Escape of the Seven – Season 2 Episode 12 Recap & Review

Min Do-Hyuk Proves He Is Chairman Shim’s Son

Episode 12 of The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection starts with K running around hastily, looking for Do-hyuk and the reporters. Luca tracks the reporters’ location and launches a DDoS attack, jamming the entire network in the surrounding areas, making it impossible for the reporters to upload their articles.

The network jamming alleviates the lurking doubt the reporters had about their confessions, and they trust their confessions, agreeing to move to a different location. Chan-sung keeps track of their whereabouts through LUCA at K’s house, and when K gets back, he asks Chan-sung to send his men to kidnap the kids Erica, Philip, and Han-na. 

The kids are upstairs at Mo-ne’s house, and Mo-ne’s mother and brother look after them. They notice the men guarding the house collapsing through the windows and inform their guardians. While the guardians stay to keep the men away from the kids, Han-na leads Philip and Erica through the backdoor, and they escape.

The men do not find them upstairs, so they chase after them into the streets. Erica is so scared that she cannot move, and Han-na encourages her by telling her to imagine she is on a movie set running away from the bad guys. The camera, crew, and her mother watching over her strengthen Erica.

While Kang, Jin-mo, and Do-hyuk lead the reporters to a new location, Mo-ne, Ju-ran, and Chul-woo head home to check on the kids. They arrive just in time, saving Mo-ne’s mother and brother from one of the bad guys. Ju-ran and Chul-woo head out to look for the kids and get to them before Chan-sung’s men. 

Elsewhere, as the reporters leave for the second secret location, one drops his phone and does not check to confirm that it is powered off. Luca tracks his location, and K sends his men after them. His men abduct the reporters, taking them to some scrap yard. He gets Luca to pull up conversations of the reporter’s closest family, and he threatens to release the conversations countrywide if they do not follow his instructions, and he kills one of them to make his point.

Meanwhile, Do-hyuk and his team are waiting for the reporters’ articles so they can upload their confession video, but Ki-tak calls to inform him that something might have happened to the reporters. When he tries to upload the video to S Talk at Sungchan Group, Chan-sung holds one of the guards at gunpoint and forces him to cut the electricity in the whole building. 

Do-hyuk leaves Mi-young alone at the office, and Jin-mo accompanies him to the electrical room to check the fault, giving Chan-sung a chance to knock her down and take a video. The whole plan about the confession does not work, but Mi-young encourages Do-hyuk not to be discouraged and takes centre stage in his following plans.

Elsewhere, Chan-sung and K celebrate at his house, and he reveals his plan for Gagok District. To get rid of Do-hyuk, K makes the reporters post articles about his affair with Mo-ne, and he talks about it during his interview at his office after taking back the CEO position at TIKITAKA.

At the hospital, the doctors inform Jin-mo that Mi-young’s only option to recover is through a heart transplant, and they have put her on the waiting list to find a donor.

K shows up at the hospital with an exciting offer for Jin-mo. He says he has a brain-dead patient, the van driver he shot during the abduction of the reporters, and is willing to offer Jin-mo his heart as long as he revives the development of Gagok District. However, Jin-mo is unmoved by his proposal, and he reminds him that the fake news he spread about Do-hyuk made him angry. He is working on his retaliation and mentions a press conference at Sungchan Group. 

At Sungchan Group, Ki-tak and Mi-young hold a press conference to introduce the group’s new chairperson, Min Do-hyuk, as Mi-young resigns as Chairwoman to compensate for the inconveniences caused by the fire at the data centre. During the conference, Mi-young introduces Do-hyuk as the late Chairman Shim’s real biological son.

In his speech, Do-hyuk talks about K being the fake heir and a brainless fool. He mentions that the artificial intelligence that TIKITAKA boasts about is not K’s creation but the work of the real genius, Lee Hwi-so, who died a year earlier and shows the video proving Lee Hwi-so is dead.

The talk about real and fake triggers K’s envy, and he loses his cool, swearing that he will make sure that the real will replace the fake and that he will become Chairman Shim’s heir no matter what he has to do. Mi-young drives in the final nail when she proudly holds Do-hyuk’s hand and says that she will stand with her real nephew, the owner of Sungchan Group, and will fight TIKITAKA head-on. 

Chan-sung and K’s defense of Do-hyuk’s reveal and the proof of relationship is to insist that Do-hyuk had an affair with Mo-ne, and they intend to keep pushing that narrative on Save and TIKITAKA’s front pages. In addition, Chan-sung wants to use it to push Mo-ne to a corner and make her surrender.

Meanwhile, Mo-ne is making her own moves and has initiated the sale of all her properties. On her way home, she runs into some women who insult her for having an affair. Although she has faced many challenges from various companies suing her for breach of contract, she is most worried about Min Do-hyuk. She is angry that because of the affair, no one is listening to what he has to say, even if he risks his life. She also confesses to her mother that she has feelings for Min Do-hyuk. 

Erica, Han-na, and Philip start to get cranky about being cooped up in the house for so long. Therefore, Mo-ne calls Mi-young and asks for her help finding a safe place where the children can play outside. Mi-young arranges a camping trip, and they all have a happy time outside, playing and reminiscing.

After the trip, Mo-ne writes a letter to Min Do-hyuk, saying that after he sees the news about her decision, he should not feel burdened but should understand that she has embarked on one last acting role in her life. Mo-ne returns to Chan-sung to quash the news about her affair with Do-hyuk. He called a press conference and told the reporters that the news about the affair was a misunderstanding and that they had resolved it.

Mo-ne promises Chan-sung never to look for Min Do-hyuk again as long as he keeps his promise and makes sure no one ever mentions the affair. Chan-sung thinks Mo-ne is back for good, but she is determined to do whatever it takes to get rid of Chan-sung and K in her way. 

The Episode Review

Do-hyuk underestimates K and Chan-sung again and ends up losing. The start of the episode is as frustrating as Do-hyuk insists on trusting people rather than being vigilant and on point. He leaves the reporters to head to the second location alone while he sits in the office waiting for their report.

K kidnaps and threatens them using LUCA while Do-hyuk’s team sits around. K has more power than he has and has to go on the offensive if he wants to win, but he keeps using docile plans.

However, the second part of the episode picked up after the interview. Seeing K lose his cool was exhilarating, and we now know his trigger button is being called a fake.

Furthermore, Mo-ne made a brave move by returning to Chan-sung to protect Min Do-hyuk, and I am rooting for her in the upcoming episodes. It is refreshing to see the minions not swayed by K anymore, and I am excited to see what plans Do-hyuk has for the next episodes.

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