyed Ra-El and her father. Moon-hee is beaten to submission.

So-Ra is riding a wave of success now and she manages to figure out who Ra-El is, laughing in her face after discovering the truth. Not only that, but So-Ra decides to tell Yoon-Kyum too. She immediately sits down with her ex husband and tells him exactly who Ra-El is.

The Episode Review

Eve returns with a much-improved follow-up, one that manages to inject a good amount of pacing into the story, as well as doubling up on the makjang elements. The series has done a great job thus far with concealing Ra-El’s identity and keeping things as tense as possible but now, everything looks set to come undone for our protagonist.

It was only a matter of time before So-Ra learned the truth and seeing it delivered in such venomous fashion is likely to cause big trouble for Ra-El in the future. Will Yoon-Kyum stay by her side regardless of the truth?

As we approach the business end of this season, Eve is just starting to pick up steam and it’s great to see this episode actually go back to the elements that made this show so effective in the first place. If this is a sign of things to come, we could be in for quite the entertaining ride to the finale!

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