Eva Lasting – Season 1 Episode 4 “A Room of One’s Own” Recap & Review

A Room of One’s Own

Eva comes up with the idea of a student’s journal. They can raise issues about the lack of resources at Jose Maria and Estela’s dismissal as well. Camilo invites Eva back to his place, where Ana and Jose are still fighting. She is standing up for herself and says she will not support Jose in whatever he does if Ana feels she has differing opinions. Eva says they should interview Estela and get it published in the journal. But Camilo feels it is too risky as the school administration will be shown in a bad light. Eva holds Camilo’s hands and requests his help, which melts the boy’s heart.

Eva stays for dinner. She discusses books about women with Ana and Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” comes up. Jose says Camilo will starve if he chooses to become a writer and is shocked when Eva mentions how many copies of “One hundred Years of Solitude” were sold. That night, after Eva left, Camilo wondered if he wanted to become a journalist or a writer: to describe the world how it is, or how he saw it. Jose thinks Camilo has won over Eva from his other friends and congratulates him. Camilo does not correct his misreading of the situation.

The group gathers in the bathroom to discuss the journal idea. As tempers begin to flare between Alvaro and Martin, Eva steps in and calms everyone down. She also uses photos to compel the group to participate. Camilo chooses not to tell Gustavo about the interview with Estela at the moment.

Eva arranges a meeting with one of the country’s major publishers, Mallarino, for the journal. He also promises to get it printed once it is ready. There, they meet his daughter Angelica, whom the boys used to tease as they thought they could never date someone like her. She takes all of them out to lunch and Camilo tries to flirt with her to get Eva jealous. Jose apologises to Ana by gifting her a copy of Woolf’s book. The boys begin to gather evidence about the school’s decaying infrastructure. Estela is interviewed by Camilo and Eva. She tells them that such relationships are allowed, as long as they do not come out in public. Eva writes up the interview but Camilo is worried about how Gustavo will react.

Eva also talks about Angelica to Camilo. Even though she is trying got genuinely warn him since he will get his heart broken, Camilo takes it to be a sign that she loves him back. The group finalize their journal the next day. Now, is a difficult task of how to distribute them in the school. Camilo takes Rodrigo to sing outside Angelica’s house. But they’re shooed away by the police. The journals get a stern reaction from the administration. They collect all the journals. Gustavo is expectedly angry as the interview makes his father look like a bad person. Eva confronts him when he comes to strike Camilo.

Alicia calls the group into her office and scolds them about printing the journal. Eva and Camilo are suspended, while the others are let off. While he thanks her for making him part of the project, Eva kisses him on the cheek and takes off to interrupt Alicia’s car. She proposes to publish Mr Pabon’s interview as well and Alicia agrees to hear them. Jose almost beats Camilo for almost telling Ana about their escapade on the day of the game. Camilo has made up his mind to take up literature as a career. He still thinks about Eva and wants to do someone.

We see two strange men looking over the students outside the school. They were also present when Angelica took the group to the cinema. Eva and Camilo apologize to Gustavo. Gustavo. But he says they should not interview his father. The group goes to Alicia but she does not allow them to publish the issue inside the school premises. She lifts the suspension but receives a call informing her that Estela has shot Mr Pabon. He is in the ICU and she is being detained.

The Episode Review

Another shocking development in the story is Estela’s shooting of Henry. She did not come across as the kind of person to avenge an eye with an eye. But here we are. This might be a long, drawn-out battle between Eva, Camilo, and the others. The pair have taken their own stance on the issue and the idea for a journal drew a wedge between them.

Even with its light tone, episode 4 made some beaming points about how society sees men and women differently. This was another well-made part of the series and progresses the many moving parts of the story.

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