Emily In Paris – Season 3 Episode 6 “Ex-en-Provence” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Emily in Paris season 3 begins with Mindy contemplating the lack of text messages from her partner following their performance while she is seated at an outdoor café. The moment she receives a message from Nicolas, she brightens up.

The location where Agence Grateau was going to organize the McLaren event cancels at the final hour, leaving them without a place to hold their luxury car spectacle. This puts Agence Grateau in a tricky position. While Sylvie nearly boils her blood throughout the discussion, Emily, who had been messaging Alfie, receives the perfect reply from her lover at the perfect time. Alfie’s employer, Antoine, seems to have a château in Provence that seems to be ideal for the occasion. Sylvie accepts the quick remedy because her issue has been resolved.

Gabriel appears to be joining Emily and Alfie for the special event as well, as he has been chosen to provide meals at the gathering. Later that evening during supper, while Emily, Alfie, and Camille are having a conversation, Camille reveals that she is sticking behind in order to spend some time and work alongside Sofia.

The following day, Emily, Alfie, and Gabriel head to Provence to visit Antoine’s chateau by train. Alfie spontaneously supports Gabriel’s suggestion to visit a Michelin-starred restaurant while they are on the train since he has been longing to do so, however, Emily is not on the same page because she has far too much work to complete.

When Antoine overtly suggests that he formerly had a sexual relationship with Sylvie, Sylvie finds it tricky to deal with her boyfriend’s jealousy. He convinces Sylvie to acknowledge that she was involved in a relationship with Antoine, which causes some concern. However, he puts his concerns to rest when she reassures him about how she feels about him.

Emily and Alfie have gathered with Gabriel, but right when the three of them are about to leave for lunch, Alfie is whisked away by Antoine to attend to a problem at his perfume plant, forcing Emily to step in. She and Gabriel have a lovely time bonding when they arrive at the restaurant, and by the time their supper is over, the server compliments them on being a beautiful couple.

Alfie has been listening to Antoine moan and fume about the scent being “no good” and therefore unable to launch it as his partner enjoys a romantic meal with Gabriel. Antoine has a lot of his ruined scent, but not much of the fragrance he wishes to market.

After their meal is over, Gabriel goes on to ask the chef for guidance on how to balance his career and family life, and the chef assumes that Emily and Gabriel are a couple. After a few moments pass by, the check shows up with a remark about the “lovely couple” as well.

In Paris, Camille is seen relaxing with Sofia in a hotel suite as they discuss their future. Camille offers to prolong Sofia’s show to enable her to stay longer, and Sofia encourages Camille to take a trip to Greece. Sofia explains Camille that they’re not meant to only love one individual when Camille has a brief moment of realism and brings up Gabriel.

Laurent shows up unexpectedly at the McLaren gathering, and Sylvie, who’s been observing Erik shoot pictures, immediately rushes across to Emily, who has been following up on the attendees. Emily is sent away to speak with a McLaren executive when Sylvie seizes control of her guest list, in an attempt to keep her lover hidden from her spouse.

As Emily and the executive talk about his most recent high-end vehicle, he casually drops the right solution for Antoine’s fragrance problem when he says, “Scarcity creates demand”.

Erik notices Laurent entering, which is problematic for Sylvie because her invite list strategy doesn’t work out. Erik approaches to disrupt them as Sylvie attempts to inform him that he isn’t on the list, but Laurent quickly escapes to fetch some champagne as things become too intense. Erik also leaves, abandoning Sylvie immediately after she fails to respond to his inquiry concerning the reason she is still wed to Laurent.

Emily stops Alfie and Antoine’s argument about the faulty batch of perfumes and recommends that they make the scent a limited edition product. When Emily explains the fundamentals of supply and demand, Antoine is impolite, he ridicules her and walks away. However, later that evening at the celebration, he presents her idea while toasting the launch of his limited-edition lavender perfume.

After the meal, Sylvie is smoking longingly in the shadows when Laurent approaches her and covers her with a coat. He requests her to accompany him on a stroll toward the lavender fields after she informs him that Erik has left. They then communicate about their marital relationship, with him expressing that he only wants to divorce her if it’s going to ensure her happiness and he goes on to promise Sylvie that he will always be there for her. They move in for a kiss but are stopped by swarming honeybees just as they are about to get intimate. They disrobe and dive together into the pool to flee.

Laurent and Sylvie stumble out of a guest room the following morning. As they get ready to depart the chateau, Antoine’s spouse Catherine spots them and comments that she’s grateful Sylvie has hooked up with a man that she isn’t wed to, and Sylvie snaps back, saying, “that makes two of us”.

Emily and Alfie are also heading back, and Catherine praises him on his walk out for standing his ground with Antoine. Antoine comes to wave goodbye thereafter and appreciates Emily for her incredible idea. To crown off an immensely successful occasion, Alfie takes Emily back on the luxury car loaned to him by Antoine. After Alfie requests for the bill from Gabriel’s meal so he can reimburse it, Emily lies to him and keeps it with her as it has a message on it saying she and Gabriel are quite a pair.

The Episode Review

Once again, without allowing any tension to build, the protagonist solves the issue that arises in this episode instantly. Furthermore, when Emily and Gabriel visit the Michelin Star restaurant, this segment of the show turns way too childlike. We observe how the chef initially believes that they are a pair and then they receive a note at the end of the meal informing them that they make a lovely couple, which is just too cheesy.

Any connection or relationship on the show appears unconvincing because the characters never keep their word, especially in this episode. For instance, Mindy and Benoit seemed to be a good match, but it only took one dispute between the two for Mindy to switch her love from Benoit to Nicholas (confirming Benoit’s initial concerns).

Sylvie is another character with a weak relationship. In the same episode, Sylvie had an intimate moment with her husband Laurent after telling Erik that he is the only man in her life.

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