Eva Lasting – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Catcher in the Rye

Jose had warned Camilo that if he met with Eva, he could not come back. Even though he wasn’t being serious, Camilo takes it to be the next big plan of his fate. He decides to pack his bags, leave a letter for his parents, and run away with Eva. The plan came from Eva and one of her favourite books; The Catcher in the Rye, by JD Salinger. Jose and Ana find it weird Camilo left for school before having breakfast and saying goodbye to them.

In his room, they find the letter he penned for them last night. In it, he calls Jose’s “clarity” to be enough for him to make up his mind about running away. Ana is standing right next to Jose and confronts him about it.

What happens after Camilo runs away with Eva?

Jose goes to the school to talk to Camilo’s mates. He warns them to tell Camilo he should come back home straight away. That’s when they realise they have run away together. Ana goes to his friends and pleads for them to tell him she will always be there for Camilo no matter what. Eva has taken Camilo to a hideout of his father’s in the woods. They exchange all the stuff they have brought with them. When they do not find any food in the house and have no money, Eva decides to use the gun to rob the supermarket. Camilo is extremely uncomfortable with the idea but goes along with the craziness so as to not lose the love of his life.

But they get by without the gun and food will not be a problem for now. Eva throws away the gun into the pond when she realises how she was contradicting herself. At home, things are not going well. Jose is worried about Camilo and feels Eva is responsible for getting him into trouble every time. Ana suddenly mentions they need to talk about their marriage.

Since Camilo is not there anymore, what sense does it make for them to be together? They think differently and have different personalities. Jose blames Ana’s new job and all the strange stuff she started reading for what she is saying to him now. Will this marriage hold?

What do Camilo and Eva do when the police find them at the cabin?

Meanwhile, Camilo is having his first special night with Eva. What he doesn’t realise is that it was also going to be their last, since the police show up on the best morning. Somehow, Eva and Camilo manage to escape and go to Rodrigo’s house. His parents aren’t home much and she will be alright for now. Rodrigo agrees to hide Eva for the time being. The police find out about the robbery. Officer Romero, from episode six, meets the parents once and makes them aware of what Camilo has done. They are shocked.

Camilo goes to the club to tell his mates what is up. He gets them to promise that they will help Eva not be found. He says he will die if she is fine from his life something Luisa said about him before. Camilo goes to his house to meet his parents. Rodrigo and Eva bond in his room. Jose and Ana are relieved to see him again. They take him to the police where he lies that he doesn’t know where Eva is. He also takes the blame for the robbery at the supermarket. But Romero warns him to be careful with what he does next.

How does Eva change Camilo and his friends?

When Rodrigo says he cannot keep Eva at his home anymore, Alvaro takes responsibility. Camilo grabs the law book from the library, raising concerns in Sara’s mind. He begins to look for a solution to Eva’s problem. He finds a precedent where Jose and Ana can take care of Eva until she turns a major. The parents are sceptical. Alvaro takes Eva to his house where she learns he helps out his mother by ironing the clothes of her clients. He asks Eva not to reveal this to the other boys, just as Rodrigo asked Eva not to tell the others that he used a brush to keep his hair up and a dream to keep the pimples off his face

Martin is reluctant to help Eva. But when Camilo offers to do his trigonometry and chemistry homework for the entire year, he agrees. Martin falls asleep listening to songs – romantic ballads – and that is his secret. He asks Eva not to tell anyone. But Martin’s mother finds out and phones the police and they take her away. Martin tells Camilo about it. Camilo thinks he will never see her again. But Eva has already done her job. She has shepherded Camilo and his band of boys into adulthood, where they have become more open-minded, generous, and compassionate.

Eva Lasting Ending Explained: Do Camilo and Eva end up together?

Jose says he can write letters to Eva and when they go to visit their relatives in the US, Eva and Camilo can meet. Seeing Camilo heartbroken, Jose says he will look into a way to keep Eva in their house.
But Jorge did not allow it. He preferred Eva’s aunt. Ana informs Camilo that Eva has already left the country. She gave him a book, Pablo Neruda’s 100 Love Sonnets.

Things go back to their normal routine. But something has definitely changed as Alvaro concedes to everyone he cannot make it to their next assignment work because he has to do his mother’s laundry. They come along to his house and Rodrigo tells them about his hair routine and how to get rid of pimples. Martin’s secret about his love for songs also comes out when one of his favourites plays on the radio. Camilo breaks down crying while reading one of the poems from the book Eva gave him. His friends promise to help him collect enough money to go to the US and look for Eva.

He gets a call at home while explaining to his parents his desire to go to the US. The call is from Luisa, who says she thinks she is pregnant. Camilo is heartbroken and finishes his book, Eva Lasting; dedicated to the woman who taught him how to love and the first woman he fell in love with.

The Episode Review

Love is sometimes the favourite theme of great tragicomedies. It surely played a huge part in Eva Lasting. Camilo and Eva’s brief time together felt magical, given how long we have waited for it to happen. But where does Camilo go from here? That sensational ending definitely means we have more story to come. How will Martin react to Camilo’s infidelity? The possibilities are too delicious to just give up.

For a few minutes, the finale felt like a departure from the rest of the series. Eva came off as a madman, as opposed to the practical straight-thinking feminist we saw until then. But all is well that ends well.  There were no emotional, teary-eyed goodbyes in the final episode. It happened with Gustavo but quite understandably, not for Eva.

Her effect on the group was clearly visible when all of them go to Alvaro’s house and each of them confesses a part of themselves that they previously feared the others would not understand and accept. That transformation, along with Camilo’s ocean of tears was enough to confirm life after Eva.

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