Estocolmo Season 1 Review



Season 1

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The Missing Girl
Who Is Roque Carbone?
Rosario In Danger
The Rules Are Changing
The Massacre Of Jeremias
Fire In The Blood
No Turning Back
Time For Revenge
Everything is Lost
Everything Returns



Argentinian Netflix Original Estocolmo is a dual timelined crime thriller that predominantly revolves around three key characters. Although the show does feature some interesting plot twists and a unique perspective on this congested genre, Estocolmo plays out in a very formulaic, pedestrian way, lacking compelling acting and relying far too heavily on sensationalist melodrama to keep the series moving forward through its 13 episode run time.

Focusing on a human trafficking ring for the bulk of its plot line, Estocolmo presents its narrative through two parallel timelines; one 3 years in the past and the other in present day. These shifting timelines focus predominantly on three main characters – an undercover agent, a prosecutor and a journalist – as they work together (or against one another) to bring down those at the top. Early on Estocolmo subverts expectations and sporadically jumps between these two time periods that feature vastly different tones and subplots while remaining focused on the human trafficking plot at the heart of this show. It’s at this point that Estocolmo becomes a little too convoluted for its own good, making for a more confusing storyline than it should with its core three characters.

Although the series does features some nicely presented ideas and a thought provocative look at the criminal underworld, Estocolmo falters with is narrative that relies far too heavily on shocks and trying to be clever with its dual timelines than really embracing and exploring some of the themes it explores. It doesn’t help either that the series features some really questionable acting from many of the actors, lacking subtlety with wildly exaggerated delivery of lines in some of the scenes. It’s a shame too as there are certainly some glimmers of brilliance here and some genuinely dramatic scenes are really nicely executed but its a pity that Estocolmo just can’t keep up the momentum for a sustained period of time.

When the dust settles at the end of the 13th episode, Estocolmo is unlikely to be a crime thriller you’ll remember for years to come. The mediocre acting and sensationalist plot developments can only carry the series so far and although there are some interesting themes explored, the show lacks the tenacity needed to really execute these effectively. There’s certainly still some enjoyment to be had here and late on the series really comes into its own but the dual timelines feel more like a hindrance than a way to enhance the show. Whether Estocolmo will be renewed for a second season is anyone’s guess but based on this showing Estocolmo just doesn’t do enough to make it stand out from the many other shows in this genre.

  • Verdict - 5/10