Escape of the Seven – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Kang Ki-Tak Finds Out That Geum La-Hui Is Medusa

Episode 6 of The Escape of The Seven: Resurrection starts where we left off, with Kang Ki-tak and Min Do-hyuk surviving K’s murder attempt and Chan-sung arriving at the scene to rescue them. Meanwhile, K holds his minions at gunpoint, threatening to kill them unless Medusa reveals herself, and they start turning on each other.

Jin-mo suggests that someone might have hacked into K’s tablet, while Chul-woo offers to dust the tablet for prints. Since Medusa uses Save’s server to contact Do-hyuk, the minions make K suspect that Chan-sung is Medusa, and he gives Mo-ne the task of finding out. 

DO-hyuk wakes up at the hospital and apologises to Ki-tak for putting him in danger and blindly trusting Medusa. Chan-sung enters the room and lies that he is Medusa and wants to work with them to bring down K. He says that he has been looking into Da-mi’s death and knows that Mathew is Jun-seok. Chan-sung says he has a score to settle with Jun-seok and wants to help them.

Meanwhile, La-hui asks K why he wants Save’s security program, and he talks about the big picture, which involves the redevelopment of the Gagok district. However, he hesitates to reveal why Gagok district is important, saying he will not trust anyone until they find Medusa. 

Do-hyuk starts to find Chan-sung suspicious when he talks about LUCA being the masterpiece of the century created by Lee Hwi-so and thinks that the only way to save humanity is to take it from K. He becomes even more suspicious when Chan-sung starts asking about the master key and Do-hyuk tells him that he can take care of K without needing Chan-sung’s help. Therefore, Do-hyuk tells Chan-sung that he will think about his offer.

La-hui furiously storms into her home, angry that Do-hyuk and Ki-tak could easily be duped by K just by getting a message. She says she will no longer ask for their help and will serve the revenge alone. La-hui’s next target is Ju-ran; her ex-husband suddenly enters the scene looking like a millionaire. 

Elsewhere, Ha-na is helping Erica run her lines at the shooting site of Mo-ne’s next movie, Escape. Ha-na is doing better at memorising the lines than Erica, who gets even more jealous when the crew takes a liking to Ha-na, asking to take pictures with her. She tries to catch the crew’s attention by wearing her mother’s high heels but trips and hurts her ankle. The director refuses to stop the filming, and the crew suggests they cast Ha-na in her place. 

Elsewhere, Ju-ran arrives for a meeting with her ex-husband and is taken by the extravagance and the respect people at the restaurant show him. He tells her about having made it big in Dubai and pays her back the money he stole from her after their divorce. However, Ju0ran knows these things can be faked, so she does not believe him. She says she has a boyfriend, but instead of deterring, he thinks he still has a chance with her, so he asks that she meet him at his hotel since he is flying out in three days. Ju-ran secretly follows him to the hotel and sees the manager escorting him to his meeting upstairs. She asks the manager about him, but he refuses to disclose any information and calls security to escort her out. 

Therefore, Ju-ran plays the wife card, and the manager takes her to the meeting. She hides and listens to the conversation, and she hears them talking about a secret investment that will get her 300 percent profit. The mention of money always excites Ju-ran, so she sneaks into La-hui’s office later to find out what they are discussing. La-hui intentionally leaves the document about the investment on her desk, and Ju-ran sees that she is investing ten million dollars. She gets angry that La-hui is trying to make a fortune alone. 

At K’s office, Chul-woo reported that the only prints found on the tablet were K-s, but they also discovered that the tablet had been wiped. K asks him to keep looking; if he sees something significant, he might promote him to the police commissioner. On the way out, Chul-woo runs into Ju-ran in the elevator. He invites her out for an extravagant dinner, and she guesses that he might be thinking of proposing. Since she already knows, Chul-woo decides to propose in the elevator, but Ju-ran turns him down, thinking about all the money her ex-husband will make her. She breaks up with Chul-woo and heads out to the hotel to meet with her ex-husband. Chul-woo follows her, begging her to stay, but Ju-ran does not give her another chance. 

Mo-ne finds out that Ha-na will be playing her daughter in the movie. While she stands looking at her, baffled, Chan-sung arrives with a food truck for the crew. He mentions that Ha-na looks like Mo-ne and already has good chemistry. Chan-sung drives Mo-ne home after the shooting and steps out of the car to take a call from Do-hyuk, who tells him that he has turned down the offer to work together. Chan-sung gets furious and breaks some streetlights in anger, and Mo-ne sees the reaction when she steps out of the car, too. However, she lies when he asks about her and starts to pull away from Chan-sung when he tries to hug her. Inside the house, Mo-ne starts to doubt that she can trust Chan-sung. 

Do-hyuk and Ki-tak meet with Mo-ne’s brother Kyung-soo. He is Do-hyuk’s spy for K and his minions, so he tells them they had previously met to watch a movie at around 7 pm. Twenty minutes into the film, the room was suddenly filled with smoke, leading them to suspect that Medusa is one of them. He also tells them about Ha-na appearing in Mo-ne’s movie.

At Myoung-ji’s home, Erica refuses to eat and insults Ha-na, calling her a beggar who came to their home to take away the things she likes, including her father. Myoung-ji sends Ha-na out of the room, and she finds Jin-mo listening outside. He apologises for bringing her into the house for his selfish reasons. Ha-na insists that she is okay since Jin-mo is the only person left. Myoung-ji walks out on Jin-mo, hugging Mo-ne, and the two start a fight about Jin-mo not paying attention to the kids.

When he says that being a father was not part of their deal, Myoung-ji reminds him that taking care of Ha-na was not included either, so he needs to step up and show her kids a bit of attention in repayment for Myoung-ji looking after Ha-na. We discover that Ju-ran’s husband’s appearance is part of La-hui’s plan. She found him desperate for money and gave him the task of cleaning out Ju-ran’s money in one week; in return, he would get a one million dollar payment. 

Myoung-ji shows up during Jin-mo’s interview for the upcoming elections, and they perform a fantastic act as husband and wife. After the interview, they run into K, who asks Jin-mo to accompany him somewhere. K takes Jin-mo to the Gagok district and tells him about his plans to set up a data centre in the Gagok district and achieve the dreams his father never did. He wants Jin-mo’s help in making the government-sponsored project so he can acquire the land cheaply.

While they shake hands, K thinks about using Jin-mo to get what he wants and then killing him and Ha-na. At the same time, Jin-mo says he will keep vying for higher government positions to ensure he gets strong enough, and K will never be able to touch Ha-na. 

Meanwhile, Ju-ran runs around withdrawing all her money, maxing out her credit cards, and even taking money from loan sharks amounting to thirty million, which he takes to her ex-husband. At the same time, Chul-woo finds drugs hidden in the club’s washroom, and he relapses in his drunken and sad state.

At the hotel, when Ju-ran steps out to get champagne and snacks to celebrate the momentous occasion with her ex-husband, he calls La-hui to update her on the successful mission and starts asking for more money. However, La-hui does not plan to pay him and instead threatens to turn him over to Interpol when suddenly, the hotel manager storms into the room and takes all the money.

When Ju-ran returns, the ex-husband is gone and is not answering her calls. He runs downstairs to ask for the manager when he suddenly realises La-hui played her. At the same time, the police are informed of Chul-woo’s drug abuse, and he is arrested. 

Elsewhere, Myoung-ji invites the press to her store and bribes them to write positive articles about her family and Jin-mo to push his approval ratings. However, after all the effort, Jin-mo’s approval rating is still the lowest at 6 percent. Meanwhile, Chan-sung breaks into Do-hyuk’s operating station to look for the master key. However, Ki-tak and Do-hyuk are aware and are hiding outside since Do-hyuk is aware that he might show up since he notices someone following them from the hospital. 

Do-hyuk intends to warn Mo-ne about Chan-sung, and Ki-tak does not warn him since he also has a theory in mind about Medusa that he wants to follow up. Mo-ne agrees to meet with Do-hyuk at a gazebo around her home, and she angrily blames him for her mother’s death. Do-hyuk shows her the letter her mother left, which makes her regret pushing her away when she came to visit her the same night, letting Do-hyuk comfort her. He warns her about Chan-sung, and when Chan-sung, who is watching their interactions, calls Mo-ne to invite her for dinner, Do-hyuk asks her to break up with him. 

Mo-ne arrives for dinner at some scary house, and Chan-sung starts to torment her, taking advantage of the fact that she is so scared of him that she shakes. He starts asking her about what she was doing with Do-hyuk, and when she refuses to answer, he slaps her hard. Mo-en attempts to escape, but he stops her and threatens to tell her about the rules, which state that she must stop meeting with Do-hyuk. Suddenly, Do-hyuk appears and pushes Chan-sung off Mo-ne with a punch to the face.

At the same time, Ki-tak finds out that La-hui is Medusa. When she gets back home, La-hui adds her name to the list of beasts who deserve to die after watching a video of Da-mi telling her adoptive parents that La-hui is a good mother who takes excellent care of her and that they should stop worrying. 

The Episode Review

The episode clears out the frustration of the previous one about Do-hyuk easily trusting other people and letting them in his palms to get revenge. In this episode, he refuses Chan-sung’s offer and is even more vigilant since he realises that Chan-sung has a selfish agenda and wants to get his hands on LUCA. He tends to have a soft spot for Mo-ne, which makes one wonder if the series will explore a romantic angle between them.

This possibility adds a layer of complexity and anxiety since Mo-ne is not trustworthy and can quickly turn against Do-hyuk at the opportune moment. Why does Chan-sung want LUCA? Does he only want to get back at K because of Mo-ne, or is there something more to their conflicts? 

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