Eva Lasting – Season 1 Episode 6 “Siddhartha” Recap & Review


Camilo tells his parents about the kidnapping as episode 6 of Eva Lasting begins. Jose goes with him in his taxi, but on the drive, he asks about Eva’s personal life and Camilo is dumbstruck at every question. He essentially knows nothing about Eva. Jose and Camilo go to the police. The former gets annoyed at the lack of urgency on the part of the police. Jose begins fighting and shouting at officer Romero. Camilo asks Ana to not tell the group about the kidnapping and Jose is arrested for causing a scene.

When he comes back home, Camilo gets a huge shock. He finds Eva sitting with his friends and acting as if nothing happened. She is mum about the details and says the men got the wrong person. Camilo doesn’t believe her and asks if she is in some shady business. But she dissuades his concerns. He accompanies Ana to the station with dinner for Jose. He discusses Eva with her and Ana asks if she has ever told him something intimate. She also asks Camilo not to be nosy and asks everything about Eva.

Jose is released in the morning. Ana and Jose talk about the sudden disappearance and appearance of Eva, referencing Marquez’s “magical realism” from zone Hundred Years of Solitude. Eva surprises everyone at school by dressing provocatively as a sign of protest. She gets into a tussle with Alicia about her dress and how censorship can really change the meaning of what a playwright is saying in a play. Eva says she will be dressing like she wants.

Now that Camilo was sure Eva was not leaving, he goes to Jose to ask for fatherly advice. He asks how he managed to win over Ana. That’s when Jose said it was difficult and made him suffer but he did not give up. He asked her a thousand times and she finally said yes, perhaps even to get rid of her. One has to create a moment where two people fall in love. The boys have been going around beating people up for gawking at Eva but she assembles them and says she doesn’t need their protection. Camilo takes Siddharta by Hermann Hesse as the next book to broaden his horizons.

He starts chanting mantras in his room, worrying Jose. He even stops eating food and sees patience as a great virtue to achieve his goals. The next day, Jose confronts Camilo about his religious beliefs and says he must only practice and believe in Christianity. He even brings the local church’s Father home to convince Camilo! Eva’s grades are falling and she might be punted out of school if she can’t improve. She teams up with Guzman to learn his studying methods. The group seems to disagree with her move and thinks it is disrespectful.

Eva clarifies her intentions to the group. Camilo says they should not beat Guzman up as he will eventually tell Eva and she will be angry with them. Eva, who is not studious, will come around to bring in her natural state sooner rather than later. The boys are bored without her. Guzman has become more confident and is no more intimidated by the boys, knowing he has Eva’s number for now. Camilo was introspecting if he must drift away from his friends on his spiritual journey like Siddhartha did from Govinda. Jose asks if all of Camilo’s acts are related to Eva. When Camilo nods, Jose says he must be upfront with her.

Camilo gets up and goes to declare his love to Eva. His determination was stronger than ever. But when he reaches her house, he sees Eva and Guzman kissing.

The Episode Review

Well, well, well… how the tables turn indeed! The class’ biggest loser has its biggest prize. Everyone was after Eva and Guzman has scored in just a few days with her. It is a complete shock to see her end up with him, although she is set to get her heart broken. These academically brilliant students are always focused. Their unwavering principles make them stand out. Guzman now has confidence as well. And we know he can take anyone on.

It is easy to call Camilo a coward at this point. But perhaps it takes personal experience to fully understand his predicament. His supportive parents are a great combination. They balance each other out so well and maybe, that balance is what makes the show so great.

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