Escape of the Seven – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Fiery Pit

Episode 7 of Escape of the Seven: Resurrection starts with Chan-sung threatening Mo-ne at dinner and Do-hyuk coming to her rescue. However, when he tries to attack Chan-sung again, Mo-ne stops and slaps him. She asks him not to show up in front of her again and leaves the dinner. In her car, Mo-ne thinks that Do-hyuk should not help her since it is best for both of them.

Elsewhere, Ki-tak figures out La-hui is Medusa and realises it is because she watched Da-mi’s videos when she always protected her and accepted her punishment for what she did to Da-mi. In the following scenes, La-hui explains how and why she became Medusa, and we realise that Chan-sung is working for her by promising to give him all her TIKITAKA shares and the AI. During the deal, Chan-sung asked La-hui to provide him with Mo-ne. 

Meanwhile, K’s troupe is falling apart with Chul-woo’s arrest for drug abuse. In addition, Save exposes Myoung-ji and Jin-mo’s fake relationship, and Ju-ran is involved in investment fraud in the Gagok district. Ju-ran confronts L-hui at her house because she has lost all her money, while Ki-tak tells Do-hyuk that La-hui is Medusa. However, Do-hyuk is unwilling to forgive all her misdeeds even though she now regrets them. 

News about Jin-mo and Myoung-ji’s fake marriage becomes the talk of the town, and parents from her previous school start revealing her past relationship with the director’s son. In addition, they remember the fake father she had found for her children and bombard the comment section asking about the professor and how she could be a single mother when she had a husband.

The news also talks about Jin-mo’s past experiences working at a bar. La-hui suggests that they do not do anything about the rumours while Jin-mo wants to meet with K. La-hui reminds him that meeting up with K would prove the news that the TIKITAKA CEO illegally made his appointment and it would affect the reputation of K and the company. Myoung-ji suggests using Ha-na to protect their fake family since everyone will believe what she says. Jin-mi is against it, but Myoung-ji makes him think it is their only way out. She threatens to divorce him if he disagrees with her plan. 

LUCA shows K all the articles that Save is publishing about him and his involvement in appointing Jin-mo as the deputy mayor, even though he is unqualified. Therefore, K storms into Save’s offices to confront Chan-sung and offer him anything he wants as long as he stops working with Medusa. However, Chan-sung turns him down and throws him out of the Save’s offices. When K walked in, Chan-sung talked about publishing particular articles to follow up on the Jin-mo trending issue. 

Elsewhere, Mo-ne and Ha-na shoot an excellent emotional scene of them running away from zombies, and Myoung-ji takes a screen clip of the shooting. She sends it to a reporter and bribes them to write an article about how Jin-mo has supported Ha-na by fostering her since she became Jun-seok’s victim. The article sheds light on Jin-mo, so Myoung-ji calls for a press conference as a follow-up. 

Chul-woo is released from prison holding and tries to call Ju-ran, but she does not answer. His detective skill leads him to believe that the incident was not a coincidence, and he somehow figures out that La-hui is Medusa. He runs into TIKITAKA studios with evidence to show K, but his bodyguards stop him and get him thrown out of the company, and outside, he runs into La-hui and her men. La-hui asks him to hand over all his assets and bank accounts, and she will hand over Ju-ran, dead or alive. Chul-woo agrees to hand over everything, saying that he will kill Ju-ran himself. 

Chan-sung sneakily attacks Do-hyuk outside his hideout and warns him to stay away from Mo-ne. However, Do-hyuk quickly takes control of the situation and beats Chan-sung to a pulp. Chan-sung ends up being the one begging for his life, which humiliates him, and he shouts, saying that Do-hyuk will pay when he leaves him sprawled on the ground all bloody. 

Chan-sung sends Mo-ne gifts and flowers, apologising for mistreating her earlier and promising to do better if she agrees to talk to him again. At the same time, La-hui finds the note that Do-hyuk had given Mo-ne from her mother and tears it up, blaming Mo-ne for killing her mother when she neglected her. Mo-ne gets furious and uses Chan-sung’s remorse to ask him for help to kill La-hui. Chul-woo finds Ju-ran, but he does not kill her; instead, the two make up.

The press arrived at Jin-mo’s press conference, and inside, Myoung-ji prepped Han-na, telling her to say what they had rehearsed. However, Jin-mo has a change of heart and does not want Han-na to speak to the press. He faces the press alone, admitting that he used to work in a bar since he was an orphan, but denies claims that his appointment was illegal and that his marriage is fake. He ends up using Han-na, saying that if the two were not a married couple, they would not have been allowed to adopt her legally.

Watching the press conference from his office, Chan-sung directs his subordinates to ring the alarm. Just as Jin-mo is done with the press conference, a conversation plays on the big screen between him and Myoung-ji when she threatens to divorce him if he does not agree to use Han-na to save their fake marriage. 

K calls Jin-mo, furious about the recording, and Jin-mo suddenly realises that La-hui must be Medusa since she is the other person in the room. Myoung-ji calls La-hui, and she does not deny releasing the audio and threatens to kill her twins unless she heads to her house. Jin-mo rushes out of the press conference, and they both head out to confront La-hui hand in hand. At the same time, K is rushing to La-hui’s house. 

La-hui’s men capture Jin-mo, Myoung-ji, Ju-ran, and Chul-woo. She heads to Save for the final arrangements to capture Mo-ne and K, but Chan-sung wants Do-hyuk instead of Mo-ne. Meanwhile, Do-hyuk and Ki-tak try to figure out what La-hui and Chan-sung are up to when he suddenly gets an alert from the SOS device he gave Mo-ne and rushes out to save her. K and his men arrive at La-hui’s house, where he finds Medusa’s secret hideout. La-hui knocks him out after an altercation and asks his men to take him to Gagok district. 

La-hui has an elaborate plan to confess, which is to be streamed live, and she has captured K, Do-hyuk, and the other minions. She even took a video of Chan-sung assaulting Do-hyuk. The whole country eagerly awaits to hear what La-hui has to say, and the clock is counting down. La-hui sends Ki-tak the video of Chan-sung beating up Do-hyuk and asks him to make it to the location as soon as possible if he wants to save him. Meanwhile, she enters an enclosed hidden place while Chan-sung looks on, and she says that the people responsible for Da-mi’s death will be judged by her adoptive mother. 

Do-hyuk, K, and the minions are tied up to chairs inside an elaborate jail, which La-hui calls “the fiery pit” at the end of the episode. 

The Episode Review

Do-hyuk can be frustrating because he does not even take a second to verify anything. he goes rushing to save someone who quickly betrays him repeatedly, but he still does not doubt when he thinks she is in danger. The episode brings about so many conflicting emotions. What right does La-hui have to punish the others? If it was someone like Do-hyuk or Da-mi’s parents on the other side of the screen, the episode would evoke some feelings of justice but only infuriate the audience.

Why is Do-hyuk tied up inside with the rest? The ending does not invoke much interest in what happens next. Nonetheless, we look forward to the next episode. Hopefully, the narrative changes and brings some much-needed justice. 

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