Escape of the Seven – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review

La-hui’s Death

Episode 8 of The Escape of the Seven: Ressurection starts at the fiery pit where La-hui starts a survival game between the people locked in the jail cells. She says everyone has to confess their sins for their role in Da-mi’s death, and if they find confessing their sins difficult, they can tell on each other. The second option is easier for the minions since they easily betray each other regarding survival. Min-do-hyuk sees the cameras and figures out La-hui’s plan, but the others have not yet, so they start tattling, narrating everything the others did to Da-mi. However, Chan-sung duped La-hui and did not intend to broadcast the confession. 

La-hui had put a time bomb in Chan-sung’s car where Mo-ne was waiting. He hears the ticking when he gets into the car, and they manage to survive. Meanwhile, La-hui’s survival game continues, and she reveals that the fiery pit is rigged to blow in five minutes, and whoever gets the gun and kills their opponent first will survive. She does not intend to let them leave, though, as she stands with a gun trailed at the doors, ready to shoot whoever comes out first. However, luck is not on her side as Mo-ne enters, gun in hand, and shoots her in the leg. 

Mo-ne is more startled when she sees that La-hui has a fake leg, and Chan-sung has to help her out of the fiery pit since he knows it will blow up. The minions get out as they help each other and leave La-hui on the floor. The timebomb counts down, and it’s 30 seconds to go. La-hui lays on the floor waiting for death, regretting that she will die in vain because she was not able to enact her revenge.

Suddenly, Do-hyuk staggers out of the room, but he cannot make it out. He was already hurt from Chan-sung’s beating earlier and now the gunshot wound. La-hui performs one last act of kindness as she drags Do-hyuk to a safe room before the bomb goes off.  

K and his remaining minions survive and are at a hospital where K is enthusiastic, thinking that Do-hyuk is dead. They get together, brainstorming how to save themselves again from the live broadcast and come up with a story to fool the public when Chan-sung suddenly appears. He is the one who saved and took them to the hospital, and he also tells them that Do-hyuk is alive. Ki-tak managed to get him out and called Mi-young, who took her to the best hospital. He is currently under operation as Ki-tak and Mi-young wait outside. Chan-sung says he is looking for Do-hyuk but has yet to find him.

Meanwhile, he lets K and his minions know that although he did not broadcast their confessions, he has the recording with backup copies. Right now, their lives are in his hands, and they have to do anything he wants. He asks for Luca from K, but he refuses to share it, so his minions quickly jump ship, saying they will do anything Chan-sung wants, even if it means stealing LUCA from K. 

Chan-sung already has a plan up on how to handle the reports of a terror attack in the Gagok district. He spreads videos of La-hui mistreating Da-mi and branded her as an abusive, greedy, and selfish mother who abandoned her child for money. Save reports that La-hui lived a double life.

During the terror attack, she had helped the CEO of TIKITAKA, a police officer, and politicians together with their families to blackmail them into doing her bidding. She had planted the bomb to kill them in case they refused to comply. However, the people she had held hostage survived, but she ended up dying during the blast. Chan-sung holds a press conference with K and shares that Save’s reports are factual. K offers to resign from the CEO position and cooperate with the police in their investigation.

Mo-ne does not intend to sit idly and let Chan-sung bully her since he has already announced that he will stay with her at La-hui’s house. Therefore, she brings in Chul-soo and Ju-ran, who have no home to stay with. Meanwhile, Do-hyuk regains consciousness at the hospital. At the same time, Ju-ran receives a text from her creditors saying that all her debt has been paid, which confuses her about La-hui’s actions. Did she plan to die in the Gagok district?

Meanwhile, Mo-ne arrives to meet with Do-hyuk, and she learns that her brother died in place of Jun-seok and that La-hui saved her mother. In the letter she left for Ki-tak, she says that she changed her mind when Mo-ne’s mother thanked her and changed the body to a dead one. She then took So-yeon to look after Mo-ne’s mother, but Chan-sung found out and took her away. She suspects that Chan-sung is now holding Mo-ne’s mother.

Mo-ne is furious that Chan-sung played an elaborate game pretending to console her for her mother’s death when he had her all along. However, the information is too much for Mo-ne to process since she does not understand why La-hui would save her mother. Do-hyuk tells her that it was La-hui who saved him in the Gagok district, and contrary to their belief that she wanted to kill everyone and take all the money, Do-hyuk believed that she did not plan to get out alive. Mo-ne does not believe Do-hyuk when he says that La-hui might have changed, so she storms away. 

In her letter, La-hui told Ki-tak to take her ashes as far away from Da-mi’s grave so they would not meet in the afterlife, but Ki-tak took her ashes to Da-mi’s grave. He sends a message to Mo-ne, who arrives home after meeting with Do-hyuk and informs her of her burial. Meanwhile, Jin-mo is troubled when he finds out that La-hui knows of Han-na’s whereabouts, and instead of giving her to K, she keeps her safe and even buys her drawing books.

Myoung-ji thinks that La-hui might have regretted what she did to Da-mi, and Han-na reminded her of her daughter. Ki-tak sends the text about La-hui’s burial to Mo-ne, Chul-woo, Ju-ran, Jin-mo, and Myoung-ji, and they all attend at their accord. Do-hyuk says that her death was not in vain since it helped everyone move one step forward. As they stand surrounding her grave, fireflies light up the tree, and they all stare in awe. 

The final scene shows La-hui delivering the sketchbook to Han-na when she lives hidden with her grandmother. As her voice in the letter says, her final wish is for Ki-tak to use her money to help children abandoned by their mothers and apologise for hating Ki-tak’s daughter.

The Episode Review

The ending scene in this episode raises many questions. Which Ki-tak’s daughter did La-hui regret hating? Was Da-mi Ki-tak’s daughter? Will the minions also feel regret and start doing the right thing? The previous episode was frustrating as the audience could not feel the essence of La-hui being the one to deliver justice, but the narrative changed in this episode and spiked interest in what happens next.

The storyline managed to grab attention with an unexpected twist that was delivered perfectly. Although we all saw La-hui die, we did not expect her death to have such an impressive impact on the narrative. What will the minions do next? Chan-sung has become their master, and the thread hangs all their lives.

If they make a wrong move and the clips of their confessions become public, they will lose all their glamorous lives. Can they decide to go against Chan-sung and risk losing everything? Is the fireflies lighting up the tree symbolism that La-hui’s death will light the way and lead to justice? What do you think will be their next course of action? 

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