Emily In Paris – Season 3 Episode 7 “How To Lose A Designer In 10 Days” Recap & Review

How To Lose A Designer In 10 Days

After the eventful visit to Provence, episode 7 of Emily in Paris season 3 sees Emily as well as the group have returned to Paris. In the first scene, Mindy receives another message from Nicolas. This time, he asks her to invite friends to a film that evening.  She asks Emily to go with her and Emily claims that she would like to come by and talk about business.

They ask Gabriel as well after bumping into him while on the sidewalk, and Mindy decides he should go too. By telling them that Camille is traveling with Sofia to Greece for her show, he unintentionally spills some secrets on them.

After he has left, Emily admits that she feels terrible about not informing Gabriel despite knowing that Camille is having an affair with Sofia. Mindy believes that staying out of it is wisest.

The following day at work, Emily as well as Sylvie visit Gregory’s workspace where he is presenting the Agence Grateau squad with his design for Air France and he inserts some drama into it as usual. To Julien’s sheer delight, he distributes bags containing condoms, lube, as well as poppers while delivering a bizarre theory about flight staff being dressed up as doms and the travelers as subs.

Sylvie is compelled to leave to respond to a phone call after everybody else tries to cushion the impact since Air France quite clearly does not desire this type of appearance for their staff. Gregory claims that he does not care about their opinions and is showing his outfits just as they are now.

Sylvie tells Emily and the others that Pierre Cadault, who left her firm to join JVMA, was pleading for guidance with his store because he is dissatisfied with it. He needs Sylvie as well as her group to stop by and offer their advice. When they get there, he pulls everyone into a store and tells Sylvie that nobody at JVMA cares about what he says and that JVMA is messing with his vision. Sylvie advises him to stay put, nevertheless.

Later that evening, while Mindy is prepping to see a film with Nicolas, Gregory’s package labeled Emily comes to her apartment and she slipped it on. Mindy adores the little red beret as well as the corset in the outfit, which is part of his Air France line just after the airline rejected his creations.

Everybody at the movie is wearing a casual, easygoing outfit, except Mindy who stands out. Emily can’t stop herself and keeps bringing up Cadault’s store while speaking to Nicolas. He describes the designer as “infuriating” and “never pleased”, expressing his own frustration with him. She encourages him to hang tight thereafter, but he thinks that enough business conversation has been had for the evening and excuses himself.

Mindy appears next to Emily shortly once he ends up leaving and informs her that they are in a “notorious hookup spot”. Eventually, she leaves to fetch Nicolas, leaving Emily to enjoy the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days alongside Gabriel.

Many attendees are making out as Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson start making out on screen, while one of Nicolas’ acquaintances begins to flirt with Gabriel before being quickly disciplined by Emily. She shrugs it off and carries on by inquiring how long Gabriel and Emily have been dating. They claim to be in relationships with other people and leave thereafter.

While heading out, Gabriel argues that viewers enjoy seeing two individuals struggle to resist their attraction towards one another (trying to point out towards their relationship), and Emily claims that the film is cliché since the leads end up together. In a separate location from the movie screening, Emily and Gabriel enter a well-lit exhibition with a ball pit, link arms, and dive in. There’s some techno music playing in the background over a sequence of them posing for pictures alongside one another.

While Emily and Gabriel are having a good time, Mindy is ending her outing with Nicolas. He requests her to grab a drink while they both admit that they are unsure of how much the other of them likes them. Nicholas quickly admits that he had been smitten with her the entire time. But they can’t get very far since he gets calls from Cadault which keep interrupting them, and they part ways with the agreement that they will meet up again.

Gabriel and Emily are also calling it a night and making their way back up the steps of their housing complex when he confides in her about his problems with Camille, who isn’t being too responsive. Gabriel shuts his door and bids Emily goodnight just as they were about to have a tender moment.

The following day, Emily receives a phone call from Nicolas asking for her firm’s assistance with Cadault. She is blown away, as is Sylvie, who arranges a lunch meeting with him to talk about it. However, when Nicolas reveals that they will be operating with Cadault’s label and removing the designer in favor of Gregory (his archenemy) to lead the show, the plan instantly goes horribly wrong. To make matters worse, Emily, who has asked Cadault to come over for lunch to celebrate, must manage everything.

The worst possible time for Cadault to appear is right when Nicolas tells Sylvie and Emily how JVMA is kicking him out. We don’t witness what happens after he is hit by the car as he crosses the road to join everyone at the table.

The Episode Review

This episode shows Emily and Gabriel having fun together after the movies, with Gabriel being completely unaware that Camille is seeing Sofia. After one confrontation with Benoit, Mindy too appears to have completely forgotten about him as she pursues Nicholas.

At this point in the show, every other character is involved in an affair, leaving their significant other for someone else, and this aspect has been normalized far too much.

The show has also become way too melodramatic in its approach. For instance, we’ve seen over and over again that Pierre Cadault has tantrums and is difficult to deal with due to his frequent mood swings and unpredictable showmanship. They try to paint Cadault in a favorable light, and Nicholas, who is rational in his judgment, as a bad guy, in the same way, that they antagonized Madeline, who was also fairly sensible in calling out the corruption in her firm Savoir.

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