Emily In Paris – Season 3 Episode 5 “Ooo La La Liste” Recap & Review

Ooo La La Liste

Episode 5 of Emily In Paris Season 3 marks Emily’s return to her previous workplace at Sylvie’s new company. Emily shows up on her very first day back to discover Sylvie, Julien, and Luc trying to pose for a photoshoot and she hasn’t been included in it. Emily, desperate to earn Sylvie’s favor, decides to do everything she can to get her employer on La Liste once she reveals the special press honor, which includes some of Paris’ finest and brightest.

While outside a diner, Emily, Alfie, and Mindy all find Nicolas. Mindy recognizes him from when they attended boarding school together in Switzerland while they were in different grades. As per Nicolas, Mindy had been a drug dealer when she was a student. Afterwards, Emily asks Nicolas to join them at a weekend party that Alfie is arranging.

Emily is able to arrange for writer Janine DuBois from La Liste to have lunch with her and Sylvie at Gabriel’s diner. When Emily gets there, she is shocked to discover that Janine is Australian. The fact that Janine is not French shocks and bothers Sylvie. Following that, we witness how Emily gets along with Janine.

Following lunch, attention shifts to Alfie’s celebration, which is attended by several people, particularly Nicolas. Emily rushes over to talk business, but the JVMA successor, who is just there for Mindy, swiftly silences her. The moment he sees Emily, he tries to get away. The Greek artiste Sofia, who happens to be present, asks Emily about Camille, who hasn’t come.

Meanwhile, Mindy and Nicolas are having a discussion. She starts complaining to Nicolas about her street performances on the metro, and he seems more flirtatious than before. Benoit, who is standing in the background, steps in during Mindy and Nicolas’ hug. All three of them engage in an uncomfortable chat until Nicolas gets the message and goes away, but not without asking them to join him at JVMA’s upcoming event for a sunblock promotion that his firm is marketing.

Camille, who has just shown up at the event, is standing with Sofia on the rooftop of Alfie’s flat and taking in the view of Paris beneath. Sofia leans in for a kiss, and Camille gives in as the two enjoy the passionate spectacle blossoming between them.

Emily and Alfie are making their way up the staircase as they want to go to the roof. She quickly locks the door tight after being shocked by Camille and Sofia as she enters. She recalls the incident the following day during the JVMA party and informs Mindy how Camille is involved in an affair, but Mindy advises her to quit interfering in other people’s lives.

Emily suggests that Nicolas incorporate a piece of music written by Benoit for Mindy as an element of the Soleil De Paris promotion, and he agrees when she grabs Mindy’s cellphone and blasts the music over the DJ’s speakers. Folks at the gathering begin to dance, and Nicolas voices his surprise.

Mindy is ecstatic about the potential to help her boyfriend’s career and can’t wait to tell Benoit about it while having drinks that evening. Unfortunately, he tells her that it is their song and that he does not want it to be used in a silly sunscreen advertisement.

Emily informs Nicolas that the track is a no-go, and he appears unconcerned, informing her that he’s nevertheless interested in working along with her for the Soleil De Paris promotion when she lands on La Liste. Emily is on the desired listing, and she’s also on the magazine’s front cover which is featured in it.

Erik, Sylvie’s lover, delivers the message to her in bed that day, and she walks off, unleashing her anger at work, where she screams at Emily during a discussion. As Sylvie informs her that she was expected to be advertising the agency rather than herself, Emily attempts to straighten things over by discussing the marketing proposal by JVMA. Sylvie is reluctantly satisfied, spewing out, “good work”.

Emily is drinking with Gabriel and Alfie to celebrate her La Liste achievement that evening, and they are quickly joined by Camille, who steps in with Sofia.

Since Mindy is getting ready to play with Benoit, she is unable to join Emily for the celebration cocktails. Things quickly become uncomfortable backstage once Nicolas’s flowers show up. The gift upsets Benoit, who will be accompanying Mindy at the club that night. She fights him over his insecurity and he comments on how drastically different their lives are.

As Mindy refuses to show Benoit the card that was attached to her flowers, he leaves the changing room. After he leaves, we discover that Nicholas invited Mindy to have dinner with him.

Despite leaving the dressing area, Benoit still makes an appearance on stage to perform a duet of “Shallow” with Mindy, from the movie ‘A Star Is Born’. As Sofia is stroking Camille’s ankle with her foot underneath the table while they are enjoying drinks with Emily, Alfie, and Gabriel, Mindy and Benoit perform. As the crowd applauds the song’s completion, Mindy rises to give a bow but notices that Benoit has already left the stage.

The Episode Review

The episode maintains the show’s customary tone and seems overly implausible. The protagonist discovers a solution before a problem even arises, therefore there is no opportunity for tension to brew. When Emily is given the task of getting Sylvie on the La Liste, for instance, it just so happens that Janine follows her on Instagram before she even begins to work on the task.

Another aspect that seems overly romantic and fairy tale-like is the sequence where Emily presents the musical piece that Benoit wrote for Mindy and the guests spontaneously start dancing and feeling it.

The episode also retains its stereotyping style, as demonstrated by the way Sylvie at first appears to find Janine respectful and finds it surprising that she follows Emily. However, after meeting Janine, Sylvie exhibits disappointment when she learns that she’s Australian and not French. It’s getting tiresome how frequently this show engages in excessive and pointless stereotyping.

The episode concludes with Mindy and Benoit arguing and Benoit leaving the stage after his performance. It appears like the show is attempting to get Nicholas and Mindy closer, so Benoit is suddenly portrayed as a jealous and insecure boyfriend, only to get rid of him.

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