Encounters Season 1 Review – A disappointing Netflix UFO investigation

Season 1



Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Broad Haven Triangle
Episode 2: Believers
Episode 3: Messengers
Episode 4:  Fukushima


Encounters is Netflix’s new four-part documentary series about people’s so-called experiences seeing UFOs and other unexplained things. Whether you enjoy this documentary series really boils down to what you personally believe. The sceptic will probably turn off after the first episode, but if you have any inclination to question if there is life on other planets and if they have visited our world, then you will be hooked. 

Each episode is a self-contained true story of an unexplained event experienced by a community. The first episode is the best of the bunch, focusing on a village called Broad Haven in Wales in 1977, where many children claimed to have seen UFOs. Instead of their parents telling them they were seeing things, they indulged them.

It’s an entertaining episode but doesn’t offer anything new to the myth surrounding UFOs. It plays off the phenomenon of the time, with Close Encounters of the Third Kind being released in cinemas the same year. 450 cases of UFO encounters were reported, but surely there’s a more realistic explanation for the sightings? Any alternative theory is never explored. 

The next three episodes visit Zimbabwe, Texas and Fukushima, respectively, to meet people who also experienced other worldly events, but none of them offer any further compelling evidence to suggest that UFOs really exist. One of the local journalists in episode 3 even admits that it was a slow news day when the story popped up. 

Netflix’s Encounters would have been better off focusing on one particular story to get the viewer invested in the mystery, with even the staunchest of sceptics beginning to question their beliefs. But instead, we get four self-contained stories that just repeat what we’ve already heard in the previous episodes, albeit in a different location with different people. 

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  • Verdict - 5/10

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