Escape of the Seven – Season 2 Episode 13 Recap & Review

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Episode 13 of The Escape of The Seven: Resurrection starts with Jin-mo and the kids checking up on Myoung-ji at the hospital. Erica and Philip update her on the camping trip, promising to go with her again when she gets better. Han-na reminds her of when she asked that she be her daughter, making Erica and Philip excited that they can stay with Han-na for life. Philip, who wants to marry Han-na, is slightly hesitant, but Erica makes him understand that being a family is better, so he gets on board. The kids then perform a Christmas song they prepared for their mother. 

Elsewhere, Do-hyuk and Ki-tak discuss their following plans and an app Do-hyuk calls S-CURI. The app helps users discover if their secret chats are being spied on and prevent them from accessing them. Their next plan is to take back Lee Hwi-soo’s identity from K. Ki-tak, who tells Do-hyuk the truth that he just found out that Da-mi was his daughter after La-hui’s death.

He becomes emotional, blaming himself for making La-hui use their daughter to trick Chairman Bang for money and saying that he only saw Da-mi’s last moments when she died and had never been there for her as her father. Do-hyuk tells him that the Da-mi he met was kind and brave, and she knew how to speak up and protect herself. He says that Da-mi was so much like her father, Kang Ki-tak. 

Meanwhile, K starts his counterattack to show the people that he is Lee Hwi-so, bringing in Lee Hwi-so’s extended family and giving them financial support for the cameras. He then starts a scholarship program at Myeongju Girls High School, Da-mi’s old school, and adds that he is building a support centre to help innocent victims of fake news.

Ki-tak keeps a close eye on K’s moves and reports to Do-hyuk, who is reviewing the final S-CURI verifications before releasing it to the public. Ki-tak takes some time to walk around Da-mi’s old school and imagines her life at the school and the wrongs she suffered, which makes him emotional again. 

Chan-sung leaves for K’s house since he is getting ready to go through the verification process to prove that he is Lee Hwi-so. Mo-ne stops Chan-sung and slips a bag on his court. Chan-sung is certain K will prove his fake identity since he has someone powerful to help him. After he leaves, Mo-ne takes out her secret phone and texts Do-hyuk, updating him on Chan-sung’s movement.

Chan-sung arrives at K’s and says he is not worried about the verification process since he has LUCA. He needs Chan-sung to monitor Luca during the process to make sure that Do-hyuk will not access it since he thinks there is a possibility that he will be coming at him with everything. Mo-ne listens to their conversation and tells Do-hyuk they must devise a different plan since K has authorised Chan-sung to monitor any attempt to hack LUCA. 

Next, K is at the verification event being handled by the national verification team to prove that he is Lee Hwi-so. The verification process is being streamed online, and the person in charge thinks there is no way the process can be manipulated.

Min Do-hyuk knows that LUCA has manipulated the digital records, so K’s verification will be 100 percent the same, so he comes up with a different plan to plant doubt in the public. First, he launched S-CURI, and Mi-young made a video telling the nation that TIKITAKA keeps their deleted chats and that they should install S-CURI to see if anyone is keeping track of their secret chats and block them. 

Next, Do-hyuk heads to TIKITAKA with three men and interferes with the verification, saying that the public should also verify him. Earlier, Mo-ne had distracted Chan-sung, and he took his eyes off LUCA for a minute, giving Do-hyuk a chance to feed wrong information about the men. Therefore, when asked who they were, he confidently said their names and how they knew each other at the university, only to realise they were strangers. He is shocked that LUCA fed him the wrong information and runs out of the verification room.

However, his troubles for the day have just begun since he runs into Ki-tak, who beats him up for using Da-mi’s name in his tricks, warning K not to mention His daughter’s name again or the next time he will go for the neck and not just the hand. He breaks K’s hand, and they leave the building with Do-hyuk.

Do-hyuk had searched nationwide for the people who knew Lee Hwi-so and told them that K would give them 100,000 dollars for bringing a photo to TIKITAKA during his verification. Chul-woo and Ju-ran are in charge of unleashing the photo chaos with 15 buses of people coming to get their reward. Therefore, K cannot leave TIKITAKA studios after running out of the verification room and must sign the authorisation to pay the strangers 100,000 each. 

Mo-ne is delivering outstanding performances at Chan-sung’s house. When he returns, she is crying, so scared that K will go crazy again and hurt the people she cares about, like Han-na, her mother, and her brother, since she is her greatest weakness.

Chan-sung says he will never let K hurt her and the people she cares about since they are his people, too, but Mo-ne does not believe him. His company has merged with TIKITAKA, so he is likely to side with K. Chan-sung says that his love for Mo-ne is valid, and if he has to back out from the fight between K and Do-hyuk to keep her safe, he will. She makes him promise to be stronger than K to keep her and Han-na safe, turning Chan-sung against K. 

Ki-tak visits Ik-ho in prison and tries to talk him out of confessing to Myoung-ji’s incident, but he is more afraid of K than spending the rest of his life in jail. He warns Ki-tak not to go against K since his reach has spread so far, and he can do anything he puts his mind to. At the same time, Do-hyuk approaches the nanny that K uses to do his bidding when there are kids involved, and she agrees to testify about Myoung-ji’s murder.

Meanwhile, we get a chance to understand K’s web, and he has connections with influential people in government, from the prime minister to the president. It turns out that powerful politicians know that he is not Lee Hwi-so but Shim Jun-seok, but they use him to find dirt on their opponents during elections. Therefore, K wants the higher-ups to vouch for his identity and give him the Gagok Project. 

Mo-ne listens to Chan-sung and K’s conversation and learns that K has built a hacking network under Gagok, so he is determined to get the Gagok project. She calls Ki-tak and updates him, telling him that K has the government backing him, especially the Prime Minister. Meanwhile, Jin-mo gets the order from the Prime Minister to authorise the Gagok project, and his assistant is seemingly on K’s side. When Do-hyuk calls him to warn about K’s connection with the Prime Minister, the assistant takes his phone. Jin-mo wonders why the assistant suddenly turned against him and learns that K is threatening him using his family.

Detective Oh calls Chul-woo and lies to him that K has bought the guards and they should get out of the house and go to a location he will send him. It turns out that K has also threatened the detective using his family, and he has no choice but to follow his bidding. K arrives at Jin-mo’s office demanding that he announce the Gagok district development project and give it to him, or else he will harm the children.

Jin-mo insists on seeing the children before making the announcement, and during the video call, Han-na uses sign language to tell Jin-mo where they are being held. Do-hyuk also learned about K’s blackmail and tried to locate the kids when Jin-mo sent him the location given by Han-na. Do-hyuk goes to try to save the kids while Ki-tak finds an old colleague to help him dig up the hacking program buried under Gagok. He asks him to find a communication network buried under the barren land, and if he finds it, he will be paid a million dollars. 

Do-hyuk’s team proves that their web is as advanced as K’s when Mi-young meets with the Prime Minister, showing him the communication network K has built in Gagok. As a result, the Prime Minister called K and cancelled the press conference, warning him not to threaten him again. Meanwhile, Do-hyuk and Ki-tak arrive in style where the kids are held, and after an exciting fight with K’s men, they save them. At Save’s offices, Chan-sung is furious that K kidnapped Han-na and announces that K is his enemy henceforth and that he will crush anyone who messes with his family. 

K hurries to Detective Oh’s location and finds out that Do-hyuk and Ki-tak have already saved them. However, he asked the detective to put tracking chips on the children, so he followed their location. Jin-mo arrives just as K is leaving, so he follows his car. Jin-mo calls Do-hyuk, and the kids insist on talking to him, but their call is suddenly disconnected. Jin-mo tries to save the kids by ramming K’s car at an overpass, but his car hits the edge of the road, flips over, and crashes onto the road below. Do-hyuk rushes out of the car to save him while Ki-tak drives away with the kids to keep them safe while K speeds away in a different direction.

Jin-mo thinks he will die, so he tells Do-hyuk his last words. Although he was born an orphan and had been alone all his life, he was happy that he had to make some genuine friends to fight beside him and a family to protect him at the end of his life. He regrets that he was always a step behind in realising his feelings with the late Madam No and Myoung-ji. He apologises to Min Do-hyuk for what he did to his family since, at the time, he did not know the pain inflicted by taking a family away from someone.

Before he collapses, he asks Min Do-hyuk to help him give his heart to Myoung-ji before it is too late. Jin-mi dies on the way to the hospital and donates his heart to Myoung-ji, who is almost at the end of her life. Ju-ran visits Myoung-ji at the hospital and tells her that Jin-mo is with him, placing a hand on his beating heart.

At the end of the episode, we glimpse Jin-mo’s memories of when he felt happy that Myoung-ji was his wife and that she had given him a chance to be a father. 

The Episode Review

The episode was excitingly in Do-hyuk’s favour. He could cause some damage to K’s plan, and it was thrilling to watch Do-hyuk’s team win. Mo-ne has been very helpful in the process, and her acting is top-notch. However, everything adds tension and anxiety about the upcoming episode. Will Chan-sung go against K to protect Mo-ne? It seems odd that Chan-sung cannot tell that Mo-ne is bugging him, so he might let her listen in on purpose.

Consequently, he might have a secret agenda, so he agrees to work with K. If he genuinely does not know that Mo-ne bugs him, what will happen when he does? K is not one to take everything lying down, so he is sure to devise a vicious counterstrike. Will Do-hyuk and his team hold against K? 

Do-hyuk’s revenge plan is still too restrained while K goes all in, not caring about the consequences, and this is the one thing that makes K always one-upper his plans.

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