Has White Lotus been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Season 2 of White Lotus has attracted strong attention from viewers. HBO seems to have another winner on its hands. The positive reaction from the audience has also resonated among the critics’ circles as well, with many even calling it an improvement over season 1. Although only time can support or discredit that notion, we have some exciting news to share with you about the show.

There have been some developments and we are pretty sure you will like them if season 2 has got you intrigued. Here is what we know about a potential third season of HBO’s White Lotus.

What is White Lotus season 2 about?

White Lotus follows an anthology format. Each season, until now, has had a different story. Both of them have been set in White Lotus resorts in different locations. While season 1 was set in Hawaii, the second season is set in picturesque Sicily, where parts of the first Godfather movie were also shot (fun fact, they also feature in episode 3 of this season). Only Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) and Greg (John Gries) are the returning members of the cast. Season 2 once again focuses on tourists from foreign lands coming on vacation. The Spillers and Sullivans (Aubrey Plaza & Will Sharpe, and Theo James & Meghann Fahy, respectively) and the Di Grasso family (Michael Imperioli, Adam DiMarco, and Murray F. Abraham) feature prominently.

There are plenty of other interesting characters with stories of their own to tell. In summary, the plot of White Lotus’ season 2 revolves around the at times intersecting lives of these tourists and the dark secrets of their personal lives that come out during their confrontation with each other.

Has White Lotus been renewed for season 3?

The answer is yes! HBO confirmed last night that the show has been renewed for a third season. The News came when season 2 had not even completed half its run. That just goes on to show how confident the network is of the show’s appeal and promise to people. The anthology format will be followed for the third season, and sadly, none of the members of the cast will reprise their roles, perhaps with the wanton exception of Tanya and Greg (if he makes it out alive from season 2). Francesca Orsi,  executive vice president of HBO Programming and head of HBO drama series and films, released the following statement with the announcement:

“Reflecting on ‘The White Lotus’ humble, run-and-gun origin as a contained pandemic production, it’s impossible not to be awestruck by how Mike orchestrated one of the buzziest and most critically acclaimed shows,” said Francesca Orsi, executive vice president of HBO Programming and head of HBO drama series and films. “And yet, he’s only continued to reach new heights in season 2, which is the ultimate testament to Mike’s raw, unparalleled vision. His courage to explore the uncharted waters of the human psyche, paired with his signature irreverent humor and buoyant directing style, have us all dreaming of more vacation days at the resort we’ve come to adore. We couldn’t be more thrilled to get the chance to collaborate on a third season together.”

It was also confirmed that creator Mike White will be coming back as the showrunner, as has been the case for both the seasons till now. White expressed his happiness at the renewal and said that the new season will follow a similar style and tone.

What we know about season 3 so far:

At this point, nothing. The announcement just came and anything we say right now will be nothing more than speculation. It is quite unlikely that White and the writers’ room have themselves started to theorize a storyline for a new season. As and when that happens, be sure to check back here as we will come up with updated details.

Are you excited to see White Lotus return for a third season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. As an older person I feel most sympathetic for Tanya. For all of her seeming neurosis and anxiety, she took charge of herself at the end and tried to save her own life. At least she took her would-be killers with her. A lot of gutso, there. I wonder whether any the Gen Xs, Ys, or Zs portrayed in this particular series, would have shown the same moxie. Of course their lives were not on line, however.
    Don’t quite understand why she felt she had to topple overboard. Couldn’t she have walked down the yacht’s staircase and attempted to board the small launch without risking life and limb with her launch into space?
    And, had she somehow survived, her character could have come back for Season Three in an attempt to salvage her self respect and do a “What goes around comes around,” on future possible adversaries?

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