Emily In Paris – Season 3 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Gabriel is embracing his restaurant ownership wholeheartedly at the start of episode 10 for Emily in Paris Season 3. After taking on a larger role in his company, he is remodeling the venue.

Grandmother Gigi, who despises Camille, inspired the new name Gabriel gave his restaurant. When she comes over, she immediately bonds with Emily in a blatant and unsubtle way. Gabriel and Camille are hosting a celebration to commemorate their engagement, and while she is getting through a tense exchange with Gigi in Gabriel’s house, Camille invites Emily, Alfie, Mindy, and Nicolas.

Julien informs everyone at the workplace that he has a scheduled meeting with Turner & Ascot, a British suit brand. Additionally, he makes it very clear that he will create the pitch deck.

Emily shares Gabriel’s desire to earn a Michelin star with the workplace, however, Sylvie clarifies that because the examiners are untraceable, there is nothing they can do to assist. However, Luc is familiar with one! It just so tends to happen that Luc’s ex-partner is a Michelin examiner. In the past, he dated Marianne, until he revealed she was an inspector; as a result, their relationship ended.  While Emily wanders off for lunch with Mindy, he messages Marianne and promises to exemplify his ability to keep the secret.

Although we have no sense of time in this sequence, when Emily and Mindy sit down for lunch, we understand that sufficient time has passed by. Mindy complains about Nico’s busy social schedule. Camille and Sofia distract them during lunch. To greet them, Emily walks over to their table. Sofia asserts that she intends to return to Paris frequently, despite the fact that it is obvious Camille is struggling to put an end to things between them.

Mindy adjusts her unwavering suggestion to Emily to remain away from the situation once they end up leaving the restaurant. Mindy suggests that since Camille and Gabriel are now officially together and engaged, Emily needs to let him know about Sofia.

When the diner opens, Camille is wearing an engagement ring that her fiancé’s grandmother, who dislikes her, gave to her. Nicolas is absent from the meal with Alfie, Emily, as well as Mindy. Alfie has a side conversation with Mindy and goes on to tell her what really unfolded between Nicolas and Emily at the job quitting party while Emily intervenes in the kitchen whilst the Michelin assessor is there. Initially skeptical, Mindy quickly comes around and apologizes to Emily for the manner in which her boyfriend treated her.

After dinner, there is an extremely dramatic argument at Nicolas’ house during which Mindy accuses him of engaging in “a pissing match” with Emily and tells him to “think hard” regarding their relationship before leaving.

The following day during work, Julien’s pitch is working out great until Emily takes control of it. When Julien finally loses it, he yells, “Do you have an off switch?” Sylvie guarantees Julien that she cares about his happiness and will take care of the Emily problem. That evening, he sends an unexplained email saying he may consider joining a new agency.

While we hang tight for Nicolas to respond, the date of Gabriel and Camille’s engagement party arrives, Emily turns up, and Mindy is nowhere to be found. Rather, she is at home patiently waiting for a message from Nicolas, who has stopped responding to her following their argument. He’s not upholding his end of the deal, even though it appears that the two were going to meet and attend the party together. Benoit drops by while Nico is running terribly behind. He explains to Mindy that he decided to submit their music to Eurovision, which is why he wouldn’t let her use it to promote the sunscreen advertisement. He proceeds to tell her that they managed to get in.

Emily enters the party’s space for a drink after returning from outside and overhears Camille conversing about “figuring things out.” She then naturally inquires as to whether Sofia was also on the line and admits that she witnessed the two of them making out. Camille goes on to tell her, “Our secrets keep us close”. She adds that Sofia had been a “fling”, and it has ended. “Just like you and Gabriel, right?” she continues to ask Emily. In the end, Camille dismisses Emily’s worries and leaves.

When Camille’s father is about to toast the couple, Mindy arrives on a helicopter with Nicolas, who did show up after all, and manages to steal the show. After they arrive, Emily accepts Nicolas’ apology, so it appears that things are fine between these two rivals.

When Gabriel is close to earning a Michelin star, Luc decides to call Emily to share the news. They become emotional in the moment after Emily decides to pull Gabriel aside to inform him, and Camille witnesses everything. However, Gabriel goes back to tell his fiancée the good news concerning the star and, encouraged by his success, suggests that they get married that very same night.

Camille breaks down as the couple recites their vows. She whispers, “You don’t have to do this”, in between the vows. Gabriel and Emily are accused by Camille of having been in love from the beginning. Consequently, Camille strains Alfie and Emily’s bond as a consequence of leaving Gabriel at the altar. Alfie dumps Emily thereafter, saying, “I’m nobody’s second choice”.

In a secluded area, Emily and Gabriel meet privately. She begins to explain that although she has always harbored feelings for him, she truly believed she was acting morally by upholding the agreement. Eventually, we discover that Camille is pregnant.

In Paris, Laurent is starting an exclusive club. He adds that Sylvie can assist him in attracting a fashionable audience. However, right as they are happily dancing through the Parisian sidewalks and Sylvie is muttering things like “I don’t know what to do with all this happiness”, Laurent discloses that his anonymous investor is Louis de Léon.

The Episode Review

Yet again, the show follows its trend of offering a solution before the problem actually develops. The show quickly moves in that direction when it is revealed that Luc’s ex-girlfriend is an examiner who could award Gabriel’s restaurant a Michelin star.

The idea of unconventional relationships among all the characters seems to be a subject the show is trying to push. What is strange about Emily In Paris though is that almost every character is involved in a complicated three-person relationship and it’s done to a point where it’s normalized and justified.

The plot of this episode – and the entire show as a whole – are poorly written. All of the secondary characters and the protagonist seem to be confused individuals who are unable to commit to anything (and not in a complicated, nuanced way), including their relationship, job, and, in the case of Camille and Emily, their friendship.

At this point, the purpose of the show is merely to fuel pointless, occasionally illogical drama among the characters. For instance, in the season finale, Camille dumps Gabriel at the altar, and we learn that she is carrying Gabriel’s child. The finale episode is written so poorly that it feels like a trashy Indian daily soap.

We get to see more of Luc in the concluding episode, which is a fantastic thing. Although Luc is an intriguing secondary character, the show hasn’t previously done much to explore his character. We watch him go on dates with Marianne in this episode and it’s quite entertaining.

There are many unanswered questions in the finale that will likely be resolved in the upcoming season, assuming there is one. The circumstances surrounding Emily’s relationship with Gabriel and Alfie, Mindy’s relationship with Nicholas and Benoit, and Sylvie’s relationship with Laurent are still to be explored.

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